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Found 8 results

  1. Figured I should introduce myself to the community in some way. I'm afraid I don't have too much to offer to Dofus gaming as a player, but I do fancy myself as an amateur artist. I'll gladly post some stupid ideas, bad jokes, and other miscellaneous shenanigans as they come! Of course, if my fellow players have any ideas to run by me, let me know. My initial post is actually a present to Caps (a product of a streaming discussion), so I may remove it if it is requested. But don't worry, I have plenty more dumb ideas...
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Caps, I've been a lurker on Imps for some time now. I'm fairly active on the OF, but the OF is not very active with me - my current art thread there does not get a lot of traffic, which means I'm usually forced to re-edit new art onto my last post. This turns into a cycle of invisibility for my drawings, which is only acceptable for my drawings of Srams. It's discouraging! Also Nerodos gets mad because sometimes I post on the wrong account I'm sorry mushroom man I love you So now I'm here to share some of my older drawings (for now) as well as my new work (hopefully for some time to come)! Solar players may recognize some of the following hot bods, since I like to jump people at Astrub Zaap, paintbrush in hand. I'll also take this opportunity to plug my Twitch, Deviantart and Tumblr. And without further ado, here's my art dump! My Sram! Most important. The six Multimen, Scale's legs are goals A dear friend and beast Sacrier An edit of The Creation of Adam, featuring two of my friend's characters and misc. guild members A dumb comic about my rogue started in a delusional fit of grandeur (but never continued) Queen of Thieves! Only took 5 years off my life making this, no sweat I'm also looking in to formally opening commissions, as I just completed my first actual, paid project and it went really well! Below are some examples of avatars I've done (mostly for myself, I'm vain like that), followed by some sketchy doodle stuff and my three largest pieces (including a full-on wallpaper). That's all I've got for you for now, but I have great plans for the holidays mostly involving a lot of self-serving artwork. Or commissions! (hopefully commissions) If you've got any comments/critiques/questions please fire away, and thank you for reading!
  3. ~Closed~ and it's pink too First thing's first I will only accept THREE commissions and only when I've finished all three will I begin accepting again. I will put it up when I'm accepting again :D~~~~~~~ + I do not draw/find it frustrating to draw super buff dude (i mean like dwayne johnson kind of thing) medieval stuff (overly detailed knight style) mounts (they frustrate me so much oh my god. I try but I am not confident enough to give a client shitty mount drawings lol) and [Normal] + Bust Coloured - 3mk Non-coloured - 1mk + Half Body (waist up) or down loljk Coloured - 5mk Non-Coloured - 2mk + Legs up Coloured - 7mk Non Coloured - 3mk [Chibi] + Whole Body Coloured - 4mk Non-coloured 500kk [icon] Coloured - 1mk Non-colured - 500kk [Team] + Cartoonish Coloured - 8mk+ Normal Coloured - 15mk base price. (Stoic-minimum pose) +++would add price based on how hard you want it to be. --- Hi, I also listed down my clients' commissions at the end of this post. Would advice to check the newer ones! :D --- [inter-server pricing] +Somebody suggested this idea to me way before and I think it's only fair. But I am kind so for now I won't add anything from other servers lol enjoy. ~~~~ Receiving your requested drawing and paying: When I finish your drawing, I will pm you here and send you a MARKED or CROPPED version :> I would prefer you to not pay me until I have give the sample, thanks. Slots: Masive - - lol Finished: +Old Art Kyffles Masive Genevieve | Team Extreal Direwolves Kikn Kimoz Direwolves Persona Harukage Belokk Melancholic +New Art ​Strawberrie Zatoishwan Goku Ala Lillithx Direwolves Snark Zatoishwan Extreal strawberrie
  4. ** Note ** As I won't be doing dofus fanart much anymore due to life, I have raised my prices, but if you still want a piece, then it's still open for you who would like to pay that bit more to make it worth my time. Prices have been updated in this post. If you would like to learn more about my PAYPAL Commissions, Click here I'm sorry to everyone previously on the list but I believe I'm going to stop doing the full body works, unless it's demanded quite a lot, so you guys have a roll to play there, But... I shall be opening my commissions back up with the art style I have mentioned previously, If you've not seen the post, I shall post it's contents here! Open this spoiler for Prices on my Chibi character commissions. This thread will also have a directory to current and old commission lists which will be found here: Completed- http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141229-arisounes-commission-thread/?p=1384263 Completed - http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141229-swookes-commission-thread/?p=1385333 Completed - http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141229-swookes-commission-thread/?p=1388718 I will also have a list of links for New Commission styles below, These will be added once I've expanded a bit more: I would like to do pieces in this style; I think this style works very well with me.
  5. Drawing is my profession and my way of life. I opened this to share a bit of this over here <3 My server is Rosal and my main characters are Ravynn and Daahlia, two unlikely friends. Here I'll be posting pictures Dofus-related over here and who knows what more. A sketch of my Sacrier Ravynn and Daahlia my eni. I imagine this is how they met. <3 COMMISSION RULES Fill this form and send it to me through PM: Name of character(s) - Class - Screenshot (the items it'll be wearing will be those I'll draw, unless stated otherwise) - Description of what you want / Package - ( background/transparence, fullbody/portrait, scene/pose, emotion/neutral ) Server - {Please note that I like details; and the more I have, the easier it'll be for me to execute the commission.} Estimated values of each package: - Bust - 5 mk - Halfbody - 8 mk - Team - 20 mk base price + might be adjusted depending on the number of elements in the team/overall difficulty. ^ all of the above are colored. EXAMPLES FINISHED : - fresh start
  6. Hello everyone! Some of you may know that I'm currently working on a gaming community website, which will allow you to find similar gamers to play with. (If you want a bit more information, feel free to check out the About section of my Facebook page!) One thing I would really like on my site is a large, gaming-esque background to appear on each page. I have commissioned quite a few images at this point (click here and here for examples), but thought I'd turn to you fine fellows for one of my final pieces! I'm not going to lie - this project is pretty big. I'm after a very large, high-quality image (1,980+ x 1,020+) which, while not related to any particular game, can be considered gaming related. (Although the examples above are realist works, I would love some cartoon pieces too!) There is no real deadline and the final piece will be credited and hyperlinked to your website/Facebook page, etc etc. I will, of course, be paying for the work. So, if you are interested, or know anyone who may be interested, drop me a PM! I'm more than happy to discuss my requirements (and take a look at any portfolios)! :) Thanks for reading, Kale
  7. As of today, there is now a gallery for fan creations on Dofus.com. If you would like to submit your drawings, screenshots, videos, or photographs, please post them on the submission thread. Thanks and happy drawing! <3
  8. So I was considering buying a tablet for my gf who really loves drawing and animation and that kind of stuff and I really don't even know what to start. I want something that will function well as a tablet and also allow her to use serious sketching programs and artsy things like that. Thanks in advance ;)