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Found 73 results

  1. So today I'll be starting my maging service. Things I will however be able to mage are: - 1-4% Resists - Range/Summon - Vitality Prices will be negotiated when applying for this service (I WILL GIVE DISCOUNTS IF IT TAKES A WHILE FOR ME TO COMPLETE DUE TO IRL-STUFF), I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. If you provide the item and/or runes I will ofcourse take that off of the price in the end. You can contact me on Imps or in-game on Thefook, Fooq or ankabox (if people are into that) and show me the stats that the items need to have (69/420 vitality for example).
  2. Hola, decided to go ahead and sell some items. Prices listed will be slightly negotiable, got time and not in a hurry. Thread will get updated regularly with fresh mages. Amulets: Jammy 36m Spookkoth 17m Treadfast 15m Unspeakable 14m Pawl Ouatnos 11m Axe: Mantaxe 26m Belts: Menobelt 28m Boots: Tritun 22m Unnamable 14m Tal Kasha 19m Cloaks: Indescribable 34m Teuse 37m Tal Kasha 26m Daggers: Daguanos 23m Hats: Moum-Ra 28m Allister 13m Rings: Jammy 38m Wedding 38m Deep Sea 36m Band 35m Nidas 26m Loads of items have been maged by myself, if you ever are interested feel free to have a look at my thread in which I offer my maging services. Items are in a merchant right now, so either imps message me or hit me up in-game on Thefook (Mostly sitting at -1 or at bonta magus place). In merch at [-1,0].
  3. hey guys. Just wonder to sell that bearb band :) unique ring! why? - 1st rune try and it go in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to get fast cash,so offer ! pm in game ; bua
  4. Sell Inky AP 53mk -> 47mk Inky MP 60mk -> 55mk Please pm me in game - not there. Nickname: Caitir
  5. Selling my good old AP inky. Price is 65mk. Feel free to pm me in game for negotiatons. /w Starchild
  6. Merch name: BAMGELINA-JOLIE FINISHED WITH SALE Feel free to leave offers in comments on items. Have a bammer of a day! (resembles a good day) When I try to get some Screenshots: Merch Overview! + Sold List! SOLD LIST: Cycloid Boots Major Stunter AP Glacial Cape
  7. MP bearbaric band 15mk AP moowolf ring 10mk Message me in-game or here on Imps.
  8. [1,0] Or Pm Me Ingame -Sorcery ------------------ Ra Vits AP MP
  9. SOLD. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach me on Imps or in-game /w Leafshade. Best regards, Leafshade. Peace out!
  10. To start this off, thanks everyone on rushu for the amazing time I've had here the past 2 years. I've had a lot of fun with a load of people on here (whether it'd be kolo/percs/pvm), the last few updates have made me lose the 'nostalgic' feel even more which have made me come to this decision + not having time to play this game due to college/work. Secondly and lastly, I'll put all the gear I'm linking for the respective prices in the markets. If you wanna negotiate feel free to message me on imps as I will not be logging into the game at all most likely (enjoy the long post). I'm fookin' outta here. (PS: Sorry for my bad englanado) In order: MP Head Band: 14m. MP/1cha Bearbaric Band: 27m. AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring: 29m. AP Levitrof Wedding Ring: 36m. Treadfast Amulet: 7m. 30 vit + great stats Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet: 35m. 3% Earth Resistance Pathogastric Boots: 13.5m. AP Missiz Freezz's Boots: 12.5m. Ranged Bearbaric Sword: 10m.
  11. helllo :) I've for sell bearbaric band exo AP maged. There's some screens of it, thanks! Make some offerts,every offer will be considered msg me in game : Bua / Wpads / Bui
  12. 28m (negotiable) 40m (negotiable) 30m (negotiable) 40m (negotiable)
  13. 1AP 288+ vit 47%+ 4 crit 2 range 9 dmg 9 dmg 9 dmg 10% res I'm not really sure about the price right now , what about 40mk ? Bought for 35mk I'm Looking for ank Inky! Pm me here or ingame Mavvolino
  14. Buying AP Jammy jack exo: Can be ring or amu, stats need to be close to perfect (yeye vague af). Looking to pay around 20-30m depending on stats (negotiable). /w hendzorz
  15. Dear Dofusers, I am selling >> Hairsh Bracelet "Exo AP", and the stats as follow. 1 AP 260 vit 46% power 3 Crit hit 2 Range 10 Net Dam 10 Earth Dam 9 Water Dam 10% net Res Please Pm me in the game, "Barkmar" or put ur name here, so I can pm you. Regards,
  16. Selling ap jammy jack ring price 40m Pm here or in game /w Erisen, /w Kanye
  17. EDIT: did my own AP mage and bought mp bear ring for 26.5m hail ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 38/40 pow 36/40 wis 1/1 range 9/10 damage perfect res bearbaric wedding ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 55/60 chance 0/60 agi 36/40 wis 1/1 range 11/12 water damage 0/12 air damage 350/400 initiative 0/5 lock perfect res
  18. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy an AP Exo Hairsh bracelet. I would prefer having the following stats: 285+ / 300 Vitality 45%+ / 50% Power 4 / 4 Critical Hits 2 / 2 Range 8+ / 10 Neutral Damage 8+ / 10 Earth Damage 8+ / 10 Water Damage 10% / 10% Neutral Resistance I'm willing to pay around 29-35mk, depending on stats, but I'm open to offers anyway so we can come to a deal without any problems. You can contact me in-game @ Coolnicy. Thanks!
  19. Hairsh Bracelet AP Exo (looking for 40mk or offer) 1 AP 290/300 Vitality 47/50 Power 4/4 Critical Hits 2/2 Range 8/10 Neutral Damage 8/10 Earth Damage 8/10 Water Damage 10/10% Neutral Resistance Allisters Ring AP Exo (looking for 16mk or offer) 1 AP 10 Initiative 232/250 Vitality 74/75 Agility 41/45 Wisdom 5/5 Critical Hits 1/1 Summons 12/15 Air Damage 10/15 Prospecting 3/6 Ap Loss Resistance 10/15 Critical Resistance Awmigawd Band MP Exo (looking for 8mk or offer) 1 MP 10 Initiative 246/250 Vitality 31/40 Wisdom 34/40 Power 3 /3 Critical Hits 1/1 AP 7/7 Neutral Damage 7/7 Earth Damage 7/7 Fire Damage 4/7 Water Damage 7/7 Air Damage Notwithstand Ring MP Exo (Looking for 8mk or offer) 1 MP 191/200 Vitality 33/40 Wisdom 46/50% Power 0/4 Critical Hits 0/15 Prospecting 0/10 Pushback Resistance
  20. 26mk Kamas Only. Please pm in game, thank you.
  21. The price of this is 43mk. If you can't find me online, you can leave me a message on imps /w Starchild
  22. Hey guys! I have a merch set up to sell my AP broucey ring! Listed for 26mk in Fuqsake's shop at [1,0] Go check it out. (if my merch isnt there and this thread hasn't been updated, try to message me on IV or IG = /w Arisoune or /w Fuqsake. Can negotiate but wont go down too much.
  23. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SELLING THE FOLLOWING: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Selling AP Inky ~ 95mk Selling Mp Exoed Staruman Hat ~ 45mk Selling Range Exo'd Showl ~ 45mk ~~~~~ Selling AP Exo Staruman Hat ~35mk ~~~ Selling +21 AGI OM Klime Belt ~ 15mk ~~~ Perfectly Maged Voldelor Belt ~ 35mk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUYING THE FOLLOWING: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dorabyss Crit Res Mages 395+ vit 49 + agi 34+ wis 4% critial 10 air dmg 0+ fire/water dmg 10% fire/water/air -5pm dodge 10 lock 20+ pushback resistance 0+ pp 0 to -5 cri res Paying ~ 15mk for -5cri res, ~25mk for 0 cri res. ~~~ Militia Cape 30-50mk 395+ vit 45+ int 47+ cha 69+ agi 25+ wis 5+ fire dmg 11+ cha dmg 12 air dmg 28+ pushback dmg 10% air res 3% crits 2 range ~~~~ Nocturnal Belt (maged only) ~ 15-20mk. 345+ vit 99+ agi 52+ wis 7 % crits 0+ pp 15 air dmg 20 Earth Res 10% water res 23+ pushback dmg + Vit (390vit+) or +% air res (+2% min) ~~~ Fugitive Ring (Unmaged) 16mk ~~~ Staruman Hat/Cape 2m / each ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Message me IG At Reapersaurus to discusss anything~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  24. Paying 20mk
  25. Looking to sell an AP Hairsh Bracelet for around 40m but open for offers 1/0 AP 279/300 Vitality 49/50 power 4/4 crits 2/2 range 9/10 earth/neut dmg 5/10 water dmg 10/10 %neut res IGN: colombo-ll