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Found 7 results

  1. Kindred Our Code 1. We won't tell you how to run your guild: We don't want to change how you run your guild. We've seen different leadership strategies over time and none of them are less valid for being different. We do ask that your members abide by a very basic set of rules for alliance related matters as stated herein. 2. Help comes to those that help themselves: We will not be giving handouts and leeching out. It is one thing to help someone with something, it is another to do it for them. This obviously does not include paid services as at that point it is a trade of sorts. 3. We value the time of our members: AvA participation is not mandatory. Neither is preceptor defense. We hope that people will help each other when available to, but we also understand that people have other interests and time commitments both in and out of the game. Requirements to join the Alliance 1. Be active: This is not solely a numbers deal. Have some people on frequently. Small guilds are welcome. 2. Be sociable: Chat with us. 3. Professional leadership: We aren't asking for professionalism 100% of the time, only when dealing directly with alliance specific matters. 4. Be open with any concerns you have: We value the input of our members. Our Alliance Chat Rules 1. Treat others with respect even if you don't agree with them. 2. No spamming. 3. No breaking the Terms of Service in /a chat (This should not need to be said, but we'd rather be clear about it from the start) For more information or to join, contact Sinbad or Lukiido in game.
  2. IRON THRONE It's a Game of Thrones We are IRON, a newly formed PvP alliance on Rushu originally formed on Solar. We are currently not recruiting any new guilds, but we do take applications for any guild that wants to join us. We are a group of friends that love to do things together in game. Our alliance has rules like any other that every guild is required to follow. Failure to follow these rules will result in removal from the alliance. We started on 22 April 2016 and ever since we conquered all Pandala villages and more. We do perc. hunts, we do prism attacks, and we are active in KoTHs. For any further inquiries regarding the alliance, how to be qualified, or if you'd like to join any guild within the alliance, feel free to contact Alchy, or Vulbisless in game. We have an alliance forum where you can read more about the alliance, its guilds, or to fill in the application form for joining the alliance over at http://ironrushu.guildlaunch.com (We will have a proper .com website soon). Our alliance rules are listed below.
  3. Hi Everyone! :lol: Exciting news! INT is about to hold its second PvP Tournament! There are two upcoming tournaments on the INT agenda: 1. INT Tournament (any members from INT can join this tournament) 2. Inter-Alliance Tournament (any alliance on Rushu is welcome to submit a team) We've reviewed our last PvP Tournament, and are running this next tournament with the following changes in mind: 1. The INT challengers may choose teammates from various guilds in INT: for example, they can choose one teammate from Thanatos, one from Plague, two from Outer Heaven, etc. 2. The teams will consist of 5 players each, not 4 like last time -- and double-classes are allowed. 3. The INT Tournament will have 2 time blocks in order to accommodate players in various time zones. 4. Both Tournaments must have a minimum of 8 teams, and we have removed the entrance fee. 6. Players are not limited to one character during INT Tournament -- for example, a player can play an eni on one team and a sram on another team during a different match. Please let us know if you are playing more than one character so we can avoid matching you with a team that contains another one of your characters. 7. Other alliances are welcome to enter their winning teams to compete with the top INT team in the Alliance Tournament. All fights will take place on Goult maps, with Goult scoring. Please sign your team up below (alliance you'd like to rep, ign's, levels, classes, and contact person) if you are interested in joining us for the tournament, or if you would like to donate prize money for the winners! If you have any questions about the rules of the event, please pm Ex-Ray in game. Update - If there are a minimum of 8 teams in the running: First prize for the 199-200 category in the INT Tournament will be 20 mk Update - We have changed some of the tournament details (see above), in order to comply with application guidelines for prizes from Ankama. Here are some pics from our last INT PvP Tournament: http://integrityforum.altervista.org/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=100 Thanks, anjulica :wub:
  4. Hello guys, Unfortunately I'll be posting this. I don't know if you'll agree with me or not. Today, I left my guild on my panda, after few hours this "Vo-x" guy pmed me and asked me if I want to join to his guild. I said "Well, actually I was looking for an INT guild but yeah sure." Few hours later, I needed to do Sakai Mine Dungeon for a quest and asked on guild if anybody wants to join. And he said that he can help me. I had my feca and he brought his sister (?). My feca is called Kanelbulle, the other guy asked me if I was Swedish. I said "Nah, I am Turkish." and he said "Kanelbulle means cinnamon buns in Swedish, right?" I said "Yeah I lived there for 4.5 months." Then Vo-x said that he was Armenian. As you probably know, there was some historical stuff between Armenia and Turkey. I said I dont want to talk historical stuff but he was so racist he couldn't hold it in. As a person who doesn't like racism, I wrote it to alliance chat. After I left the guild with my panda he blamed me with being scammer. But he didn't know that I was in another Guard guild with my Cra. In the end, when I was telling the truth on alliance chat, he kicked the guild I was in from alliance so I wouldnt be able to tell the truth to those people. So I decided to write it down here with screen shots of the conversations. http://prntscr.com/ailcxd http://prntscr.com/aild4z http://prntscr.com/aildhs http://prntscr.com/aildoihttp://prntscr.com/ailduw
  5. Welcome to Integrity Alliance! Details about our alliance are below. Happy reading! Integrity Alliance Our alliance was originally co-founded by Revolution and Thanatos, out of the desire to create a more “family-friendly” alliance, the focus being on a building a positive community with fun gameplay, rather than on KOTH alone. Integrity Alliance Official Site: http://integrity.altervista.org/ Our Objectives Our goal is to create a respectful, family-friendly, fun community – not an overpowering alliance that domineers the Dofus world, and “covers the land in a second darkness”. Smaller alliances have traditionally had lack of access to the transportation systems (imps, drills, or prisms) they have needed, in order to run dungeons, complete their quests, or obtain resources. As we desire to improve gameplay on Rushu, we believe it's important that players from other alliances in the game be able to have more access to transportation, so they are able to work towards the above objectives, and have access to some prism bonuses (25% bonus xp and drops in that prism's area). By aiming towards the above objectives, we hope to create more balance between alliances – and as a result, a more positive environment that brings more interesting and challenging group pvp. Alliance Council We have an Alliance Council, with representatives from five guilds. The title of “Alliance Leader” will rotate between the Alliance Council Members on a weekly basis. These are the five members on our Alliance Council and the schedule of rotation: anjulica (Leader of Thanatos) Big-Bluemonster (Leader of Plague – formerly Plague of Nightmares) Tazz-xd (Leader of Rebellion) Tyzii (Leader of Parallel) Ex-Ray (Leader of Nihil) Our Guilds A list of our guilds is posted on our alliance website here: http://integrity.altervista.org/index.html We have been carefully working through the guild applications we've been flooded with, interviewing leaders on skype, and working through any questions they may have. If you have applied to our alliance, but have not heard back from us, it is because we are working hard to deal with potential issues that we think may arise, due to past conflicts between guilds. Our overall goal is to build an alliance that will meet the needs of the guilds who have joined. Because we may not be able to anticipate every issue that may arise, each guild that joins the alliance will be put on a 2-week trial. If a guild is not in agreement with the objectives we are attempting to achieve through our alliance, or is just not a “good fit”, then we shake hands and part ways – no hard feelings. Contacts Guild Applications – pm Giant-Bluemonster Forum Registration & Forum Issues – pm anjulica in game Website – pm vampire-heart or anjulica in game Looking forward to getting to know you better as we build our alliance with integrity! anjulica
  6. Who Dares Wins So I believe it is an appropriate time to make a topic on here regarding the Dare alliance and what we are about. On Rosal it is pretty clear that there are 2 main alliances (Guard and Aeon) which have been controlling the server for a long time and PvP on Rosal has slowly died. So I created the Dare alliance with the idea of kickstarting PvP and to create a new challenge for the already huge alliances. Progress at first was very slow due to people being too comfortable in their alliance with their safe percs and prisms. The turning point for the alliance was when Swingfly came back to the game and shared the same belief as me, so Soul Eater joined us. From this moment we decided to co-lead the alliance and to slowly build it up until we could compete with the other alliances. Until recently I have held the rank of alliance leader but recently given leadership to Swingfly. This has been explained on our alliance blog: Recently our alliance has made great progress, attracting not only PvP based players but also many friendly faces who are always a pleasure to talk to. So that is the story of Dare thus far, if you are interested in joining our alliance then here are a few quick points which you must note before asking to join us: - We do not tolerate those who are abusive in-game inside or outside of the alliance. If you are found to be giving the alliance a bad reputation you will be dealt with. - We look for active guilds who offer something to the alliance, we are not looking for guilds which will join for the sole use of having their perceptors safe. - Our alliance chat isn't restricted so much, we encourage people to talk with one another as it will create a more community feel to the alliance which is essential. However, if you are found to be spamming the chat or upsetting people you will be warned or potentially muted from the alliance. We had one guild that had members who continued to do this and they ended up with multiple people muted, needless to say they are no longer in our alliance. - As a community, we recently started an alliance blog which will be updated every so often to keep alliance members up to date with what is going on and what progress we are making. I'm currently looking for some ways this can become more enjoyable by starting some kind of weekly event, so if anyone has any ideas let me know! Our blog can be found here. Hope to see more of you soon.
  7. So, a couple updates later, what do you think about the AvA system?