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Found 7 results

  1. So there's some information available on some french websites about the monsters in Ecaflipus 200 area but, I couldn't find anything in english and translations are usually not that clarifying. Can anyone provide some information about these monsters and how to best deal with them? I'm particularly concerned about how to disable these monsters, so as to minimize their offenses. Things like who should I range rape, if there's triggered effects on the monsters spells etc... For content of this level, there's usually special tricks to deal with the monsters, so I'm just guessing that it might be true for these as well. For example, I figured out that when your char is placed in the pacifist state, apparently healing that char will clear the state. I don't know if there's also a way to clear the unhealable state that these enemies can also apply. I'm currently attempting "The Conqueror" quest fight, defending NPC Kull from 8 monsters from the level 200 area of Ecaflipus. I figured out that NPC protection is a tricky thing because the dumbass NPC, as usual, has aggressive AI and rushes in to the monsters, often getting surrounded and usually placed in unhealable state so once the monsters start focusing on him, he dies within a turn. For this particular fight, it's specially annoying, because on top of having to worry about the NPC, you have another obvious "priority" which is to get some distance between you and the monsters to avoid getting crushed in the first or second turns. I couldn't find any information in english about these monsters, so any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. =================================== = Jammy Jack = = King Playa = = Lucky Knight = = Queen of Fate = = Soldier of Fortune =
  2. Hey guys its Natsue again!!! I need some help for ABYSS ROOM achievement in Merkator Mob area!! If anyone is available for help please pm me in game /w Natsue ;) or simply post something on this thread :lol: . I hope i find some help and ill be very grateful to the person who helps me in merkator!! Thanks :rolleyes:
  3. Looking for a ring with stats close to the below: 340+ Vitality 45+ Strength 45+ Intelligence 45+ Agility 38+ Wisdom 11+ Prospecting (dont care about pp) 9+ Fire Damage 9+ Air Damage 9+ Earth Damage 9+ Neutral Damage 380+ Initiative 3 Critical Hits 21-25 Critical Damage Not sure on price but i'm thinking around 55+mk? IGN's: BrazeeKarr / Daves-Stalker / -Daves-Chica- / AlmightyDark
  4. How much does a Rassler mask with the below stats go for ? 550+ Initiative 475+ Vitality 57+ Intelligence 57+ Agility 57+ Strength 38+ Wisdom 11+ Fire Damage 11+ Earth Damage 11+ Air Damage 11+ Neutral Damage 4 Critical Hits 1 Range Don't care much about Heals 10+ Prospecting Thanks
  5. Hi all, So, I started playing Dofus around 1.0, I quit soon after 2.0. I've recently purchased a new laptop and fired my old accounts up. My younger brother had taken over my accounts as well as his for an 8 man team. Recently he'd sold up on all but one account. Which meant that my Sram is now 200 (yay!) but also penniless.. <_< What I want to get out of this thread is: - What's the default 200 kolo Sram set? + Cheaper alternatives for the meantime (My brother donated a Treadfast set?) - What's with the Intel traps, and is intel a worthwhile build? - Any fundamental class changes and where do I find them? - Eliotropes?! :huh: - Kama making, I'm flat broke! I think I'm going to spend some time watching a few Kolo matches to get the gist of new spells and classes. Hopefully I'll fall back in love with Dofus.. Thanks in advance, Dan :ph34r:
  6. So my panda is reaching the point were I am buying his real set and there is a few things I have ran into: Pure builds: More damage Suffer less from To many spells not enough points (but still needs like 30 scrolls at least) Suffers more from resistances Possibly more vit then a hybrid build Hybrid builds: Less overall damage output but isn't effected as badly by resistances Can take advantage of end game hybrid weapons (eternal wand, etc) Lots of end game two elemental sets Take advantage of powerful spells that wouldn't really be useful before This mostly came up as I was looking at making my panda intel/agil as the set differences isn't to much but it doesn't seem popular and I have heard form several people that it isn't really a good idea on pandas. Though only reason I don't see it as a good idea is just the spell scrolls needed to make it work. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE&#39;S MY RESPONSE THAT WON&#39;T CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD.: Is pure elemental build better then hybrid?
  7. So I was close to 200 on my iop and I decided to have some fun with it. Random person in alliance chat: Here's a great idea! How about getting lvl 200 by dying to piwis? http://postimg.org/image/p79qnwug3/ http://postimg.org/image/ge2xemiit/