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Found 13 results

  1. The Forgotten Towers The war against the army of the brotherhood is declared! Your hero is a seasoned veteran? In this case, you will have a chance to survive the legions of Trépamorts... To penetrate the territories of the undead soldiers, you will need effective protection. Go to the master of your temple to enter the Domain of the Gods, where you will learn what is expected of you. Two new zones and dungeons (for characters of level 190 and above) are accessible, they shelter the undead monsters of the Forgotten Brotherhood. 4 sets and 12 items can be made from resources from these new areas. Spell variants 378 new spells are added for all classes (21 new spells per class). These spells are obtained between levels 101 and 200. From level 101 players can choose between a spell and its variant. This choice can be changed at any time outside the fighting. Spells obtained between levels 1 and 100 now have only 3 levels and these evolve automatically without the need to invest spell points. Spell points learned via scrolls are automatically converted to Kolossokens (placed in the character inventory). Each class now has access to all 4 elements. Character characteristics will be reset when the 2.45 update is released. We have evolved the spell system to simplify it, make it more accessible (removal of the spell points to invest) and to increase the possibilities offered to the players to allow them via a mechanism of choice, to increase in a situational way their versatility. Omega Levels These levels are infinite and can earn cosmetic bonuses (Ornaments and Auras) and utilities (Pods, Market and Merchant slots). The Omega level of the characters is visible on their ornament (an option allows to disable this display) and in the majority of interfaces that showed Experience accumulated after level 200 will be retroactively transferred to the new experience level for Omega levels. Monster Aggression System Monsters now have a 3-cell zone of vision, if a character stays more than 3 seconds in this zone of vision and the monster is aggressive, a fight will be launched. An icon is displayed above the monsters to indicate that they will soon start a fight if the character remains in their area of vision. Aggressive monsters are gradually getting closer to the characters on the map. Aggressive monsters in version 2.44 are aggressive towards all characters. Non-aggressive monsters in version 2.44 are now aggressive towards characters whose level is at least 50 levels lower than monsters. The characters who interact with the NPCs are immune to the attacks of the monsters. Movement of characters is now more reactive on maps with aggressive monsters. We have modified the monster aggression system to significantly facilitate movement in areas with aggressive monsters and to enhance the exploration mechanics of the game by making certain areas dangerous when the level of monsters is considerably higher than that of the characters. Tactical mode The graphical appearance of the tactical mode is improved. The colors and set elements used now adapt to the appearance of the area. An option allows you to use only the default tactical mode (whose appearance is also improved). Self-Powered Mount A new monetized feature (available soon in the shop) allows to assign a self-control ability to a mount (Dragoturkey and Seemyool). This ability makes it possible to define from the world map or the minimap a destination for the mount to travel to. The mount will then automatically go through each map. This feature is not available in areas where navigation is intentionally complex (in labyrinths for example). Quests The series of quests of the Brotherhood comes to an end... The adventurers can come back to talk to Jalcas in the Ouginak Temple and be entrusted with a new mission that will take them to the city of Srambad. The prerequisite for the last quests is slightly increased compared to the rest of the series. The characters having completed the quests Happiness is in the spray and It is time to die may have met again Rainikrone and Hyrkul using the Orbalantyr of Mériana. Quest Shipwreck Island: Captain Kradoc now requests a Nodkoko Slice rather than a Kokoko Nut to validate the quest's fourth objective. Quests Do not let your sons trail: the compasses on the quest for the location of Cabotine's grave are corrected to indicate the right place. Quest A Breach to Bonta: Requisitioned Pickaxe is now linked to the character. The adventurers who do the quest in progress and who are washed from the pickaxe can be recovered in the Bonta miners' workshop. Quest Must Shine: The first objective of the quest is changed, it is already validated when the wax of glige is made in slavery of the patinated still, and no more by returning to Kerubim. The making of wax becomes indispensable for the progress of the quest. Quest Distribution of zizanesque pains: the recovery of celestial pain is not possible if the first objective is in progress. Talking to NPC Edgar Davou, the characters can get rid of Dark Breads useless tickets. Quest Flight ... Age? : the demonic rose scissors donated by the florist Seria are now indestructible and unrepeatable. Cut demon roses can no longer be needed for the quest. Seria gets scissors and cut roses (without giving kamas in return). Last Contact quests, The voice of the dead and Burin's Bane: The rewards in kamas obtained at the end of these quests depending on the level of the character. Quest Lack of Skins: The amount of goblin seed requested by Bworkepik is decreased. It is now necessary to report 3 skins to the NPC to validate the objective of the quest. Lack of Mold Quest: The quantity of goblins and a bone of Trooll requested by Bworknroll are diminuted (they pass through 10 to 5). Quest A Trooll Family Future: The main goal now is to defeat a Tamed Trooll. The level of the quest is decreased (from 100 to 80). Rewards earned are linked accordingly. Quest Do not Shoot the Messenger: Quest monsters Gerard Barbak and Lolito are less resilient and cause less battle damage; Gerard invokes his Bouledogre less often. Quest The Beautiful Hermit: The amount of Wild Sunflower Oil and the number of small White Chachas requested by Monabella are decreased. The quest level is now 120. Pandavignon Quest: To be consistent with the bestiary of the area, the NPC Moktwa asks the adventurers to defeat larvae rather than wild plants. The level of the quest is increased, it is now 20. Quest Who's booting Booty Butts? : the prerequisite for making the soles of wind is now to have a level of 50 in a trade less (instead of 100). Quest The Gobs Fair: The Goblin Goblin monster is less resilient and causes less damage in combat. Ivory Dofus Quest Series: It is now possible to speak to the Dardondakal Dragon once the quest line is over. The name of the Searchable Needle Finder monster appears precisely in the fight against Nebgib. The name of Xelor's monster dial appears precisely in the fight against agent Nick Couteau. The quest Search Kros is disabled (the interactions between DOFUS and Krosmaster games are no longer maintained). Bunch of Keys Resetting of the Bunch of Keys now takes place on a fixed date (and not 7 days after having made a dungeon), every Tuesday at 07:00 DUT. Mounts and breeding Seemyool Vitality bonus is removed. We made this change to improve the balance between Dragoturkey and Seemyool bonuses. Pen icons are properly removed from the world map when the character leaves their guild. The interfaces related to the mount are closed if it is released. In the shed interface, mounts are no longer removed from the list and no longer become invisible in pens if the character tries to convert them into certificates when there are no more pods available in his inventory. Previously it was necessary to close and open the interface to refresh the list and leave the map to reappear the entity. Crafting Harvests and actions in action are kept after an interruption by a fight (aggression by a monster or by a Resource Protector for example). In the Profession interface, the experience of collecting fish is displayed correctly. In some cases, when collecting resources, the character may not be able to move to the resource and receive an error message indicating an impossible action. This problem is fixed. In the tooltips of objects, the names of craftsmen and mages are correctly placed at the end of the list of effects. The experience gained from the crafting of the Hunting Knife is increased. Maging New Pa type runes are added for Heal and Fixed Resistances (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Neutral). Object transfer via drag-and-drop in the maging interface works properly. Combat The preview of group and idol experience gains is working well (the potential earnings displayed were sometimes unusually high). Spell effect area preview is enhanced for spells that require specific targets. For example, for the Sadidas Tremor spell, the area of damage caused around trees will now be displayed. The damage preview works correctly when a target sacrifices allies and is targeted (on the Blérom monster for example). When a Summon dies at the beginning of its turn while under the control of its summoner, the summoner recovers its spells correctly when its turn comes. When a trap is triggered, a specific animation is now played. It is visible to all fighters. When using a Resurrection spell (for example, Spiritual Leash of the Osamodas), Characters are now prioritized over Sidekicks. The order of priority during resurrections becomes: Characters -> Sidekicks -> Summons. In the combat list interface, the combat type pictogram now displays correctly. The AP gain display in the combat log when casting the Ecaflip's Roulette spell contains the correct value (2 AP). Damage sharing effects applied to a single target no longer negate the effects of interception of damage. Cra Destructive Arrow: Damage penalty is increased: 50 → 60 (at maximum grade) Absorbing Arrow: The number of rolls per turn goes to 3 at all levels of the spell. (previously 2 to grades 1 to 5) The number of rolls per target increases to 2 at all levels of the spell. (previously 1 to grades 1 to 5) Magic Arrow: The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 The attack element of the spell becomes Air. The damage of the spell is reduced. The maximum cumulation of effects is modified: 1 at grades 1 and 2; 2 to grade 3. Slowing Arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. Explosive arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. Ecaflip The Lucky State is deleted. Spells that were changed through this state are changed. Clover : The operation of the spell is changed: Applies a bonus of 30, 40 and 50% Critical hits grades 1, 2 and 3. PA: 2 Range: 0 Duration: 2 laps Restart interval: 3 turns Feline Spirit The reduction in duration of effects applied by the spell Feline Spirit works correctly: it is applied as many times as the spell Spirit Feline was launched the previous turn. (it was applied only once in all cases) Chance of Ecaflip: The operation of the spell is changed. It reduces by 50% the damage suffered during 1 turn It increases the damage on the next turn by 50%. Bluff: Causes damage Air. Causes damage Water in a critical hit. The critical hit rate is increased: 5 → 25% The number of launches per turn goes to 3. (previously unrestricted) Pile or Face: The operation of the spell is changed. Causes Earth damage and increases target damage for 1 turn if it is an enemy. The number of rolls per target is reduced: 3 → 2 The number of rolls per turn increases to 3 (previously unrestricted) Perception : The operation of the spell is changed. The target is healed for 4% of its life by nearby enemy and detects invisible entities in the area of effect. The maximum range is increased: 0 → 4 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (it requires an allied entity on the target cell) Backlash: The operation of the spell is changed. Apply a shield on the target. The value of the shield is greater on the launcher. The duration is reduced: 2 → 1 Summoning Claw: The operation of the kitten is modified He now has fearful behavior. The damage of his Chatataque spell is increased The range of his Chatataque spell is increased: 1 → 4 The number of cast by turn of his spell Chatataque is increased: 1 → 2 The Guigne spell is no longer assigned to him (he can no longer heal the allies) The spell's recovery interval is reduced: 5 → 4 All or nothing : On ally, the order of application of the effects is reversed: Care at launch Damage to the next turn. Roulette: The operation of the spell is changed: Summons a Roulette that gives a random supply to everyone at the start of their turn. The effects applied by the summon are the same as those applied by the Roulette spell before except the Leak penalty that is replaced by a Tacle bonus. Roulette is a static invocation: it does not move and can not tackle There can only be one Roulette per team (the previous one is killed) Restart interval: 4 turns Cost in PA: 2 Range: 3 Wheel of Fortune : The resistance malus is removed. The spell now applies a penalty to critical hits for the duration of the power bonus. Odorat: PM bonuses and penalties go to 2 Player Claw: The spell now steals from life Water in Critical Strike. Ceangal's claw: The operation of the spell is changed: Causes damage Air. Repels the target 2 spaces and then gets closer to her. Cost in PA: 2 Range: 1 Feline The constraint to launch online is removed Eliotrope Affront: The care effect is removed The damage of the spell is increased Applies now a penalty of Tacle if launched through a portal Can affect allies Cumulative Limit: 1 Affliction: The care effect is removed The damage of the spell is increased Therapy The cost in PA is increased: 2 → 3 Now attracts the target if launched through a portal The damage of the spell is increased Ray of Wakfu Care now depends on the intelligence and launcher's healing bonus Now heals the allies included in the area of effect even if they are not in the Portal state. Distribution The damage distribution effect is removed The value of the care effect is increased Fulgurant fist Now repels from 1, 2, and 2 squares to grades 1, 2, and 3 without needing Portal status Regression of 2, 3 and 4 boxes in grades 1, 2 and 3 if launched through a Portal. poking Disarm now the target if launched through a portal The damage of the spell is reduced Parasite If thrown through a portal, the target suffers damage again at the end of its turn. The duration of the effect is reduced: 2 → 1 mockery Now remove PM if launched through a portal. Eniripsa Word Injury: The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 Damage is increased Care is now 100% of the damage. Forbidden Word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Word of Youth: Is now online only. Eclatant word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Turbulent word: No longer allows to heal the allies The cost in PA is increased: 2 → 3 The damage is increased. Disturbing word: The increase and decrease of the power is removed Spinning Word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Shattering Word: No longer allows to heal the allies Word of Flight: The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 Word of Reconstitution: The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed No longer remove the stimulated state Enutrof Animated bag: When the Animated Bag is attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. Excavator: When the Animated Shovel is attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. Clumsiness : The spell is now online only. Shovel of Judgment: The withdrawal of PM increases to 3 Cumulative limit is changed to 1 Damage is increased Corruption : The operation of the spell is changed: On ally: applies the Pacifist state and heals 40% of the vitality of the target. On enemy: apply the Pacifist and Invulnerable state for 1 turn Anime Chest: The operation of the animated Chest is modified: No longer allows you to recover additional loot at the end of combat. No longer earns prospecting Can tackle enemies Detects the invisible and causes 100% of its missing vitality in the zone Its resistances are reviewed: 20% of resistance in all the elements. His PM count is reduced: 5 at all ranks When attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. The invocation range is reduced: 6 → 2 Feca Bubble: The cost in PA is reduced: 3 → 2 Damage is reduced The value of the Scope removal is increased: 2, 2 and 3 → 2,3 and 4 Huppermage Runic Treatment: The value of the treatment is increased: 4% → 5% Crossing : The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 The removal of PM is removed A character carried by a Pandawa can no longer enter an elementary state of Huppermage (including via elemental shield). Iop Destructive Sword: The penalty for Critical Strikes is increased: 3 → 20 Critical Strike duration is reduced: 3 → 2 Cumulative limit is reduced: 4 → 1 Poutch: Renamed to "Massacre" Damage is no longer applied to the target. Damage is increased on entities in contact with the target: 20% → 50% The triggering of the spell is no longer displayed in the combat log. Duel: The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed Now renders the caster and its target Invulnerable to ranged damage. Does not work on allies. The spell's recovery interval goes to 4 at all ranks. (against 3 at grades 6 before) The spell now removes 100 MP instead of 10 Precipitation: The PA bonus goes to 5 at all ranks (as opposed to 6 at grade 6 before) Sword of Destiny: The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed The damage bonus of the spell is increased. Brokle: The spell is replaced by "Surf": Causes Water damage and gets closer to the target. The pitcher gains shield points. PA: 3 Scope: 1 to 3 online 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round. Osamodas Canine: No longer increases MPs of allies Damage is increased Dragonic: No longer increases APs of allies Damage is increased Animal Link: The effects of the transformations are modified: Tofu : The penalty of Vitality and Tacle is removed PM bonus now only applies to Osamodas Give 2 PA to all Tofus of Osamodas Gobball: PM and Leak penalty is removed Damage reduction bonus now only applies to Osamodas Gives 2 PAs to all Gobballs of Osamodas Dragon: Damage Damage Damaged is removed The AP bonus only applies to Osamodas Dragons. Fossil : No longer reduces damage to allies and increases their tackle. Damage is increased Whip : The effects of the spell are changed: On enemies: causes damage in the Element of the Launcher Transformation. On Allies: applies an effect depending on the transformation of the launcher: Whelp: Heals the target Toad: +2 PA Gobball: 20% reduction in damage Tofu: +2 PM Envol is now the variant of Tofu Dodu. Sacrificial Fire is now the variant of Gobball Natural Resistance is now the variant of Geyser. Geyser: New spell Obtained at level 62 Causes water damage and increases launcher power PA: 5 Range: 1 to 5 1 throw per turn Black toad: New spell Obtain at level 50 Summons a Black toad that causes water damage. The fewer MPs he has used in the current turn, the higher his damage. PA: 3 Range: 1 to 3 1 throw per turn. Sloth toad: New spell Obtained at level 69 Summons a Bumble Toad that causes damage Water PA: 4 Range: 1 to 3 3 rounds of stimulus The Dragon's Breath icon appears correctly in the spells Resurrected summons can properly cast their shared spell (Dragosoin, Gobball Attraction, Tofu Transposition) Ouginak Bestial form: The Vitality bonus is removed. The final damage bonus is increased: 10 → 20% When a monster in the Prey state dies from the effects of the Limier spell, the Power bonus applies correctly to the Ouginak. Pandawa Picole: Becomes the variant of Bombance Bombance: New spell Allows you to enter the Saoûl state while casting his sober spells. Give a pitcher tackle bonus PA: 2 Duration: 2 laps 3 rounds of stimulus. Hangover: Renamed "Ribote" Is now launched if the Pandawa is not Saoûl Scary: The penalty for critical hits is increased: 7 → 15 Karcham: Now allows to throw the target range. Throwing requires a line of sight and can only be started online. The carried entity can cast spells without a line of sight. The critical hit is removed. The Scope to Scope Target bonus is removed. Bamboo milk is replaced by "Propulsion": Starts the carried entity. Causes damage Fire to enemies and pushes back around the target cell. PA: 3 Range: 3, 4 and 5 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 2 shots per round Fear of heights The operation of the spell is changed: Starts the carried entity and increases its tackle. Attracts entities aligned with the targeted cell. PA: 2 Range: 4, 5 and 6 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 Launch online Stabilization The critical hit is removed. Chamrak is replaced by "Eviction": Causes Earth damage to enemies and teleports the target behind the caster. PA: 2 Range: 1 1 cast per target, 2 cast per turn Ethylo: The PA shrinkage penalty is increased: 12 → 30 Cumulative limit is changed to 1 Drunkenness: The barrel casts its spell "General Tour" when it is thrown. Rogue Resquille: PA withdrawal is increased to rank 3: 1 → 2 Espingole: The spell now removes PM. Overload: The cost in AP is increased: 2 → 4 The area of effect is removed (the spell can now only affect one bomb) Load, Discharge and Overload states are applied one turn earlier Rebours becomes the variant of Magnetization The operation of the spell is changed: On Bomb: Explodes automatically at the end of the launcher's next turn and applies zone erosion. On Ally: Increases damage. Sacrier The Punishments are replaced by a system of Suffering: When the Sacrier uses an offensive spell, his Suffering increases: he does more damage but his Vitality is reduced. Starting with 6 positive charges, he gains a better damage bonus and changes his appearance. When he uses a defensive spell, his Suffering decreases: his vitality increases. From 6 negative charges, he gains a damage reduction bonus and changes his appearance. Attraction: Obtain at level 1 Unchanged Fury: Obtain at level 1 Now causes damage based on the number of Suffering charges Applies 1 Suffering load. Absorption: Obtain at level 1 The spell goes into the Earth element. Remove 1 Suffering Charge Stasis: New Sort Obtain at level 3 The spell passes in the element Earth Causes Water damage and removes 2 MPs. Removes 1 Suffering load. PA: 3 Range: 1 to 3 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round. Motivating Pain: Obtain at level 6 No more damage to the thrower. The power bonus is removed The higher the caster's charge of Positive Suffering, the higher the damage of the spell. Applies 1 Suffering load. The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Flying Sword: Obtain level 9 The swift appearance is removed The sword now changes in appearance, characteristics, and attack as the Sacrier changes appearance: Robust: from -6 to -10 Bloodthirsty: from 6 to 10 The Bloodless Sword now needs a target to attack (but still causes damage in the area) Assault: Obtain at level 13 The attacking element passes Earth. Mutilation: New spell Obtain at level 17 Add 2 Suffering charges to the caster PA: 2 Recovery time: 3, 2 and 1 at grades 1, 2 and 3 Transposition: Obtain at level 22 No longer needs the status "Velocity" Fulgurance: Obtain at level 27 The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 The stimulus interval is reduced: 3 → 2 The spell now requires a full cell and teleports to the square just ahead. The damage is caused to the target and the trajectory. Nervousness: New spell Obtain at level 32 Causes water damage. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Add 1 Suffering load. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 5 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Sacrifice: Obtain at level 38 Unchanged Projection : Obtain at level 44 The damage is no longer in the air of life. The range is reduced: 5 → 1 Teleports now the launcher behind the target Derobade: Obtain at level 50 The stimulus interval is reduced: 5 → 4 (at the highest grade) The spell now applies melee invulnerability but repels melee damage. The way the spell works remains the same, but it better handles interactions with other triggered effects. Life transfer: Obtain at level 56 The stimulus interval is reduced: 2 → 1 (at the highest rank) Punishment: Obtained at level 62 No longer applies gravity No longer needs the Bloody state. Supplice: New spell Obtained at level 69 Causes damage Air. Reduces melee damage by 15%. Removes 1 Suffering load. PA: 5 Range: 1 1 throw per target, 2 shots per turn Maximum cumulation of effects: 1 Influx: New spell Obtained at level 77 Causes Fire damage around the caster. Attracts targets PA: 4 Range: 0 Area of effect: Cross of size 2. 2 shots per round Convalescence: Obtain at level 80 No longer requires a robust state The percentage of neat life is now fixed (no longer depends on whether the Sacrier is below half of his life or not) The percentage of life treated increases to 10, 13 and 16 in grades 1, 2 and 3 Decimation: Obtained at level 92 Causes damage Earth. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Add 1 Suffering load. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 4 Launch online Does not require line of sight Blood bath: Operation reviewed Obtain at level 100 Causes fire damage in the area. Remove 1 Suffering Charge per enemy present in the area. PA: 5 Range: 0 Area of effect: Square size 1 Ritual Bleeding Becomes the Bain of Blood Variation Allows you to steal melee life from the Fire element. Removes 1 Suffering load. No more damage to the launcher Unleash becomes the variant of Nervousness The damage is no longer in flight, the spell does not remove any more leakage. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Applies a charge of Suffering. Shared Pain is renamed Punishment and becomes the variant of Mutilation Set the state of gravity in zone. Causes 2% of the launcher's HP in damage per Suffering load. The spell no longer affects the caster. Sadida Doll invocations are now invoked directly without the need to transform a tree but: The invocation range is reduced. The cost in AP is increased. The stimulus time is increased. They do not invoke a tree after their death. The variants of the doll invocations retain the operation used in version 2.44. Paralyzing Poison: The poison now has a fixed value and no longer depends on the PAs used by the target. Poisoned Wind: The operation of the spell is changed. Kill the target doll to turn it into a Leafy Tree. PA: 2 Scope: Infinite 3 rounds of stimulus Tree of Life : Also heal Sadida invocations for the duration of the effect. The stimulus interval is increased: 3 → 4 Sram Double The double is now controllable but only survives 2 laps. At the end of the two turns, he dies while exchanging space with his summoner. The raise time is 6, 5 and 4 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 of the spell. Chakra drive Is renamed to Mire Trap: the spell's behavior is changed. Pose a trap that causes water damage on a cell Allies near the target are healed for 50% of the damage. PA: 3 Scope: 4, 6 and 8 at grades 1, 2 and 3 No line of sight needed 2 shots per round Mass trap The trigger zone of the trap is now on a single cell Damage is caused in Circle Zone size 2. The constraint to launch online is removed Damage is increased Invisibility of Others Is renamed Cruelty: the way the spell works is changed Causes Water damage and increases the launcher's PM. 3 PA Range: 5, 6 and 7 at grades 1, 2, 3 Launch online 2 shots per round Chakra concentration Now works on all Sram traps, even if they do not cause damage. Trap of Silence Is renamed to Perfidious Trap: the way the spell works is changed Put a trap. Once triggered, enemies that end their turn in its area of effect suffer Air damage. The trigger zone of the trap makes a cell but the prohibition zone is a circle of size 2. PA: 3 Scope: 4 editable Does not require line of sight 1 throw per turn Poised: The function of the spell is changed. Causes water damage and reduces the chance of a critical hit. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 4 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Foggernaut Anchorage: No longer applies the Telluric state and no longer remove the Magnetor state. Evolution : When a turret enters the Evolution III state, the other turrets in Evolution III return to Evolution II (instead of going back to Evolution I) Tide: Power penalty and boost damage bonus are removed. The spell now causes Air damage to enemies. Vapor: No longer applies Ardent state Now remove critical hits from targets. Telescope : No longer applies Aquatic or Magnetor status Selpaint: No longer applies the Ardent state. Damage penalty is increased and is now applied directly Duration is reduced: 2 turns → 1 turn The stacking limit is reduced: 3 → 1 Ambush: Now Causes Air Damage Earth, Fire and Water damage is reduced. The cost in AP goes to 5. Xelor Rewinding: Now only works on allies (launcher included). Hourglass of Xelor: The spell now drops 2 APs to the target even if it is not in the Telefrag state. The effects of the spell are now in the zone if the target is in Telefrag state. Flight of time: The PA withdrawal of the spell is removed. Temporal Dust: The area of effect is reduced: the spell only affects one cell If the target is in the Telefrag state, the damage of the spell is caused in a circle of size 2 and the targets are teleported symmetrically. No longer remove Telefrag status The scope becomes editable Dial of Xélor: becomes the variant of Complice Complice: New spell Obtain at level 13 Summons a static Complice that has no spell. He is killed if another accomplice is summoned. Not taken into account in the invocation counter. PA: 2 Summoning range: 3, 4 and 5 at grades 1, 2 and 3 1 throw per turn Masqueraider Mask of the Plover: The Leak Bonus is replaced by a PM bonus The critical hit is removed Mask of the Psychopath: The Power bonus is replaced by a damage bonus in melee The critical hit is removed Class Mask Renamed as "Mask of Intrepid" The critical hit is removed Mask changes no longer affect other allied Zobals. Picada: The spell no longer requires line of sight The throw becomes online only Damage is increased Support: The spell also causes Fire damage The damage is reduced. Furia: Do not bring the thrower closer to his target. The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Fougue: Power bonus is removed The critical hit is removed Cabriole: The Power bonus is removed. Boliche: The Boost Damage bonus is removed The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Masquerade becomes the variant of Trance. Now requires the state Psychopath. Grimace: New spell Summon a Grinning Mask The Mask Tackles Opponents and Shares Damage to Zobal As long as the mask is alive, the Zobal and him suffer 50% more damage When an opponent suffers a loss of AP or MP while attempting to exit the Mask's tackle area, the Mask gains Shield Points. 3 PA 5 rounds of stimulus Diffraction becomes the variant of Grimace. Apostasy: New spell Causes Fire damage and moves the caster away from his target. PA: 3 Scope: 5, 6 and 7 at grades 1, 2 and 3 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Guilds & Alliances In the alliance interface, the checkbox to enable or disable the AvA will gray out properly during combat. Interfaces listing guild members and guild customization are updated when guild rights for a member are changed. The KOTH interface is improved: the alliance control gauge is displayed correctly if it is tied on a single map, the equality text lists the relevant alliances, tooltips are added, and texts are replaced correctly. In the list of Guild Perceptors and Alliance Fights (Perceptors and Prisms), when a fight is in progress, it is possible to enter as a spectator of this fight by clicking on the spectating symbol. Spousal teleportations no longer serve to divert entry restrictions to guild houses and homes with a lock code. House sharing with the guild is correctly blocked for guilds lower than 10 and seniority less than 2 months old. Renaming and changing guild and alliance crest services could sometimes be unusually blocked for some guilds and alliances. This problem is fixed. Interfaces The majority of the game's interfaces are now movable. The level gain interfaces are graphically enhanced. Shop interfaces, to feed a family and to manage guild rights no longer prohibit other interactions as long as they are active. The display of the number of characters by type of server is simplified. The character creation button is now integrated in the list of characters, it is positioned after the last character of the list. When creating characters, the spell interface ("Learn More" button) disappears correctly when you choose another class. The icon to enlarge the presentation video of a class is modified and the behavior of the pause and resumption of the video is modified. During character creation, class thumbnails are no longer grayed out and the arrow that indicates the selected class is moved. When trying to create a character without having an available slot, an explanatory interface is now displayed. In the shop, the icon "Ogrines" is displayed correctly on each item. The tooltip when flying over an enclosure door or house now has a size that fits correctly the text displayed. The outer margins of tooltips are increased to improve readability. The tooltip for the territories interface appears and moves correctly with the window. The object recycling interface is now properly aligned with the inventory. Spell icons are correctly positioned in the companions interface. In the list of servers, if the status of an unlisted server is updated, this server is added to the list. In the character creation interface, class names can not go beyond their frame. Purchasing a feature reset service correctly updates the information displayed by the customer. In the character creation interface, the default selected class is chosen according to the characters that the player has already created: for the creation of the first character, the class selected by default is chosen randomly among the most accessible classes. The default text displayed in the search fields is correctly removed when text is entered quickly. In the Alignment interface, the wings of the character do not overflow on the other texts of the interface. The weapon tooltip is displayed correctly in the spell shortcut bar. The characteristics of Companions are correctly displayed in the Companions interface. In some situations, the spell effects displayed in the spell tooltips overlapped and rendered the texts unreadable. This problem is fixed. In the inventory, the bank and the merchant mode, the category "All" is now selected by default (the last category consulted remains memorized after the closing of these interfaces). The Live Object Appearance Selection interface refreshes correctly when the object gains a level, even if the interface is open. In the drop-down lists that filter the interface information, the selected filter no longer has a specific background color. The choices displayed in the drop-down list for filtering the territories in the conquest interface are no longer abnormally grayed out. The vertical scroll bar of the Ankabox messaging is replaced inside the interface. In the array interface and in the bestiary loot list, the number of slots displayed corresponds to the number of objects, there is no more empty object slot. The arrows that point to some interface elements in the tutorial now move with the interfaces. The feature point assignment interface is correctly centered when it opens to the left of the feature window. During character creation, the personalization of faces and colors is retained for the class and gender of the chosen character only. If the player selects another class after customizing the appearance of a character, that new class will be displayed with the default appearance. In the character creation interface, the right and left arrows (which allow you to navigate between classes), also work on the first and last class of the list. The random generation of colors during the creation of a character is unlimited (the proposals do not cycle over the same values). Achievements The achievements of the characters of the same account (from the same server) are now shared. Achievements can be unlocked for each character, but rewards for items (mostly resources) from the "Dungeons", "Monsters" and "Event" categories can only be earned once per account and per server. We made this change to significantly limit the excessive generation of resources by players who create characters dedicated to the validation of certain Achievements. Three Achievement are added for the capture of Alignment Bounty Monsters. Forest Animals Achievement is validated correctly in all areas of the game that include monsters that must be defeated. Beginner, Novice, Initiate, Chick, Benjamin, Minime, Cadet, Junior, Hope, Senior and Veteran Achievements now reward kamas. The goal of getting Ush Plateau Achievement is added to Paid Tactical Achievement. The goal of getting Make the other Ush Achievement is added to Final Destination Achievement. The goal of getting Pounicheur (Score 300) Achievement is added to Prestige Achievement. The goal of getting Ush Galesh (Score 300) Achievement is added to Success Idol in the Skin. The goal of getting Miausolée of the Pounicheur Achievement is added to Where I Go Achievement, the monsters do not reappear anymore. The goal of getting Ush Plateau Achievement is added to I Am Legend Achievement. Achievement Sealing test: the amount of kamas obtained as a reward for it is now fixed, it no longer depends on the level of the character. In the Achievement interface, if there is no reward of a certain type (0 kama, 0 XP and no item), then this type of reward is no longer displayed with an empty box. Kolossium Characters who do not fight enough in Kolossium now get a temporary status unclassified (they will not appear in the rankings of the official site). This status disappears when the character evaluation system estimates that the character has recently made enough fights. This change allows us to dynamically remove rankings inactive characters from Kolossium or who do not wish to take the risk of seeing their rating drop. NPC shop Annabelle Huaire (in the Kolossium building) now offers: A new Skeleton Harness for Dragoturkeys and Seemyools for 200,000 Kolossokens each. Emotes "Attract attention", "Motus", "Feet", "Fist raised" and "Rub your hands" (previously only possible with Kroz from Krosmaster). Spell Point Scrolls Spell Point Scrolls can no longer be purchased from the Annabelle Huaire NPC Shop (they are no longer useful because Spells are now evolving without Spell Points). Spell Point Scrolls now give 1000 Kolossokens to the character who uses them. Equipment The effects of Ivory Dofus are correctly removed when the target is under the effect of Sacrifice and is damaged. The effect is not reactivated until the Sacrifice ends. The effects of Ivory Dofus also do not work in combination with the Ataraxia (Warning variant) and Determination (Bond variant) spells. The effects of the Diplodoplie are correctly displayed in game. Monsters In the area for non-subscriber characters around Astrub, the size of the monster groups is changed: a group consisting of only 1 monster, a group containing 2 to 3 monsters and a group of 4 to 8 monsters. The purpose of this change is to provide more groups for novice players who are fighting alone or in small groups. Moowolf: The power of the monster evolves correctly when confronted in a group: it evolved when it was confronted by 1 to 5 characters instead of 4 to 8 characters. Count Harebourg: A Critical Failure of the Black Tofu Summon spell no longer passes the caster's turn. Levitrof: The Plain Reflections spell can no longer fire twice in the same turn in the case where Levitrof begins its turn in a glyph or bomb wall. One-Armed Bandit: The level of the monster is increased to match that of other monsters in his family. In the Astrub Forest, the monster is replaced by the Manned Bandit. Rokoko: The effects of the Eriktion spell can no longer be accumulated more than 2 times. Elemental Fire Bwork: The monster's AP withdrawal bonus is removed. Dark Rose: The monster can now appear in the Astrub Fields. Its probability of appearance is increased. Its HP is reduced. Prespic: Its MP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Invisibility spell duration is reduced. Replica spell is removed Secular Needle spell can only be cast once per target and twice per turn. Invisible Chafer: Invisibility spell duration is reduced. It now has aggressive behavior. Chafer Sneak: Camouflage spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. The duration and cooldown are reduced. Elite Pikeman: Its MP is reduced. Unhappy Euphoria spell no longer increases Vitality but increases the Damage. The duration is reduced. Chafer Scout: Its MP is reduced. Firefire spell is Linear. Chafer Sergeant: Its MP is reduced. Kardorim: Its MP is reduced. Bone Crunch spell MP bonus is reduced. It can no longer be cast on the first turn. All Piwis: Their MP are reduced. Hull spell range penalty is reduced. The spell now has a raise interval of 2 turns. Evil Dandelion: Its MP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Wild Grass spell AoE and Range are reduced. Demonic Rose: Its Wisdom is reduced. Dark Rose: Its MP is reduced. Wild Sunflower: Barbed Root spell Range is reduced. Wild Poison spell Range is reduced. Scarecro: Its MP is reduced. Escape! Poor madmen! spell AoE is reduced. Field Protection spell AoE and Range are reduced. Boar: Its MP is reduced. Its HP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Its Damage is reduced. Squirrol: Its Dodge is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Windward Wind spell is AoE reduced. Tassel spell Range is reduced and becomes modifiable. Miliboowolf: Its MP is reduced. Flair spell duration and Cooldown are reduced. Treechnid and Dark Treechnid: Champa Summon spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. Its Range is reduced. Sivilish Motivation spell duration and Cooldown are reduced. The spell can only be cast around the Treechnid. Its effects are increased. Blinding Bond spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. Its range is reduced and becomes modifiable. It no longer applies a range penalty. It is renamed. Abraknettoyage spell Range is modifiable. It can only be cast once and its damage is increased. It now reduces the duration of active effects by 2 turns. The monster Troolaraj present in the pit of the Village of Bworks is replaced by a Tamed Trooll. In accordance with the other monsters present only in the dungeons of the dimensions, the orichor was removed from the loot of Grath, Chakaroze and the Lady of the Hazard (monsters of dimension Ecaflipus). Treasure Hunts Following the easing of the monster aggression system, treasure hunts that cross an area with aggressive monsters no longer provide a multiplier bonus. Bonus multipliers (x2) in the cities of Bonta and Brakmar are preserved (because the treasure hunts that take place there are more difficult). We are also applying this change because more and more players were exploiting the old way by doing treasure hunts across an area with aggressive monsters and dropping all other treasure hunts. Treasure hunts without reward multipliers seem competitive with other experience gaining methods available to characters performing activities alone. Dungeon, House, Underground Enclosure, Prison, Arena and Haven Bag now prohibit treasure hunting clues. Pets and Petsmounts The following Petsmounts can no longer be equipped when the character is in an underwater zone: Bouflux Bouftor Bounax Tofureur Chacharge Platypus hormone can now be obtained by fighting Royal Blue Jelly. Maps and areas The combat placement cells in the fifth room of the Bworker Cave are further apart. The appearance of the Class Temples of Cra, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Sacrier, Sadida, Sram and Xelor are improved. Eliotrope, Enutrof, Huppermage, Ouginak, Rogue, Foggernaut and Xelor Class Temples are modified to add the Statue of the God of the Class. The Sacrier Temple is moved, it is now located at [-3,-4]. In order to improve the navigation between Astrub and Amakna, the area of the Mountain of Cracklers is modified and its graphic aspect is improved. The visuals of the Emerald Dofus, Crimson Dofus and Cawwot Dofus on maps are modified to match the new appearances of the Dofus. The symmetry of the JCJ Arena XXVII and Arena X maps is corrected. All Ougah dungeon rooms now contain monsters or passes to other cards to avoid situations where characters may not be able to exit the dungeon without a teleportation potion. Droupik is now present on the Saharach maps where he was unusually absent. The Prison subarea is renamed to Madrestam Prison. The teleportation system in Incarnam is now blocked for characters going to and from the guided tutorial maps (especially from the map dedicated to the making of the Idol). Animations and characters Characters who have not been connected since the introduction of face customization are given the opportunity to choose a face again. This change corrects the problem of characters whose heads were no longer displayed. When a character plays the "Duelist" emote facing its back, its right arm is correctly colored. The cape is displayed correctly when playing the "Laughing" emote on a mount. Measured Bow Meow blinks at a reasonable frequency. The shield no longer disappears when playing the "Guild Standard" emote. Other Following the feedback of some players, various spelling corrections were made in the text of the game (Dedicated topic on DOFUS forums: messages from August 7, 2017 to October 29, 2017 were taken into account). Transformed characters (Al Howin's Gobball, for example) can no longer use a dimensional portal. The tooltip associated with Prospecting is corrected and no longer mentions Prospecting locks, which were removed in the past. Bwak eggs can now only be used in the Cracker Mountain area. The version of DOFUS on browser now has the command "/ version". The price to go to Minotoror Island via the Nikos Monote NPC is increased. Leaving the island via this same NPC becomes free. Since Prime Scrolls are obsolete for several years, they are removed from the game. The title Disciple of the Black Watchdog can not be obtained currently, it is removed from the list displayed in the interface of the titles.
  2. Single Account Server The beta server is available in single account mode. You can find more information about this game mode here. F2P Accounts F2P accounts now have a guaranteed number of slots in game servers. F2P accounts now have a separate queue when the number of reserved slots is reached. Sidekicks The progress of the sidekick characteristics is modified. Sidekicks are now less powerful at low level and a little more powerful at very high level. We have made these changes because sidekicks tend to be more powerful than classic low and medium level characters and many players totally abandon their main character in battle to concentrate solely on their sidekick whose power evolves without requiring any investment. The sidekicks are supposed to be less powerful than the classic characters, they are supposed to provide additional help but do not have to become the main characters of the fight. Interfaces In the server list interface, the question mark to read the rules for each type of server is repositioned. When creating characters, the list of server types is expanded. In the characteristic interface, a new button is added to allow quick access to the characteristic reset. In the server selection interface, the server type rows are enhanced. Performance The systems for storing and saving mount certificates are optimized, in particular to improve the speed of backups. Various In some cases, characters could be teleported in front of a house that was not theirs when they logged in (after disconnecting in their own house). This problem is corrected. Deleting a guild with a Paddock no longer generates an additional instance of the Paddock. The names of the characters transformed into monsters are correctly displayed in the spectators interface. The guild banner attitude is correctly disabled for characters who leave their guild during a King of the Hill (KOTH) phase. The management of the "spam" of emoticons is modified, the game no longer displays a message when too many emoticons are launched. It is no longer possible to display a new emoticon as long as the previous one is still displayed. It is no longer possible to place an Alliance Prism on a map that includes a Paddock. Paddocks for sale belonging to guilds that are deleted are correctly removed from the real estate agency interface. The preview of the Lock attempts appears correctly against the Ilyzaelle monster in the "Defending of Kings" state.
  3. Dofus 2.43 update, was planned for September in Gamakna, Beta will start on August 17th. Previous Livestream link showcasing all the things Level 90-100 Alignment Quests. Further Astrub Monster/Dungeon revamps. Removal of Server IDs near Server names in the Server selection screen. Ivory Dofus questline: Other Dofus will get their levels adjusted to the levels of the Quests as well. 3 new Sets and 1 new Shield for both Alignments, Item stats are the same for both Alignment Sets, only visuals change. Other Sets/Items: Frigost Island expansion, one new Dungeon: Each Monster has 26k HP, monsters spawn each turn, saw the maximum of 7/8 monsters in the fight, one dealt 561 damage: Boss, has 42k HP, when boss is vulnerable it becomes your ally and attacks other monsters: When something is on the Orange Glyph, it deals 400% more Damage: Dungeon Achievements: Sacrier's Robust Punishment's form's visuals redone:
  4. Official Changelog. Click here to see the new Equipment. This is a community translated changelog from here, if you notice any mistakes, feel free to point them out. Sidimote The region of Sidimote is redone and enriched with new contents (monsters, panoplies, dungeons etc.). Two new dungeons are available: the "Manor of the Katrepat" (level 200) in the area of the "Deacons" and the "Magik Riktus" (level 90) in the area of the "Route des Roulottes ". New quests are available, they are distributed in different areas of the region, and are associated with new Successes. The Amakna militia now offers 4 new Bounty Monsters. Combat Class spells that remove MP now have a maximum cumulative limit. It will therefore no longer be possible to exceed their limit per turn by having several same classes in the same fight. This change only affects fights that include multiple same classes on the same team. Summons of player characters now have a maximum of 15 seconds to complete their turns. We have reduced this duration to speed up the fighting when players control the summons themselves. We believe that controllable summons have a range of spells and possibilities that are sufficiently limited to be exploited during shorter turns of play. The button to pass his turn is grayed out of his turn. In battle preparation phase, the / players and / list commands to list combatants and /kick name to eject a character from the combat function correctly. In combat against the Moon in creature mode, the Water Totem appears correctly in the form of an invocation. The damage preview no longer displays critical hits for a weapon that can not cause it. Damage preview works correctly on a target under the effect of the Elemental Shield spell of the Huppermage. The damage preview works correctly when the spell causes a Telefrag. Damage preview works correctly when damage reduction or resistance bonus reaches 100%. The damage preview correctly takes into account the state of gravity when there is pushback damage. The damage preview correctly takes into account the spell effects for which the target is pushing or attracting the caster. Damage preview works correctly on the first turn of the Sacrificing Blood Punishment. In the quest tracking interface, the option to display all of a quest's cue points works correctly Kolossium In some cases, players who used a port other than the default port might encounter difficulties connecting to the ISK servers; Now if the ISKcan not be connected to a specific port, the client will try to connect successively to the list of available ports. The priorities used for Matchmaking are changed, the characters coming from the same server are now more likely to find themselves on the same team. Incarnations are no longer usable in ISK. We were initially in favor of using them in ISK to diversify the fighting, but they are the source of too many problems currently (they are used to hide the class until the last moment, they cause abrupt changes in capacities Of a character whose rating no longer necessarily reflects the real effectiveness, etc.). Incarnations Ektope: Tofu Spectral: The spell now has a number of throws per target set at 2 and a number of throws per turn set at 3. Spectral Motivation: The AP cost of the spell is increased: 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 -> 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. We have modified this Incarnation because it has the capacity to cause far-reaching damage without the need to endanger oneself. Sidekicks The Sidekicks are now saved in the Rapid Equipment System. The Sidekicks are now killed in battle if their owner dies in battle. We made this change because the Sidekicks are not supposed to win battles instead of their master, they are supposed to provide additional help as secondary characters but do not have to become main characters. Sidekicks do not require investment in equipment and automatically progress through their master's level. We consider that the class characters must remain the main characters and must invest in equipment to be viable in combat. Conditions based on Achievement Points are correctly displayed on the signs of Sidekicks who use this type of condition to be equipped. In the object cards, the ethereal signs of the companions correctly display their remaining number of uses. Cra We have applied several modifications to this class to improve its ability to keep opponents at a distance through push spells, but also by adding a new spell that applies Erosion. Retreat Arrow: AP cost changed: 4 => 3 Base damage reduced by about 10% No longer causes damage to allies. In order to unlock a new spell, we have merged Lashing Arrow and Poison Arrow: now they are one spell causing Neutral Damage over time and removing MP. Lashing Arrow is renamed Poison Arrow: Max Global Accumulation: 1 Damage is Neutral, applies at the start of the turn and lasts 2 turns. Steals 3 MP from the target. The new spell (which is called the Stinging Arrow) offers two new possibilities for the Cra: from pushback to low AP cost, and Erosion. Poison Arrow is renamed Stinging Arrow: The function of the spell is changed. Applies 10% Erosion for 2 turns and pushes the target 2 cells. AP cost 2, Modifiable Range, 2 casts per target, 4 casts per turn. Ecaflip Feline Spirit: Debuff applies correctly when the spell is recast. Eliotrope Raillery: MP Reduction can no longer be unbewitched. Enutrof Clumsiness: Max Global Accumulation 1. Shovel of Judgment: Max Global Accumulation 2. Iop Cut: Max Global Accumulation 2. Huppermage A modification on Elemental Drain was necessary: the spell combines very good damage with a drain characteristic for a negligible cost. We did not want to increase its cost in AP to retain this feature (the Huppermage already has many damage spells at 3 AP) and an increase in its stimulus interval would have penalized too much the mono-element Huppermages who would have been found with fairly little ability to damage on turn 1/2. We have therefore opted for a reduction in damage caused by fate in order to maintain the flexibility of the spell, but by reducing its effectiveness. Elemental Drain: Base damage reduced by about 30% on a normal hit and by about 35% on a CH. Elemental Shield: Resistance bonus is not displayed as a bonus of PvP Resistances if applied by another character. Osamodas Symbiosia: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2. The Osamodas can already control all the summons that correspond to its fusion, we want to reduce its capacity to use this "wildcard" spell that allows too many roles to be cumulated at a time by taking control of several types of summons. We have also reduced the mobility of Tofus as well as the scope of Transposition of Tofu to make it less easy to use the Tofu to save an ally, especially if the Osamodas is not already close (and therefore a little more vulnerable), or that it is not melt Tofu. Podgy Tofu: MP changed at levels 1 to 6: 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6 => 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 Black Tofu: MP changed at levels 1 to 6: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 12 => 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 10 Transposition of Tofu: Range changed: 5 => 4 The Osamodas, whether in Dragon or Tofu form, is supposed to be a pretty vulnerable class in melee. The care effects of the Wyrmlings around their target allowed the Osamodas to be more resistant if he ever approached his opponents. The following changes are therefore applied: Wyrmlings: Red Wyrmling's (via Dragon's Breath) and Black Wyrmling's Heals no longer affect the caster. Ouginak Tibia: If the spell kills its targets, the Rage increases correctly. Carcass: Damage bonus changed at levels 5 and 6: 4, 5 => 3, 4 Effects are correctly applied if the target is killed. Marrow Bone: Damage bonus changed at level 6: 8 => 7 Effects are correctly applied if the target is killed. Protective Pelt: AP cost changed: 2 => 3 We have applied two modifications to the bestial form in order to make it less advantageous. We wish this form to be truly double-edged and that it could penalize the Ouginak if it ever changes when it is not the right time. In Bestial form, the Ouginak can no longer lock enemies. In Bestial form, the damage bonus is removed. Rogue Remission: Cooldown changed: 3 => 2. This modification allows the Rogue to better protect his bombs, while making less penalizing the use of Remission for its pushing effect. Sacrier Punishments: Cooldown changed at levels 1 to 6: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 => 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 There was an inconsistency in the levels of the Punishments, having a stimulus was not relevant. Masqueraider The changes made to the Masqueraiders are mainly improvements on the flexibility of his Coward Mask mode. The goal of these changes is not to do a balancing, but to make it a little more practical to use certain spells. We would like to make more significant changes to this class during the year in order to make the Coward Mask and Classic Mask modes more viable. Retention: Max Global Accumulation: 2 Apathy: Max Global Accumulation: 2 Minimum Range changed: 5 => 2 Picada: Minimum Range changed: 3 => 2 Distance: Minimum Range changed: 4 => 2 AP cost changed: 4 => 3 Base damage reduced by about 15% Pushback Distance changed at levels 1 to 6: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 => 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3 Monsters Glouragan: Damage caused by the Glouragan when it attacks its allies are reduced and are no longer increased by Idols increasing damage. The Gloursonde spell now increases the MPs of the allies and no longer their critical blows. Cycloporth: the monster no longer be worn. The level, characteristics, spells and spoils of the following monsters are modified and new monsters are added: Animalades, Forest animals, Gobballs, Dragodindes, Kwaks, Sewer monsters, Field plants, Tofus, Vermines fields. The bestiary of the following subfields is modified: Cradle, Astrub Fields, Ingusse Fields, Tofus Corner, Astrub Outline, Bonta Sewers, Brkmar Sewers, Astrub Forest, Swamp, Swampy Swamps, Wetlands without Background, Crackers Mountain, Astrub Grounds, Astrub Underground, Amakna Castle Underground, Wild Dragodinde Territory. The composition of the monsters' groups is modified in the following dungeons: Dungeon of the Gobballs, Dungeon of the Fields, Dungeon of the Tofu. Simple Dungeons Devblog. Catseye Catseye: Black glyphs are removed Area of Effect damage and healing are removed Starting from turn 2, at the beginning of each monster's turn, characters on the same number suffer damage (this replaces the previous 2 deletions of mechanics) Stuffing and Catch in exchange for forced position, causes Earth damage but no longer removes AP Ecaflip toilet: Causes Water Damage MP changed: 6 => 4 Soldier of Fortune: Full heart: Cooldown changed: 0 => 2, Maximum Range changed: 8 => 6 Spike Jet: Maximum Range changed: 12 => 8 Lucky Cavalier: MP changed: 6 => 5 Tiling: Cooldown changed: 0 => 2, Maximum Range changed: 10 => 6, Non-Modifiable Range Valet Veinard: MP changed: 5 => 4 Piquepocket: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2 Dame of Hasard: Gripper: Maximum Range changed: 8 => 5 Player King: Brutal Adoubability: Is now Linear Royal Blast: Damage is reduced by about 30% Vortex Vortex The percentage of life of the resurrected monsters changed: 50% => 20% Resurrected monsters now have 1 MP less The number of turns between 2 waves of monsters changed: 5 turns => 6 turns Ikargn MP changed: 6 => 5 Land Myth: Range changed: 3 => 1 Méjaire Damage reduced by about 30% Harpille Damage reduced by about 30% Buboxor Damage reduced by about 20% Shield Absorbing: Effect duration changed: 2 => 1 Hoxor: Is now Linear Brabuzar MP changed: 6 => 5 Dark Court Queen of Thieves: The number of turns before a bomb explodes is fixed at 1 turn during the entire fight The next bomb is now indicated at the beginning of the character's turn before it in the "Timeline" Death in reprieve: Range changed: 7 => 5 Haze: Area of Effect changed: circle of 4 cells => circle of 3 cells Mâchassin: Trap to The Bear: The trap now causes instantaneous damage rather than poison Without Wet: Is now Linear Strapgege: Removed Terristocrat: Illegal Bomb: Cooldown changed: 2 => 3, Cooldown is shared among all Terristocrats Smoke: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2 Lining: MP changed: 5 => 3 Doubling: Is cast at the start of the fight Circular Cut: Damage reduced by about 20%, AP Reduction changed: 4 => 3 Subtlety: Damage reduced by about 20% Bourôliste: Towards the Light: Does no Damage Magouille: Crests: Range changed: 10 => 8. Nidas King Nidas: Revision of map placements: Characters are now in the center of the map while monsters can be placed on both edges Purse is now summoned on a fixed location in the first round of combat King Nidas is no longer rooted in the first round of play MP changed: 6 => 5 Purse now gives 500 points of shield to the allies at the beginning of the turn as long as it is in the side of the players Purse has no effect if it is in the monster side Purse no longer applies the invulnerable state or erosion to King Nidas when it dies Purse now gives 400% Power for 1 turn to King Nidas when it dies (instead of 100% Power for infinite turns) My Precious: Range changed: infinite => 5 Stripping: Range changed: 3 => 1 Catch-Mutin: Range changed: 7 => 6 Kamastérisk: Blinking: Maximum Range changed: 5 => 3 Barbétoal: Little Big Bang: Removed. Trick Starder: Base Damage changed: 10 => 15 Levitrof: The Vent Tripotant: Removed Kama Haméa: Damage increased by about 20% Paspartou: MP changed: 5 => 4 Piloztère: MP changed: 6 => 5 Koutoulou Larva of Koutoulou: The Nightmare Larva as well as the associated effects are removed. If a character completes his turn in Line of Sight with Koutoulou's Larva, his level of madness increases correctly. Grofond: Fetish Tentacles: Removed. Shokkoth: MP changed: 5 => 4 Chaotic Sensation: Removed. Triangle Deming: Cooldown changed: 2 => 3 Lif-Fo: Unspeakable Cree: Removed. Grotesque Duplication: Cooldown changed: 1 => 3 Meno Meno: If a Meno enemy is on a glyph at the start of Meno's turn, he gains 1000 Shield Points but causes Damage to his nearby allies Meno's glyphs no longer show crystals The glyphs remain henceforth throughout the duration of the combat The mutation system is revised and now depends on the monsters' HP percentage at the start of their turn: More than 75% of their HP: no change Between 50% and 75% of their HP: mutation 1 Between 25% and 50% of their HP: mutation 2 Less than 25% of their HP: mutation 3 In the boss's room, monsters lose 25% of their HP each turn Mol Usk: MP changed: 5 => 4 Sticky drag: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2 Crab Yolonist: Ridiculous gesticulation: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2 Gambaf: MP changed: 5 => 4 Tilamproie: Parasitic Trap: Range changed: 8 => 6 Dantinea Dantine: Shells have 1000 HP Damage caused by characters who always have a bound shell are divided by 2 Monsters no longer enter the invulnerable state between each character turn Tourthon: Tourtorgnole: Range changed: 2 => 1 Pulp: MP changed: 6 => 5 Swirling: Is now Linear, Range changed: 12 => 10 Tryde: MP changed: 4 => 3 Rilur: Lightning Harpoon: Range changed: 3 => 2 Shadow Globilum: Lay a glyph-aura light at the end of the turn The enemies in the glyph do 20% more Damage If Silhouette is in the glyph and Shadow is outside, Shadow is no longer invulnerable. Merkator Merkator: The invulnerable state is removed Ranged Damage is reduced by 50% against Merkator Whenever Merkator suffers Ranged Damage, it gains 2% more Damage Tal Kasha Tal Kasha: Monsters in the last dungeon room no longer have bonus HP and Damage When they are resurrected, they now have 50% of their HP and 1 MP less Monsters of the Cursed Pyramid: Ranged Invulnerability is replaced by a 50% reduction to Ranged Damage Nileza Nileza: Cohobation: No longer applies Invulnerable State on Nileza Chitric Alchid: No longer triggers, characters no longer kill their allies at the end of the turn if they are too far away Chifouchimie: Area of Effect changed: cross of 2 cells => cross of 1 cell, characters kill their allies at the end of turn only if they are in Melee Range Alchymne to Joy, Gromation, Carba Gnion and Cabalcaloid: No longer kill characters but now apply the Pacifist state for 2 turns Molété sansplochable: Area of Effect changed: circle of 3 cells => circle of 2 cells Nessil: Loch: Resistance penalty replaced by a multiplier of damage suffered whose value changed: 50% => 40% Brim: Range changed: 12 => 8 Krakal: Silk Bite: Damage changed: 30% => 20% Dodox: Skill: Cooldown changed: 1 => 2 Dért Téran: Shield Point bonus given to Dodox and its allies changed: 2000 => 500 Thermistics: Glusure: Now Linear Dart: Trigger can now be unlocked Dart: AP Reduction changed: 2 => 3, Max Accumulation: 1 Droserally: Caduk: Now Linear Stigmatraque: Area of Effect changed: cross of 6 cells => cross of 4 cells Bracterie: MP Bonus removed Sporange: Pushback Distance changed: 3 => 2 MP changed: 6 => 4 Missiz Frizz Missiz Frizz: Conger spell: No longer increases monster damage when they receive damage Ice spell: No longer steals MP from enemies and no longer applies Gravity State on enemies when Missiz Frizz receives damage Ventrublion: MP changed: 6 => 4 Bidyllic: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it Bidyllic: No longer applies MP and Lock bonus to allies Bidiotism: No longer applies Heavy State on itself, but gives itself 2 MP. Stalak: Tearbreaker: Fire Damage doubled, Water Damage according to Percent HP missing removed Strik: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it Karkanik: Karkanciel: Neutral Damage according to Percent HP missing removed Voice: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it Voice Cord: No longer applies Heavy State on enemies MP changed: 5 => 4 Verglasseur: Braquage: Now triggered on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3), MP bonus for allies duration changed: 2 => 1 MP changed: 6 => 5 Sylargh Sylargh: HP of the resurrected allies changed: 20% => 10% Zombidul: No longer kills enemies but applies the Pacifist state for 1 turn Punch: Air Steal doubled, Fire Damage according to Percent HP missing removed Mortar: Duration changed: 3 => 1 Kanimate: Machine Ception: Now Linear, requires Line of Sight Puppetry: Damage according to Percent HP missing removed Puppetry: Duration changed: 2 => 1 The historical return spell now causes a return to the previous position (instead of a return to the start position of the turn). Brikoglours: Key: Now triggered only on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3 previously) Legion: Undeletable State and Lock Bonus duration changed: 2 => 1 Mansordide: Rotativernal: No longer triggered by Melee Damage, only Ranged Damage triggers it MP changed: 6 => 5 Mechanofoux: Pétarade: Damage according to Percent HP missing changed to regular Damage Pétarade: MP Reduction removed Mérulor: Guardian Empty: MP bonus on Damage caused removed Klime Klime: Carcassetagne: No longer kills enemies but now applies the Pacifist state for 1 turn Glyph Peach Skin: Damage bonus to allies duration changed: 3 => 2 Grodruche: Transit: Now triggered only on turn 1 to 2 (instead of turn 2 to 3 previously) Digite: Unbreakable state duration changed: 2 => 1 Transit: Lock bonus removed Stuffed: Taxidermy: Range changed: 8 => 6 Mulching: Erosion penalty duration changed: 2 => 1 Count Harebourg Count Harebourg: MP changed: 7 => 5 Jaquemart: No longer applies the Gravity State to the enemies but instead causes AP Reduction Granduk: Hibugia: No longer applies Erosion Cycloid: Cyclochette: No longer applies Dodge penalty MP changed: 6 => 5 Sinistrofu: MP changed: 8 => 6 Quests New quests are available in Brakmar and in the different regions of the Sidimote moors. Depending on the difficulty of the areas concerned, they may address adventurers from Level 50 to 200. The Brotherhood of the Forgotten is talking about it again... Adventurers who have completed the quest To the rescue of the magypus can continue their investigation by speaking to Jalcas, the master of the Ouginak temple. In the quest tracking interface, the previously selected or deselected landmarks are restored for subsequent connections. The cue points of a quest that has just been reset are displayed correctly. Achievements The following monster achievements are changed: Animalades, Forest animals, Arakne, Gobballs, Bwaks, Champis, Dragodindes, Gadouilleux, They were so cute, Kwaks, Kwakeres, Larvae, Field Plants, Rats, Tofus, Vermines des champs. The following dungeon achievements are modified: One step ahead of another, Tactical charging, The paths of glory. Emotes A new emote is available on Nimaltopia. The means of obtaining it remains to be discovered. Items Emerald Dofus: At the end of the turn, it now adds 4% of the HP to shield points for each enemy on contact. Summons are no longer counted. Ochre Dofus: This item is now linked to the account 4 months after obtaining, like the other Primordial Dofus (this modification is not retroactive, it applies only to the new Dofus obtained). Koutoulou Bow: AP cost changed: 4 => 5 Korriander Aze: Critical Hit rate changed: 15% => 5% Critical Hit bonus changed: 6 => 4 Recipes using Fungus resources are modified. Dungeons The recipes of many dungeon keys are modified to be standardized: Clef des Champs, Key of the Dungeon Ensablé, Key of the Gobball Dungeon, Key of the Kankreblath Cache, Key of the Keep of the Skeletons, Key of the Phantom House, Key of the Donjon Scarafeuilles, Key of the Keep of the Tofus, Key of the Cave of the Bulbs, Key of the Grotto Hesque, Key of the Donjon of the Bworks, Key of the Dungeon of the Blacksmiths, Key of the Nest of Kwakwa, Key of Castle of Wa Wabbit, Key of Clos The Key of the Village of Kanniboul, the Key of the Rocky Pitons of the Crackers, Key of the Laboratory of Brumen Tinctorias, Key of the Cemetery of the Mastodons, Key of the Lair of Daïgoro, Key of the Cave of Queen Nyée, Key of the Boat of the Chouque, Key of the Ancestral Domain, Key of the Theater of Dramak, Key of the Donjon of the Canidés, Key of the Library of the Master Corbac, Key of the Labyrinth of the Minotoror, Key of the Aviary of the High Truche, Key of the Cave of El Piko, Key Of the Dungeon of Firefoux, Key of the Kanigroula Cave, Key of the Father's Hole, Key of the Dungeon Fungus, Key of the Dungeon of the Bworker, Key of the Pyramid of Shadow, Key of the Camp of Count Razof, Key of the mine of Sakai. Perceptor posing and teleportation are possible in the fifth room of Count Razof's Camp. Shields All shields now have a weight of 10 pods. Guild Characters are no longer disconnected when they are excluded or leave a guild. It is now possible to modify the rights to share houses with a guild from anywhere even if the character does not have a guild or belongs to the same guild as the character who activated the sharing. Breeding When a breeding object is present at the same position in multiple instances of the same enclosure, animation of one of the objects no longer triggers the animations of the other objects (although they have not been activated) . When a wild mount is transferred to the stable, which it puts down and runs away, it no longer appears abnormally in the list of mountings of the stable. When a wild mount calms down, then flees, informative messages are displayed in the correct order in the chat interface. Abandoned enclosure instances that are to be released are properly deleted if there is already at least one instance. All cells in the enclosure on map 54177066 can now be used. The naming rules for mounts are relaxed. When flying over enclosure doors, the names of guilds with instances are displayed in alphabetical order. Also, if one of the instances belongs to the character's guild, the tooltip first displays the name of that guild. In the enclosure door pop-up menu, when multiple instances of the enclosure are on sale, the owner guilds are displayed in the menu to select the instance to be purchased. When purchasing pens, in the confirmation interface, the price is displayed correctly. Crafting In some cases, resources may not be properly added to the action queue, this problem is corrected. Maging In the Rune Generation interface's focus list, Resistance and Elemental Damage bonuses have been renamed to better distinguish them. Almanax The Almanax bonus of June 21 is replaced by a new bonus. Interfaces In the object tooltip, the icon of the object is enlarged to improve its visibility. In the Idols interface, the total score is calculated correctly regardless of the order of the Idols equipped. In the Soul Market, search by name is no longer sensitive to accents. The majority of the interfaces used before logging in to the game (creation and selection of characters) are improved (reduction of the number of steps, improved readability, etc.). The information interface for Haven Bags now appears at level 50. The list of actions available in the tooltips of the doors of houses is now correctly updated according to the character who consults it and the status of all instances present for the house consulted. In the character selection interface, if the new character creation button is grayed out, it will refresh correctly when a character is deleted. When a current character creation is abandoned before the character is created, the creative's state is retained and reloaded the next time the character creation interface is opened. When opening the interfaces, the check boxes that are checked are displayed directly in the correct state without having to overflow them. The interfaces now pass over the interface block containing the hit points when they are moved. In the small menu at the top right, the subscription button appears only when the account is not subscribed. Buttonless interfaces appear correctly (for example, when installing a new interface theme). In the Community Challenges interface, tabs are expanded to no longer truncate texts. In the interface of fast equipment, the equipment boxes are reordered more logically. In the interface of fast equipment, it is now possible to save a costume. In the interface of fast equipment, it is now possible to save a sidekick. When a craft interface is opened, when the useful ingredient filter is activated, all the usable ingredients are correctly displayed. In the chat interface, the button indicating that there are new unread messages now has a hand-held cursor over the fly. In the group interface, if the group name fails due to an invalid name, an error message is displayed. In the exchange interface, the kamas exchanged are correctly taken into account in the calculation of equity. In the titles and ornaments interface, guild and alliance names and logos are hidden to make the character's tooltip more readable. The character is also better centered on its slab. In the titles and ornaments interface, when the character has its alignment wings displayed, the tooltip is displayed at the correct size. When there is no combat on the current map, the mouse cursor no longer indicates that it is possible to click on the button of the spectator interface. A tooltip specifying the name of the interface is added to the flyout of the emoticons and emotes interface button. The size of the player's status icon is reduced in the guild, friends, and chat interfaces. The quest tracking interface opens correctly when the interface is placed close to the e-mail and options buttons. In the alignment interface, the wings are displayed correctly for female Foggernaut class characters. In the general options, the option to display the world map grid is updated correctly when the grid view is changed from the map interface. Custom Themes When the client uses a custom interface theme, a preventive message is added to the credential interface to prevent risks associated with using a custom theme that is not up to date. When the interface theme is changed, the interface cache is properly emptied. This modification avoids the problems of "mixing" different interface themes. Tactical mode colors can now be changed via the colors.xml file for custom interface themes. Houses In house list and managing sharing homes with a guild, the ability to share a house is properly grayed out when the house is already on sale. The contextual menus and tooltips of the houses are improved: the selling price is now directly displayed. In contextual menus and tooltips of houses, when a player has several instances of the same house, the original server of each is indicated and only the instances concerned by the action are displayed for each menu entry. In the context menu of the doors of houses, the instances owned by the player and on sale are no longer listed in the instances to be purchased. In the context menu of the house doors, the list of instances to be locked or unlocked is correct and updates correctly in real time. On home doors, the original server is now displayed only for instances belonging to the same owner if it has more than one. When a house is sold, when the default price is displayed in the text field, there is no more "K". Community channel The choice of the default community channel is reset and is now based on the community of the player's account (if this community is available among those active on the server otherwise it is the default community of the current server that is used). In the chat interface, messages starting with /c are correctly sent on the community channel instead of the Kolossium channel, when the community channel is not active for the server. In the chat interface, on the French servers, sending a message starting with /c correctly results in an error message indicating the unavailability of the community channel. Maps and areas All maps of the Sidimote are redone. The topology of the Sidimote and its subareas is modified. The "Road to Brakmar" is now part of Sidimote and is now called "Les Hauts des Hurlements". The "Dark Road" is now called "The Trailer Road". The "Cemetery of the Tortured" is now part of "Brakmar". The "Fungus" zone now has two zones. The "Fungus Domain" and the "Cave of the Fungus", where the "Great Ougaa Temple" dungeon takes place. An area south of the border of Brakmar is now destined for the enclosures, it bears the name of "Haras de Brakmar". All interiors and dungeons are modified (except the "Bworker Dungeon") The "Bworker Dungeon" is moved to the "Gisgoul" area and is now called the "Bworker's Cave". The "Canid Keep" is now known as the "Moon Lair". A new zaap is available in the area of "Deacons" in the "Village of Katrepat". The diligence of the area of the former "Cemetery of the Tortured" is moved to the "Fungus Domain". The resources present in the Sidimote region are relocated in equal quantities. All enclosures in the Sidimote area are transferred (some have changed places but remained very close to their initial position). Slight changes are made on the maps at the edges of the Sidimote zones to match the 16/9 display format. The beach of Ohwymi is slightly modified in front of the Ouginak Temple, it henceforth hosts the standards of all the Ouginak tribes. Characters disconnected from old unused Otomai maps will no longer be blocked when they reconnect. A visual problem caused the character to pass before the Cra Statue in Astrub, this problem is corrected. Animations Walking and underwater racing activities are properly played in underwater areas. The shield no longer disappears during the underwater walking profile. The hair of the female Sadida characters is displayed correctly when the character is running. The wings of Eniripsa characters are displayed correctly when they trigger fatal blows. When a character changes direction and plays an animation, it is not played again in a loop. Treasure hunts New Statues, Statue of Huppermage, Statue, Iop Statue, Statue of Reaper, Statue of Ouginak, Statue of Ouga, Statue of Mushroom, Statue with Trident, Telescope, Amphora, Patchwork Bag, Sign, Steam Engine, Mushroom, Mushroom on Tree, Trunk, Buried Chest, Moss-Covered Chest, Pandawa Chest, Boiler, Bones, Humanoid Skeleton Laying, Humanoid Skeleton, Humanoid Skeleton, Humanoid Skeleton, Minor Skeleton, Dragon Skeleton, Bone Pyramid, Bone with Balls, Open Grave, Grave, Grave Ouginak, Stranded Boat, Drum, Destroyed Boat, Mailbox, Wood Mine Entrance, Wood Wheel, Fleece Flycatcher, Floor Lamp, Scarecrow, Arrow, Black Chacha Stun, Wooden Roll, Roll of Fabric, Fountain, Gypsy Cage, Lantern, Hanging Ball, Tent, Tent Destroyed, Barrel, Barrel Destroyed, Barrel Buried, Barrel destroy, Gypsy carcass, Buried burrow, Bollard, Buried burrow, Wind turbine, Feeder, Trough, Minor trolley, Impaled gouge, Hanging ghoul, Bloody fountain, Fish barrel, Likrone, Bone stopper, Pick, Shovel, Unicycle, Wooden Cannon, Toad Ball, Gobball, Ball Dragodinde, Jar, Giant Pump, Bicycle, Jaw Trap, Ecaflip Skin, Kanigrou Skin, Spear, Giant Pipe. The number of treasure hunts a character can launch is now limited to 100 per day and per account (on the same server). This value could be changed soon. Stability and performance Changes are made to how the DOFUS client communicates with the game servers to minimize the risk of disconnection. Other Event shields that can be obtained at "Dungeon Rusher" events are now obtained directly at the end of the fight against the relevant Boss during the event. The availability of character names is properly updated when a character is created, renamed, or deleted. Following the returns of some players, various spelling corrections were made in the texts of the game. The redirects used for the interactive URLs displayed in the chat interface work correctly when the URLs are incomplete. The naming rules for character, guild, and alliance names are improved and relaxed. The naming rules now apply to group names. Characters attempting to teleport to a house where they are already in it no longer consumes the House Potion (or Guild House Potion) and receive a message that they are already at their destination. The Ouginak Class Spell correctly displays the name of the spell that will be learned. When a player disconnects another by simultaneously logging into the same account, a message warns the logged-in player as the disconnected player that they are likely to be the victim of an account theft and invites them to secure their account. The creation of characters on a server is limited to accounts belonging to one of the communities supported by that server. Animated pictograms for map change are displayed correctly when the option to display the animated scenery elements is disabled. Beta Patches Marteau de Katrepat: AP cost changed: 4 => 5,Critical Hit chance changed: 4 => 8 Strange Wand: Uses per turn changed: 2 => 1, Minimum Range changed: 3 => 2 Anerice: She is now immune to Vertigo, Trap of Silence and Paralysing Poison spells, Cooperation: Anerice teleports near the nearest enemy ghoul instead of exchanging places with it. Kérigoule: MP changed: 2 => 4, Area of Effect for the spell Tranche changed: circle of 2 cells => circle of 3 cells. Cra Dopple: Lashing Arrow is replaced by Punitive Arrow. Dantinea: The placement positions of the map are changed. The cells of appearance of Grokillages are modified. Goulclier: The distance damage penalty is replaced by a melee resistance penalty. The number of quests requested to complete the "In Search of Fate" Achievement is reduced from 1500 to 1300. This new value takes into account quests that can not be validated due to a character level that is too high; It also helps to minimize the impact of the Almanax quests on achieving the Achievement. We do not wish to make the Achievement of all Almanax quests necessary to obtain certain Achievement because these quests indirectly involve connecting every day of the year and we do not want to impose such a rhythm of play . A new Achievement is added: "In search of renown", for completing 1100 quests. Ouginak: Tibia correctly increases Rage at level 1. The bestial form now increases damage by 10%. Cra Class Set: Removing the Line of Sight for Poison Arrow (former Lashing Arrow) is replaced by increasing the number of uses per target.
  5. As announced in Gamakna #0, a simplification of high-level content is scheduled for the next update (2.42). The goal is to get this content back in sync with how the game has evolved over the years, and to establish just the right balance of difficulty and accessibility. Before we go any further, let me briefly explain what we're talking about here: "High-level" content refers to content at difficulty levels higher than Frigost II: Frigost III, obviously, but also the Divine Dimensions, the Underwater Extension and a few individual dungeons (Tal Kasha and Shadow, for example). It's probably pretty clear what we mean by "simplification": we'll be making this content less difficult. See below for details. Let's go back to the days before these dungeons were introduced, when the most difficult content in the game was in Frigost II. This content has itself been simplified in the past; we increased accessibility and reduced the difficulty so that more players could meet the prerequisites to reach Frigost III, which then allowed a larger slice of the population to have access to this content. However, for players who had reached level 200 and completed the dungeons that were available at the time, there wasn't really any more room to progress – and that was the biggest complaint we heard from the community: With all of the improvements we made to the dungeons after Frigost II (simplification, the addition of modular dungeons, achievements, etc.), none of them provided any new challenges to players who had already completed that content, and those players hadn't had anything new to sink their teeth into for several years. It was at that point that we integrated Frigost III. But we wanted to avoid a situation where, the day after Frigost III came out, most of those same players would have already finished it and gone back to asking us to add new content for them. So it was important to us to provide content that would have a slightly longer lifespan (i.e. that would take a certain amount of time for players to get through). There are only so many ways to make sure that players don't play through new content "too quickly": Impose time limits: X dungeons (or X attempts) per day. This solution is totally artificial, and although we have tried to limit the addition of daily content over the years, we don't want to do it in this particular form. Impose limits on exchanges: prevent players from exchanging items acquired in the dungeons, so that they have to make their way through every last bit of the content (often several times) if they want all the rewards. Needless to say, we don't much like this solution either: DOFUS relies in large part on its exchange system, and limiting that would do much more harm than good. Produce a lot of content: 20 dungeons will probably give players a longer in-game experience than 5 dungeons. But that would also mean investing more resources – and besides, quantity is not the same thing as quality. Produce replayable content. This was the preferred solution before Achievements were introduced: adding content with very rare, highly randomized loot, thus ensuring a very long lifespan. We have turned away from this approach (to some players' great disappointment, we know) for two main reasons: DOFUS is a tactical game, so it's inherently less interesting when played repeatedly: once you've won a battle, doing it again is much easier. The whole challenge is coming up with a winning strategy. The battle doesn't change from one iteration to the next (or not much, mainly to limit the impact of random factors on the outcome of battles), so it often unfolds in an (almost) identical way every time. Having to go through the same dungeons again and again heavily penalized single-account players and less frequent players, who didn't necessary have the time to go through these dungeons regularly. On average, players had to complete 15 to 20 dungeons per character in order to build even a single item. Furthermore, at the time, it could sometimes take dozens of hours to finally complete a dungeon (what with having to go through every room again on each attempt, and 8-character battles that took a long time), and certain players didn't get any reward at all if they were unlucky. Produce more challenging content: offer relatively difficult dungeons that require a major investment of time and effort to achieve victory, but with a big reward for the first victory. Obviously, this last solution is the one we've decided to go with, in part because some of the player feedback we received in the past was fairly critical of the difficulty level of the content we were producing (which was seen as being too easy). Today, the situation seems to be reversed: criticism of the lack of high-level content, which was a recurring theme just 4 years ago, has now given way to concerns about an overemphasis on this type of content. We think this is because, back then, the proportion of characters who had hit the highest possible level was much lower, and the players in question were eager for more challenging content (since reaching level 200 required a lot of investment at the time). Since then, we've made character progression easier, with the goal of giving more players access to high-level content. There are a lot more level 200 characters now, with the side effect that many of them don't really have the time or interest to invest in finishing the challenging content we provide for them, even though it's labeled “level 200". Simply put, the fact of having reached the highest possible level doesn't mean what it did a few years ago. In response to extensive feedback along these lines, we've decided that it's time to simplify our high-level content for a number of reasons: We don't want to ignore the increasing number of players who have reached level 200 but find that the content at that level requires far too much time and effort to complete. We want to make this content more accessible to a wider variety of class compositions. Given that we now have a lot of high-level content, we can more easily reduce the "lifespan" of each dungeon without giving the impression that our "end game" content is over too quickly. Overall, we've worked on a number of different points: Removing or replacing certain mechanics: We want to make certain battles more accessible by limiting the number of things players have to keep track of. For example, in the Catseye battle, the system of black glyphs has been replaced by damage if a monster starts its turn in the same cell as a character, while splash damage and healing have been removed (when attacking a monster or character who was on the same tile number as another). Reducing certain effects: Similarly, by reducing the strength of certain effects, we ensure that they do not require as much attention, because mistakes are not punished so severely. Against Vortex, for example, resuscitated monsters now have less health and less MP. Making monsters easier to understand and predict: We have modified most of the monsters in the affected zones (except for Tal Kasha, Merkator,and Shadow, for which only the bosses have been changed). Removing certain unnecessary or redundant spells: for example, Skt-Zo can no longer give shield points, and Spookkoth's place-swapping spell no longer exists. Reducing certain monsters' mobility: reduced MP and added recast intervals on certain teleportation spells. More constraints on casting spells that were previously too easy to cast: addition of straight-line casting for certain long-range spells, reduction in certain monsters' range, longer cooldown periods. Improved visibility for certain effects: We have recently developed new tools to make combat easier to understand, and we're taking advantage of changes to the dungeons to use those tools retroactively whenever possible on the dungeons that came out before the tools were available. For instance, when battling the Queen of Thieves, the bomb that is going to explode at the end of the current character's turn will now be indicated by an icon. The details of these changes will be provided in the changelog; for now, here's the list of the dungeons that will be affected: Catseye Vortex Queen of Thieves King Nidas Koutoulou Meno Dantinea Tal Kasha Merkator Shadow Missiz Freezz Klime Nileza Count Harebourg Sylargh This doesn't mean that no other dungeons will be reviewed, but we chose to concentrate on the dungeons with the most issues, given the time that was available to us. We will continue to keep an eye on the results of our changes, both in beta and beyond, and make any necessary adjustments. We expect these dungeons to work better now, but above all, we hope that more players will have an opportunity to explore them, and therefore take full advantage of all the content we have to offer. By the way: this doesn't mean that we're completely abandoning the possibility of producing more "demanding" content in the future. We'll keep thinking about the best ways to provide this type of content to the players who ask for it, while still making sure that it's accessible and interesting to as many players as possible. Idols and Achievements are already useful tools to provide a significant difficulty boost for content that is still generally accessible, but we hope to iterate on these mechanics in order to feed the insatiable appetites of our most demanding players.
  6. New Shield/Item stats Nimaltopia: Mishell Island A new island is available in-game, bringing with it several quests, a monster family, a dungeon, and new items and Achievements. This content is primarily aimed at players of level 180 and over. You'll find a boat in the Rocky Roads area, at [-28,-31] to take you to the island. 1-on-1 Kolossium Devblog. An experimental version of a new duel mode (1 on 1) has been added to the ISK. This new game mode uses the victory and defeat ratios of the classes compared to one another to improve the matchmaking system and offer balanced fights in which each character has a 50% chance of winning, regardless of the class they're fighting against. This is an experimental system. ISK rewards in duel mode are currently the same as the ones in 3-on-3 mode, but halved. These values could change depending on the average duration of fights in this game mode. Shields Devblog. Some significant changes have been made to the shield system: Shields can be used in all game modes (PVE and PVP). They no longer have equipment criteria based on honor points. 1- or 2-handed weapon restrictions have been removed (they can be used with any weapon). New effects on final damage dealt or suffered have been added. These effects may be obtained from new runes by breaking shields. These runes may be used on equipment other than shields. They can be smithmaged by the new Craftmagus profession. The Incarnam Shield bonuses have been modified (the modification is retroactive). The Novice Shield bonuses have been modified (the modification is retroactive). The PvP resistance bonuses of the Scale Shield have been removed. The PvP resistance bonuses of the Champion Shields have been removed. The PvP resistance bonuses of the 1001 Claws Shield have been removed. The PvP resistance bonuses of the cosmetic shields available from the shop have been removed. The PvP resistance bonuses of the event shields have been removed. Older versions of these shields, crafted before update 2.41, will become broken versions (shields are renamed, lose their equipment requirements, can be used as cosmetic items and no longer give bonuses). Versions crafted after update 2.41 have new effects: Lumberjack Shield Flying Shield Gobball Shield Sponghield Bowisse's Shield Crackler Shield Treechnid Shield Sharkal Shield Kloome Bawbawian Shield Derma Tho Akwadala Shield Sidimote Shield LeChouque's Shield Phtalmo Aerdala Shield Dragokart Cup Heart Quarter Asse Shield Terrdala Shield Shield in Briefs Imp Shield Sadida Shield Feudala Shield Fan Shield Mount Stinkky Shield Pandawa Shield Inn Shield Water Dial Earth Dial Air Dial Fire Dial Captain Amakna Shield First-generation broken shields can no longer be exchanged with the NPC Bouwada for second-generation broken shields. Kolossium Kolossium fights are now accessible from level 20 onwards. The matchmaking system no longer creates teams with two members of the same class in the solo queue (even after a long waiting time). New restrictions have been added to prevent players from controlling several characters in the same team or in two opposing teams when they join the solo queue. The way the waiting time is managed by the matchmaking system has been changed. Now, when a character has been waiting a long time, the matchmaking system will create fights with less stringent quality criteria, even if that means some characters won't have any waiting time at all. This change should limit abnormally long waiting times, but may occasionally reduce the quality of some fights for characters that don't usually experience a long waiting time. Fatal blows are no longer dealt in the Kolossium if they have been deactivated in the DOFUS client options. Quest Tracking Interface Devblog. You can track the progress of your quests without having to regularly open the Quest Log using a new movable interface. It displays the pending objectives of several quests and you can choose which quests you'd like to track. Weapons Balancing at High Levels After the removal of 2-handed weapons from the system, we are going to balance some of the high-level weapons (these changes are retroactive): Atcham Sabres: the AP cost becomes 6, the critical hit rate becomes 15% Catseye Axe: the critical hit rate becomes 15% Flinty Daggers: the critical hit rate becomes 5% Hammerture: the critical hit damage bonus becomes 20 King Playa’s Scepta: the critical hit rate becomes 15% Necrotick Bow: the critical hit rate becomes 15% Terror: the critical hit rate becomes 25% Fugitive Wand: the critical hit rate becomes 15%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 8, the minimum range becomes 2 Bitrydent: the AP cost becomes 4, critical hit is removed Drhossil Hammer: the critical hit rate becomes 15%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Ancient Foggernaut Hammer: the critical hit damage bonus becomes 5 Koutoulou Bow: the AP cost becomes 4, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 10 Pyraring: the AP cost becomes 4, critical hit is removed Bubotron Sword: the critical hit rate becomes 25% Tomahorse: the AP cost becomes 5, critical hit is removed Archon's Bow: the AP cost becomes 4, critical hit is removed Gilbert G. Rapier: the critical hit rate becomes 15%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 10 Mallard's Mallet: the critical hit rate becomes 20%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Ground Dog: the AP cost becomes 5, the critical hit rate becomes 5%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Sanockout Stick: the critical hit rate becomes 25% Sepulchral Sceptre: the critical hit rate becomes 25%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Elven Shovel: the critical hit rate becomes 35%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 6 Giger's Nightmare Blade: the AP cost becomes 5, the critical hit rate becomes 15% Archaic Bow: the AP cost becomes 3, critical hit is removed Rampant Bearbarian Hammer: the critical hit rate becomes 25% Teroid Axe: the critical hit rate becomes 40%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Ethical Wand: the critical hit rate becomes 20%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 6, the maximum range becomes 5 Henual's Hammer: the AP cost becomes 4 Slashen Axe: the critical hit rate becomes 15%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 20 Hail Sceptre: the critical hit rate becomes 25%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Shovel Emlaka: the AP cost becomes 3, critical hit is removed, the number of casts per turn becomes 2 Mush Mishish Staff: the AP cost becomes 4 Professor Xa's Shovel: the AP cost becomes 3, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 3, the number of casts per turn becomes 2. Korriander Axe: the AP cost becomes 3, the number of casts per turn becomes 2 Godswrath Daggers: the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Sunshade Staff: the critical hit rate becomes 30%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Az'tech: the critical hit damage bonus becomes 7 Peccary Blade: the AP cost becomes 5, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 15 Dagger Doo: the critical hit rate becomes 15%, the critical hit damage bonus becomes 3 Combats A character in the Gravity state can no longer be moved by the effects of symmetrical teleportation, temporal teleportation and place switch. A status icon has been added to show the Gravity state. All of a character's AP are usable after a loss of AP at the start of the turn (previously in some cases, notably against the Wurmlord monster, the characters couldn't use all the available AP for their game turn). Spells with a range of the whole map can once again be cast to target a fighter via the Timeline. Several minor graphics problems during the Feca spell animations have been corrected. The Pandawas' appearance when they're carrying an Ouginak transforming into animal form has been corrected. In some cases, Challenges successfully completed in battle could have been temporarily displayed as failed before the end-of-fight screen. This problem has now been corrected. The display of shield points (around the central medallion) has been improved. Where the same state has been applied to the same target via the same spell several times, the state is now correctly removed at the end of the intended duration. In the effects active on targets interface, the effects of the Sacrier Punishments disappear correctly when they are no longer active. Xelor Subma Ring (class set): the Teleportation range bonus has been replaced by a reduced recast interval. Xelor's Dial: the range of the spell can no longer be modified and is now 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 and 5 respectively at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Loss of Motivation: the unbewitching effect is now applied before the damage. Rewind: no longer applies the Gravity state to allies. Osamodas The Gobball's Fire Resistance is now 35%. Eniripsa When the caster is in the Decisive state, the Word of Youth spell now heals 5% at level 6 (instead of 3% previously). Sadida The Ultra-Powerful correctly removes MPs to characters that are equipped with a Cawwot Dofus. Eliotrope Snub: the unbewitching effect is now applied before the damage. Sacrier Lightweight becomes Fury The 1 MP bonus has been replaced by increased spell damage for 3 turns. Punishments: The Punishments feature has been changed. Their bonuses now increase progressively over the turns. In other words, the longer a punishment is active, the better bonuses it will give you. Up to a maximum of 3 turns. It is no longer possible to cast several Punishments during the same game turn. Flayed Man's Punishment becomes Bloodthirsty Punishment Increased damage suffered has been removed. Increased damage now only affects spells. Is now required to cast the Punishment spell. The Punishment bonuses change as the turns progress: First turn: damage increased by 10% Second turn: damage increased by 25% From third turn onwards: damage increased by 50% Voyager's Punishment becomes Swift Punishment The Lock penalty has been removed. Deactivation of the line of sight for some spells has been removed. Is now required to cast the Transposition spell. The Punishment bonuses change as the turns progress: First turn: ranged damage suffered reduced by 10%. Second turn: 1 MP and ranged damage suffered reduced by 20%. From third turn onwards: 1 MP and Unlockable and ranged damage suffered reduced by 30%. Survivor's Punishment becomes Robust Punishment The Dodge penalty has been removed. The Vitality bonus has been removed. Is now required to cast the Convalescence spell. The Punishment bonuses change as the turns progress: First turn: 10 Lock and melee damage suffered reduced by 10%. Second turn: 25 Lock and melee damage suffered reduced by 25%. From third turn onwards: 40 Lock and melee damage suffered reduced by 40%. Flying sword The way it works has been changed. Now there is just one Flying Sword, whose appearance and characteristics vary depending on the active punishment. Swift Punishment: +2 MP, can attack twice per turn (once per target) and is Unlockable. Bloodthirsty Punishment: +50% final damage dealt, deals damage in an area of effect Robust Punishment: reduces damage suffered by 30%, benefits from additional 40 Lock The Cutting spell heal now depends on the Intelligence and healing bonus of Flying Sword and not the damage it deals. Punishment Requires Bloodthirsty Punishment. Now applies the Gravity state in addition to damage. Transposition Requires Swift Punishment. No longer requires a line of sight. Convalescence Requires Robust Punishment. The number of casts per turn becomes 1 at all levels of the spell. Penalty on damage dealt has been removed. Health point boost becomes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12% at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell if the caster has more than 50% of their health points. Health point boost becomes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20% at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell if the caster has less than 50% of their health points. Sacrifice The range becomes 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. The recast interval becomes 5, 4, 4, 3, 3 and 3 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. The area of effect becomes a 2-cell circle at all levels of the spell. Increased damage suffered has been removed at all levels of the spell. Light Speed The Dodge penalty has been removed. The damage suffered bonus is removed. Safe Position becomes Unleashed Water damage has been replaced by Water Theft of Life. Projection Water damage has been replaced by Water Theft of Life. Blood Bath If the caster has less than 50% of their HP, the healing effect is removed. Ouginak Yapper Launcher Yapper's basic health points become 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 300 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. Yapper's MP is now 4 at spell level 6. Yapper's damage is now tripled against summons. Sniff Correctly consumes just 1 level of Rabies. Interfaces The discussion interface no longer moves abnormally when it is resized upwards by a few pixels. On the minimap, the character position icon can still be viewed correctly after a map change. When closing an interface, the mouse cursor is reset correctly if the cursor was hovering over an interactive element of the interface. On the world map, the character position icon can still be viewed correctly after deactivating the landmarks display. Inventory sorting by average price now works correctly. The contextual menu displayed when several characters are on the same cell is correctly updated when one of the characters leaves the map. In the bestiary, the loot drop rate of the Idols is correctly calculated and displayed. The grid display option for the world map (in the options interface) is correctly updated when it is changed from the map (and vice versa). The average price for items that don't yet have an average price is correctly displayed in the Marketplace. In the inventory, when an empty item category is displayed after a category with enough items to require a scroll bar was previously displayed, the size of the scroll bar is correctly updated. In the bestiary, clicking on the Bestiary entry of an item's contextual menu (when dropped by a monster) no longer closes the Bestiary, but correctly launches a search for this item. The spouse interface opens correctly after using the associated shortcut when a social interface is already open. In the inventory, when opening the custom set tab, the inventory is hidden instead of still being displayed in the background (the old system could cause problems with some custom and transparent interface themes). Breeding Used breeding items can no longer be exchanged with NPC Bobby. We're removing this option (introduced to make used breeding items useful) because, since the introduction of the recycling system, these items can now be recycled in exchange for nuggets. Our aim is to increase the destruction of resources by reducing the generation of breeding items by 20% (5 identical items used could be exchanged for 1 new item). In the interfaces used to transfer mounts, double-clicking on a mount to transfer it now results in the selection of the following mount (and no longer results in the selection of the transferred mount in its destination inventory). Large transfers of mounts or certificates no longer result in disconnections. The quick consultation of a large number of mount information sheets or certificates no longer results in disconnections and temporary sanctions. Abandoned paddocks are no longer immediately put up for sale after abandoned paddocks are released (the random deadline before they are put up for sale is correctly applied). Achievements A new Achievement and a new ornament have been created for characters who obtain 16,000 Achievement points. Experience points can no longer be earned via Achievements that reward a character for leveling up. The amounts of Aspen Wood and Obsidian that are given as a reward for the Frigostian Temping Achievement are increased proportionally to the increase of the amounts you can harvest. Professions Harvesting Obsidian now gives 7 to 8 units (it used to be 1) Harvesting Aspen now gives 7 to 8 units (it used to be 1) In the recipe for the Recollection Potion, the Gobball Slobber is replaced with Vilinsekt Antennae. In the recipe for the Ancestor Potion, the Watchamatrich Rump is replaced with Twansgenic Cawwot. In the recipe for the Loafing Potion, the Fistulina Volva is replaced with Hemp Fibre. The rate at which you can catch Magic Snapper is now 1 out of 40 instead of 1 out of 8. The recipe for the Snapper a la Kerub now longer asks for Kerub hair. Sacks of fish now weight 100 pods instead of 150. The Snowdrop resource remains partially displayed after having been harvested to let the player know a resource has been harvested. Smithmagic A new "Craftmagus" profession has been added, which allows you to craft shields to modify their effects. New smithmagic runes can be obtained from breaking shields. These runes can be used with all types of equipment. If an item is used in a smithmagi's workshop and is part of a pile of identical items, it is no longer deleted when a smithmagic attempt fails. Guilds and Alliances Guild and alliance emblem do not necessarily have to be the same to be valid. Houses A new house management interface has been added in anticipation of the game server fusion (in some cases, an account may own several houses on the same server after the server fusion). In this interface, you can manage the settings of these houses remotely. It can be accessed via the character sheet. In the new interface, you can select the house when using a Home Potion (if the account has several houses after the server fusion). On the world map, houses shared with the guild are once again displayed. Almanax The Aperirel 4 offering has been changed. You now have to bring the new version of the Gobball Shield (and it won't work with the broken version of the Gobball Shield). Monsters King Nidas: the Incurable Challenge no longer appears with this monster. The Initiative of the Catzinos in the Hairy Moor and the Elevation Stones has been increased so they now automatically play their turn before the players' characters. The quantity of resources obtained using Catzino Tokens has been halved. We are reducing the number of these rewards because their number has increased significantly since the Catzino respawn problem was corrected. The Khepricorn wanted posted is now displayed correctly when the option not to display all of a group's monsters is deactivated. The Sauroshell monster now plays an animation when it casts the Pack Mentality spell. Items Akwadala, Aerdala, Terrdala and Feudala Sets: these sets no longer include shields and the bonuses obtained from these sets have been modified accordingly (the bonuses granted from 8 equipped items are now active when 7 items from the set are equipped). The Godfather's Ring: this item is now linked to the 62-day account (and not one year anymore). Quests Adventurers who complete the Miniature Adventure quest will be given a simple mission by Jalcas, the Master of the Ouginak Temple. After various unexpected developments, they will be able to find out more about the Brotherhood of the Forgotten. And that's just the beginning... Brand new quests are available on Nimaltopia Island! To get to this new destination, go to the edge of the Cania Fields and answer Agatha Mynah's questions. Regarding the Frigost monsters, the drop rate for items launching quests has increased. Rewards for quests and the associated Achievements will be reduced accordingly. They Help You See in the Dark and A Draconian Remedy quests: it is now possible to pick up fresh cawwots to achieve the objective of the They Help You See in the Dark quest when the A Draconian Remedy quest is still ongoing. Repeatable versions of the special fights for the Primordial Dofus quests (accessible once the quests are completed): adventurers are now teleported to Meriana if they are defeated at the end of fights. The Quest Log interface remembers the last quest consulted when subsequent interfaces are opened, even when the quest has been completed. The amounts of Aspen Wood and Obsidian asked for in quests have been increased proportionally to the increase in the amounts that can be harvested. Dungeon Keys The recipes of several dungeon keys have been modified. The harvestable resources that are part of the recipes are modified to better reflect the level of the items themselves. The amounts of Obsidian and Aspen have been increased proportionally to the increase in the amounts that can be harvested. Here is a list of the modified keys: Catseye Challenge Key XLII's Metronomicon Key Shadow's Pyramid Key Chamber of Tal Kasha Key Key to Captain Scarlight's Ring King Nidas's Palace Key Merkator's Aquadome Key Drhossil's Caves Key Colousses's Meowsoleum Key Sylargh's Carrier Key Count Harebourg's Dungeon Key Missiz Freezz's Frostforge Key Nileza's Laboratory Key Key to Toxoliath's Cave Klime's Private Suite Key Key to the Throne Room of the Dark Court Obsidemon's Hypogeum Key Korriander's Lair Key Snowfoux Den Key Bearbarian Antichamber Key Wreck of the Hesperus Key Kolosso's Caverns Key Pingwin Key Ush's Plateau Key Key to the Belly of the Whale Sakai Mine Key Vortex's Eye Key Fraktal's Megalith Key Royal Mastogob's Greenhouse Key Epic and Heroic Servers Kolossoken prizes for items sold by NPC Glad Yator in the Kolossium building have been halved (compared to the current values that have already been halved) to better correspond with the increased generation of resources by monsters on these servers. Treasure Hunts New clues are taken into account for the treasure hunts: Phoenix Bones Bony Pot Bone Garland Wagon Eniripsa statue Pandawa statue Rogue Statue Feca statue Enutrof statue Sadida statue Iop statue Osamodas statue Ecaflip statue Masqueraider statue Foggernaut statue Sram statue Xelor statue Sacrier statue Cra statue Skull and Crossbones sign Community Channel International servers (combining several different communities) now have access to a community channel available in several languages. Only one community channel can be active at a time. This channel is shared by all characters on the server that have activated this channel. This channel is subject to restrictions concerning the sending of message based on the number of participants in the channel (the more players use the channel, the stricter the restrictions on the frequency of messages will be). Writing in this channel is reserved for subscription accounts. Miscellaneous Houses that have been abandoned and put up for sale on the first Tuesday of the month reappear as "for sale soon". Areas linked to Sufokia Bay are now correctly displayed on the world map. Adventurers leaving the Larva Dungeon now appear at [-2, -5] (the old exit being at [-3, -7]). NPC Doro L. Blak has retired and has permanently left the Xelor Temple. Tempus Bloomus must now be exchanged for Compensokens with NPC Sorim Ait, next to the Amakna Castle Zaap at [3,-5]. NPC Nevark the Hunter is now accessible all year round. He has set up headquarters in the Hunters' Workshop in Amakna, and returns to Vulkania over the summer. The problem of recycling bonuses not being applied for certain resources obtained as loot in the Blop Fields Dungeon and the Royal Rainbow Blop Lair Dungeon has been corrected. Following feedback from some players, certain spelling corrections have been made to the game text. Wide screen display mode has been improved in the Kickroach's Lair dungeon. Two items from the Fogger Haven Bag have been modified: a metallic pedestal is no longer considered to be a floor item, but furniture. It is therefore no longer possible to place items on top of it. Gears can no longer be placed on a table. In the Haven Bag Casino theme, the "large arrow" item can no longer be placed on furniture. Several interactions to leave certain houses on Otomai Island that weren't working properly have now been corrected. Wide screen display of tournament maps has now been corrected. Low-resolution model display of Ouginak-class characters has now been corrected. The position of characters on the Skrot mount has been improved. Clients connected to an international server can now use Cyrillic characters when choosing a character name. The rules for naming characters have been relaxed due to the merging of the game servers. The Wow attitude shortcut for the Dauge pet now works correctly.
  7. In order to make your game experience even better, we've been working on a new feature that will make its appearance in update 2.41: Quest Tracking! In this interface, you'll easily be able to track the progress of your ongoing quests and their objectives. The days of opening the Quest Book hundreds of times to check your progress in the An Eternal Harvest quest are over. Now, you can play in comfort! How It Works When you receive a new quest, it will be automatically added to the Quest Tracking interface (you'll be able to deactivate automatic adding and add quests manually via an option in your Quest Log). The Quest Tracking interface will open once you begin tracking a quest and will close when there are no more quests to track. You'll be able to track 3 or 5 quests, depending on the option selected. If the interface is full when you receive a new quest, it won't be tracked. You will also be able to track quests directly from the Quest Book using the "Track" button, by clicking on the "pin" icon in the quest list or by clicking on an objective's "landmark" icon! The names of the stages will no longer appear in Quest Tracking. You'll simply see the quest name and the objectives, which will update automatically. To find out more about the stage, you can consult your Quest Book. You can use the pin-shaped button to activate or deactivate specific tracking of certain quests. Each quest added will display the 3 first objectives and will activate the associated landmarks if there are any, so as not to overburden the interface and the landmarks on the map and the minimap. If, however, you would like to see all of a quest's objectives, you can display them using the "See More" button. A "See Less" button will display just the 3 first objectives again. As soon as an objective is attained, it will disappear from the list and the next one will appear. The Quest Tracking interface for the An Eternal Harvest quest, for which the landmark is activated for the first three objectives. Quest objectives are given a specific color for each tracked quest. This makes quest tracking easier, especially when you're looking at the map or the minimap! The quest name is displayed when you pass the cursor over the area where it's located on the map and the minimap. You also have the option of minimizing the interface to a simple icon, placed at the edge of the window (movable). You know, just in case you'd like to pause your "Doing Quests" activity in favor of the "Tearing Apart Mobs" activity! "I'll do some quests later! Over here, Droopik!" Interactions By right clicking on a quest you can: Stop tracking this quest. Display or hide quest landmarks on the map and the minimap. Move the quest up in the list. By left clicking on a landmark you can activate or deactivate the landmark on the map or on the minimap. By right clicking on an objective you can: Remove the objective from quest tracking. If there is only one objective, this will also remove the quest. Hide the landmark for this objective. By left clicking on the green item name or monster name, you can open the bestiary where you will find more specific information about it. Please note that various information messages (commonly known as "feedbacks" in the studio) are displayed in the chat, in particular to warn you that you've reached the maximum amount of quests trackable in the interface when trying to add a new one. Options Track 3 quests maximum / Track 5 quests maximum Automatically track accepted quests Automatic resizing of the window: this option is selected by default. If you untick the box, you will be able to change the height of the window to suit you. The width of the window can always be changed, whether this option is ticked or not. Hide all landmarks Font size: small - medium Opacity of the window background: 50% - 70% - 90% We hope you'll find this new interface especially helpful during your adventures in the World of Twelve. As for me, I wish you all the best in game! Now, I'm going to get back to the mock-up of the interface for... Q & A Why don't the landmarks always show the exact location of the objective? This is mainly due to transitions between external and internal areas, which are problematic for us (especially underground, in the mines, etc.). This is an area where we'd like to make some improvements.
  8. The Ouginak Class A new class is available in the game (no restrictions). The Ouginak Class is particularly effective at inflicting substantial damage in close range combat and has the ability to transform in combat to increase the effectiveness of certain abilities. The Ouginak Class temple is located on Ohwymi island. A boat takes you there quickly from the continent of Amakna. A devblog article presenting this class is available at the following address: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/631762-ouginaks-101 The Revaluation of Dofus Click here. Dynamic Positions During the Preparation Phase of a Fight The positioning of allies and enemies in combat outside dungeons are now refreshed between each successful fight on a map. The new system still offers 12 positions per team and randomly generates positions at short, medium and long distance to serve a wide range of tactical approaches. We have changed this system to provide more variety in fights outside dungeons and to limit the use of certain techniques that we considered too efficient (e.g. optimized for certain class, idol and map combinations only). Our objective is to encourage players to seek the optimal combinations of monster groups and combat positions, but in a way that requires you to explore the zone and adapt to the context of the map to maximize wins. The positioning can now be viewed out of the fight by using the new button for this purpose (reached via a shortcut). Combat The gauge showing time elapsed in a fight has been improved: in the update it is more fluid and the gauge empties gradually in accordance with the time remaining. A new option allows you to completely deactivate the display of fatal blows in combat. The character class has been added to the tooltips and the information sheet when hovering over a character. This can be hidden by changing the fight options. In spectator mode, the interface buttons are now displayed above information for a hovered-over entity. This avoids conflicts with the function to automatically display information about the entity who’s turn it is. When a summoner kills their summons while it has effects applied to a target, the duration is correctly updated at the start of the next character’s turn. The preview for Blood Bath spell healing now works correctly. In the fight log, spell effects than can hit several targets are now calculated correctly. In the fight log, Lazybeam spell damage for the Spectral Scout incarnation is now calculated correctly. Damage bonuses with an activation delay (e.g. Cyclic Power dimensional modifier) are correctly calculated in the damage preview. Invisible entities are now correctly treated as obstacles in the potential movements preview for allies. In spectator mode, the appearance of transformed characters is correctly refreshed in the interface showing information for a moused-over target. Spells that modify their own recast interval cannot be recast in certain cases before their recast interval has expired. When a character returns to a fight, the counter for the number of fights fought now increases as it should, regardless of the method used to join the fight again. This fix avoids situations in which some non-subscribed accounts managed to have an unusually high number of fights. When creature mode is activated, Sram’s Double now has the correct summoning appearance as soon as he is summoned. Closing the end-of-fight interface now correctly deactivates the display of tooltips for mouse-over items. The Challenges interface is no longer interactive, arrows indicating important elements (monster, character or square) now function when mousing over a Challenge. The Timeline folds and unfolds correctly when using a shortcut to display or hide all the interfaces on the edge of the screen. Casting the same spell several times very quickly while targeting an icon on the Timeline no longer causes you to disconnect. The end-of-fight interface is displayed correctly when there are more than 16 fighters. In the end-of-fight interface, items won that are not directly visible are correctly displayed using the “+” button mouseover and a sword is displayed next to the name of the character who started the fight. When casting a spell results in the casting of a second spell, the animations for both spell are now played in chronological order. Kolossium Interface management for spectators has been improved. This interface should now open more quickly and without causing long lags in maps containing a very large number of fights (e.g. in the Kolossium building). Tooltips in the Kolossium interface are hidden correctly when the interface is closed via a shortcut. Interfaces The 2 billion kama limit for inventories (character inventory, bank, house chests, Haven Bag chest, etc.) has been increased to 1,000 billion kama. In the chat interface, the text no longer scrolls automatically when text is selected and new messages are received. Removing an item from an inventory while the inventory scroll bar is positioned at the bottom no longer moves the position of the scroll bar. The item tooltips and chat interface messages are displayed correctly after the client cache has been emptied or the font size changed without restarting the DOFUS client. The grid displayed on the mini map remains displayed correctly when the character enters a divine dimension or Incarnam. The zoom level and world map position are now saved between sessions for each of the characters in an account. The zone for resizing interfaces has been reduced to make it easier to use interface elements (these were sometimes hidden by the resizing zone). In the Bestiary interface, monster health points over 5 figures long are no longer truncated and monster elemental resistance is now displayed correctly as a resistance percentage (and not a fixed resistance). The tooltips displayed when hovering over characters no longer show unusually large empty spaces between the names of characters and guild and alliance emblems. The NPC Hal Ions is correctly displayed in his exchange interface. The world map tooltips are no longer incorrectly displayed after using a teleporting potion via a keyboard shortcut. In the ornaments interface, ornaments are now correctly grayed out when the PvP alignment mode is activated. In the spells interface, the contextual menu to change the spell level only displays the levels of spells that are available now. In the character selection interface, the character level selected is correctly displayed when the font size for small screens is activated. In the Level Up interface, the character is correctly displayed when transformed by an Incarnation. In the Bestiary interface, the monster presence zones are correctly displayed on the Labyrinth of the Minotoror and Dragon Pig maps. In the identification interface, the Caps Lock activation tooltips are displayed correctly when the font size for small screens is activated. In the main menu, the scroll-down list to change character is displayed correctly when the characters’ names contain a large number of characters. In the chat interface, forbidden words followed by a punctuation mark are correctly censored. In the chat interface after creating a screenshot, the tab containing the message to indicate that there is a new screenshot is now highlighted correctly. The icons for restricted mode and non-subscriber mode are correctly displayed when they are both visible at the same time. Resizing the chat interface should no longer reduce the size of the text entry field as it did in certain cases. The performance of the chat interface has been improved. In the Streaming version, the main menu buttons are correctly positioned. It is now possible to unequip a costume from the shortcut bar. Sending incorrectly formatted messages in the chat interface no longer causes a disconnection. In the Zaaps interface, removing the favorite skill for a Zaap no longer removes this skill from all Zaaps. In the Zaaps interface, adding or deleting a favorite skill for the current Zaap correctly changes the star displayed in the interface title. In the Zaapis interface, adding or deleting a favorite skill for a Zaapi now works correctly when another identical Zaapi is used for several destinations (e.g. Library and Bonta Documents Marketplace). The tooltips are no longer overlapping in the interface to track a KOTH in AvA mode. In the interface to create a character, if no color has been modified by the player, the default colors are correctly applied after a change of sex or class. In the options, deactivating the option to optimize text for small screens now works correctly. In English, in the interface to create community challenges, the abbreviation for the word “day” is correctly translated. When the chat interface has a customized size, pressing the button “+” increases it to the maximum size and pressing the button “-” reduces it to the minimum size. In the shortcuts bar, it is now possible to equip and unequip a costume by double clicking on it. In the inventory, the number of kamas owned is displayed correctly, even when there are more than a billion kamas and the font is optimized for small screens. The color of gauges in interfaces has been changed to be consistent with the customized gauges displayed in the lower banner. In the lower banner, the tooltips text shown when hovering over customized gauges has been improved. Buttons displayed in confirmation windows with 3 buttons are correctly positioned. The Idols, social, alignment, Kolossium, mount and spouse interfaces now have an icon displayed on the top left of their title bar. In the chat interface, two new entries have been added to the menu to show the main shortcuts and usable commands. Merchant modes In shops belonging to characters, in merchant mode, it is now possible to go directly to the next shops or the previous shops on a map (using two new buttons added to the interface) without having to close the interface and click on another character in merchant mode. Guilds and alliances It is now possible to invite a guild to join an alliance that has just been created. It is no longer possible to place Perceptor in the Kickroach's Lair zone. The Huppermage and Ouginak class emblems are available in the list of guild emblem designs. In the character sheet, clicking on an empty guild or alliance slot correctly opens the corresponding Fellow Pages even if another Fellow Pages is already open. Professions Moving the camera or zooming no longer interrupts the processing of the queue of actions when collecting resources. In the professions interface, the referencing options are now displayed in a special tab. In the book that lists crafters, the list refreshes correctly when there are no crafters registered for the selected profession. In normal and co-op crafting, the close button on the central interface block has been removed. Mounts and breeding Seemyools that have reached the maximum number of matings are displayed correctly when the sterile mounts filter is activated. The bulk transfer of mounts to the paddock has been optimized. It is now possible to delete a mount certificate without having to close the interface for paddock management by using the “Release this mount” button. In the breeding interface, if the mount selected is a certificate, the buttons in the information sheet to feed and castrate are deactivated. In the entry field of the interface to feed mounts, pets and living items, you can no longer enter a quantity higher than the number of items owned. The tooltips displayed in the paddock interface have been standardized. The contextual menus used in the paddock interface have been standardized. In the mount information for a mount in certificate form, the button to castrate is now unavailable as it should be. Items The reselling price of the following items to NPCs has been reduced: Prespic Ring, Prespic Belt, Prespic Cloak, Prespwig, Gobball Belt, Mos Kitano, Boar Hooves, Moskito Amulet, Boar Ring, Turkohat, Small Moskito Schoolbag, Moskabuto. Non-submersible cloaks and hats are no longer displayed when the character is under water; the default diving helmet is displayed correctly. Sidekicks Sidekick health points are now indexed on the character’s health point percentage at the end of the positioning phase. We made this change so that the characters with a sidekick cannot start their fights without getting back a sufficient amount of health points first. Soul Stones Soul stones full of monsters, archmonsters and dungeon guards can now be recycled and generate nuggets. The “An Eternal Harvest” quest no longer gives soul stones, except for the one to capture the soul of Giant Kralove. We made this change because a substantial amount of the game’s soul stones came from this quest and we wanted to reset the value of soul stones made by players. When a monster is no longer available in the game permanently, the soul stones containing it are deleted from the marketplaces and character inventories. Classes Huppermage Journey: the loss of MP can no longer be un-bewitched and no longer applies to allies. Osamodas Fossil: The Vitality bonus on allies has been replaced by a reduction bonus of 15% for damage suffered. The duration of the effects on allies is now 2 turns. Duster: the way this spell works has changed, it now causes Air damage that is increased for each Tofu present on the battlefield. Black Tofu and Podgy Tofu: the recast interval for the Tofu Transposition spell is now shared between all the Tofus. The range is now 5. Black Wyrmling and Red Wyrmling: The recast interval for the Dragoheal spell is now shared between all the Wyrmlings. The healing value has increased. Damage from the Black Dragofire and Red Dragofire spells has been reduced. Black Gobball and Gobball: The recast interval for the Gobball Attraction spell is now shared between all the Gobballs. The range is now 6. The attraction value is now 5 squares. Damage from the Contusion and Gobball Bite spells has increased. Crackler Punch: the range becomes 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. High-Energy Shot can no longer be cast during the first turn. Eliotrope The Bullying spell can no longer be cast during the first turn. Eniripsa Stimulating Word: the spell no longer increases the value of healing received. Thunderous Word: The range becomes 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 and 6 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. The spell now requires a line of sight. Puzzling Word: the damage and healing values have been reduced. Turbulent Word: The spell no longer pushes away. Damage has increased. The damage is now a health steal. Feca Gravitational Glyph: The recast interval becomes 7, 7, 7, 6, 6 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. Minimum range becomes 0 at all levels of the spell. Maximum range becomes 0, 1, 2, 2 at levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the spell. Sadida Natural Gift: The recast interval becomes 3 at all levels of the spell. The healing value increases at all levels of the spell. Sacrier The Pain Shared spell can no longer be cast during the first turn in the game. Spell Animations Spell animations and graphic effects for the Cra and Feca classes have been improved. Dungeons Tal Kasha: The Rise and Shine, Contract Killer, Elitist and Unpredictable challenges no longer appear against Tal Kasha. The Nahuatl Idol is now incompatible. Wurmlord: The Djim Idol is now incompatible (it makes combat impossible). The Stapleworm of Gyroskopik spell no longer causes display problems in the remaining AP. The conditions required to open the Lair of the Giant Kralove no longer require characters of specific classes and genders (however you still need a team of 48 different characters). Monsters Monsters using class spells now have specific spells (to reduce spillover effects when the class spells are changed). The functioning of the Khepricorn monster has been improved and it now uses its spells in a more pertinent way. The Beeteloot monster no longer recasts the Bulking Up spell at every turn. Achievements Two new Achievements have been added to the Dopples category: Ouginak Dopple and Ouginak Challenge. The meta achievements, Take 'Em All and Happy People have also been updated with the addition of Ouginak Dopple. Closing the Achievements interface after consulting an Achievement and then opening it again, no longer causes black stripes to appear in the interface. The level required to complete the Cursed achievement, has been reduced from 200 to 190. Achievements that require you to make Kwismas Gifts are correctly validated when several gifts are created simultaneously. In the Achievements interface, when search results are displayed, it is now possible to show or hide the unlocked Achievements. Quests The Ouginak Dopple has been added to the list of Temple Dopples to fight on the An Excessive Baker's Dozen quest. A new Ouginak Dopple hunting quest has been added. After visiting Astrub on the request of Adviser Arky, young Ouginaks can complete a new quest given by Sally Combhum. Once the End of the Tunnel quest has been completed, adventurers with sufficient experience have the option to move between the area around the Ouginak Temple and the Gorge of Howling Winds. Soft Water or Hard Water quest: this quest is now correctly validated when the character hands over the Strange Water Sample and turns down Carlen Rick’s offer. Characters that have completed the quest without receiving their reward can obtain the kamas and resources owed them by talking to the NPC Carlen Rick again. A Draconian Remedy quest: it is no longer possible to obtain the Bworker Prismatic Token several times. Talking to the NPC Krowbe Jondon allows you to delete useless prismatic tokens at the end of the quest. Devotion quests can no longer be started by non-subscribed characters. In The Polly Reece Effect quest, the recipe for the Unspeakable Mixture changes from level 200 to level 1. In The City of Trouts quest, obtaining Sandworm Entrails on Grade 5 monsters was not automatic: this problem has been corrected. When you open a game in the quests interface for the first time, the objectives validation status is displayed correctly. In the quests interface, the objectives for repeatable quests already completed at least once, are no longer shown as validated. In the quests interface, unvalidated quest objectives are no longer shown as validated after the client cache is deleted. In the quests interface, the "Search criteria" button now works correctly. In the quests interface, the buttons to open NPC dialogs are no longer layered up in the interface’s scroll bar. Repeatable quests are no longer displayed in duplicate in the quests log when they have been started again. Treasure hunts The direction arrows shown in the treasure hunt interface are now displayed more quickly after validating a marker or a stage. Haven Bag In Haven Bag customization, it is now possible to make a haven bag accessible to friends and/or guild members. In the list of guild members and friends, an icon is now added when the character has granted permission to access to their Haven Bag. Clicking on this icon allows them to open the player’s Haven Bag. Renaming Characters It is now possible to enter the same name as used previously when using a name change potion; a new name change potion is then added to the character’s inventory. Be careful though, the credited potion is linked to the account for 62 days. This change allows you to test the availability of a character name before changing it and cancel the renaming request. A name change ordered by a moderator is always strictly obligatory and does not give the right to a potion credit. In the character creation interface, during a renaming, a button has been added to make it possible to reinitialize the text field and to display the initial name again. Tutorial Equipment obtained during the tutorial can be correctly equipped via the contextual menu. In the tutorial, the arrow showing the Idol to be equipped is no longer displayed after the Idol has been equipped. During the tutorial, an error message is no longer displayed if you are disconnected due to inactivity. The arrows now point to the correct elements when the Level Up interface and Death of a Character interface are displayed. The positioning marker glued to the Poutch is moved one square so that the character doesn’t get locked during the tutorial on combat movements. In the tutorial phase explaining combat movements, the square just in front of the character is now indicated by an arrow. In the tutorial phase explaining how to cast a spell, the arrow points correctly to the second spell in the shortcuts bar. The Quest Log link in Master Attwerk’s dialogs, correctly makes an arrow appear indicating the icon to open the Quests Log. Optimization and performance The arrival and departure of characters or entities on a map has been optimized and no longer causes client lags. To improve performance, animations associated with map exit markers are no longer played simultaneously. Miscellaneous A superior-grade Poutch Ingball monster has been added in the Amakna village Kanojedo. The respawn time for the Poutch monsters in the Amakna Kanojedo and the Vigilante Base is decreased. An icon has been added to the world map to indicate the portal position that allows you to enter the tournament arena (en [-6, -12]). The Goultarminator zone has been renamed: it is now called the Goultard Arenas. The commandments of the Ouginak god and the Ouginak class book can be consulted in the Watchdog Coast Temple on Ohwymi Island. Unsubscribed characters can no longer use the entrance located in the Amakna Castle Gobball Breeding Station sub-area. This avoids people getting trapped on arriving in the Amakna Castle Tunnels sub-zone. It is no longer possible to throw kamas in the trash, even if it is dirty money. Characters with a level below or equal to 5 can now talk on the general channel if they are on a prison map. It is no longer possible to move when transformed in tombstone mode. When the connection fails at the first port tested, the attempt to enter the next port will lead to direct entry into the game without having to choose a character again. Limitations are added to the number of messages one can send within 24 hours. These limitations are different for subscribed and unsubscribed accounts. They are not applied to the Guild, Alliance, Group, and Team chats. These limitations are there in order to control the impact of the massive “flood” generated by some accounts (whether they are subscribed or not). The maximum values that we have set up could be adjusted in the future depending on community feedback. We intend to make these limitations inconsequential to “normal” players.
  9. Rushu Shushu is recruiting preferably 190+ Rushuians on the beta server. /w Uthman on Beta or Rushu to join. FYI link for Beta: http://forum.dofus.com/en/29-test-server/110795-how-install-beta-client
  10. Now also in English: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/423695-modifications-divine-dimensions
  11. Imps has moved from France to the USA, upgraded to a shiny new version of our forum software, and got a whole new look! There's plenty of new stuff to find, so I won't bother attempting to list the new bells and whistles here-- but suffice it to say that there's some great updates. The most major known issue, though, is that the upgrade process had to change how avatars were stored -- and apparently, not everyone's avatar made it through. If yours appears to be missing, just add it to your profile again and everything should look great. Sorry for the inconvenience! Welcome home, everyone :)
  12. This is list of archmonsters, that I have now to sell. I started catching them 11.10.2013 and try to enlarge the list. I will daily update this post. Prices: 1-50 lvl - 50 kk 51 - 100 - 75kk 101 - 150 - 100kk 151 - 1000 - 150kk Contact: - PM on forum - PM in game Melodyna OR if offline Merchant [0,1] List: Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror Abounteous the Generous Kokonan the Talker Turtrenalds the Tragic Misskokoko the Channel Arachnawar the Killinmachin Bulbushisu the Makisan Suzessman the Enthusiastic Bulbamoon the Trumpeter Bambono the Holy Kitsewey the Blue Scaratheef the Pincher Jellyposukshion the Slim Scarabreef the Short Bulbigroov the Dancer Leopardon the Sorry
  13. I haven't seen anyone post this yet, so I'll just toss it up here. Source