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Everything posted by Sunbathe

  1. Many have commented that they want to stick with the original server, Ilyzaelle. After all of the buzz from today, will you wait out the storm? Or will you move to Fraktal, Dramak, or any other server they create? I thought I'd get a poll going because many are concerned with where the EN community will go. Though, I understand it will be hard to decide until some of the dust settles.
  2. Seems like most players got onto whatever server they could. So everyone is split up. I believe most want to stick with Ilya in the end though. Been in queue for Ilya for an hour now, not a good time to play there it seems!
  3. Yes that's what I'm wondering. Seems like lots of people made it on Fraktal so I was curious if they'll stay or change
  4. Wow, obsessed with Kikn much?
  5. A few for sale, pm me in game [So I can buy more hats]
  6. Wow guys clearly you aren't INSANE enough to wrap your LITTLE brains around this.
  7. There are some cra sets recently shared here to check out
  8. Thanks for the set recommendations. Also, I saw in another post the OP said the cra was 14x level... if you've got a team I'd take that back and say just go full int until 199/200. Way easier to equip!
  9. Yes that's why I play int/agi/cha Do you guys have any newer sets you could link for cras? To maybe help OP and myself as well. :^D Currently my cra is in some combo of tread/atcham/inky/nomarrow/militia hat. Can't remember the rest. I think the set is well over a year old though.
  10. Is it end game cra? With that set up I play a int/agi/cha cra and love it.
  11. Nuuu masik, you give me so much hope. Every time I see your videos I think, "Damn, if he can solo this shit then I can do it with a fully geared team!"
  12. can confirm server is still potato...
  13. lag spikes were unbearable... they just did a server restart last night
  14. ^ Yep Eca is interchangeable. If you start with an iop/eni/panda/enu you could add two of any class you have fun with honestly. I see lots of srams in pvm teams as well, might add one of those!
  15. Please post your price of the item
  16. I believe this can be solved by un-ticking the "mutli-account optimization" box. I always had 1-2 accts that would lag ages behind unless I clicked on them. I un-ticked the box and it's been running smoothly since then. Other than that, I've never experienced any consistent lag.
  17. Panda, Enu, Cra, Eca?
  18. August is coming to an end, and for most of us, that means Summer is already over, as we trudge back behind our desks for another year of work and, maybe, if we find the time and inclination, some learning in-between DOFUS sessions. Speaking of learning, how about a little mathematics and logic contest before September ruins Summer once and for all? No, don't leave now, there's a full Social Netbwork set to win!Now that we have your attention, here's how it works: just click on this link right here and fill out the survey. Simple, isn't it?Here's where it gets tricky: the winner will be the one who will have entered the lowest whole numbercomprised between 1 and 1 million... as long as no one else enters the same number!Can you figure out what will be the lowest number that nobody else will think about? You have until Monday, September 4th, at 17:00 (Paris Time) to answer the survey and find out!Only one entry per person. (I thought this looked like a pretty fun and easy contest, so thought I'd share - Sun)
  19. It's awesome to see such a dedicated player! I've used just about all of your guides as well, and some of them years after you made them. For example revisiting quests on alts and going back to Vulkania. It's been nice being able to rely on your page. You'll have my support!
  20. Rob and I are the founders of your fan club :^D