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Everything posted by Sunbathe

  1. So many possibilities. My love shack!
  2. Finally got the summer theme!
  3. A couple of us are looking to open it later today, maybe after 12:00 DUT? You can pm me or -I--RACE--I- ^^
  4. From the OF "Due to technical issues that blocked access to the Echo server on August 16, Ankama is offering a compensation package to all affected players. All accounts that had an active subscription between 00:01 and 23:59 (Paris Time) on August 16 and who also have a character on Echo have been credited with 1 day of subscription, effective immediately. All accounts that logged in to Echo between 00:01 and 23:59 (Paris Time) on August 16 have been credited with 2 packs of 30 Compensokens each. You can find these packages credited to your accounts immediately."
  5. Unicorn seemyool, it's in her tag
  6. Is Dofus pets even doable without buying anything with cash? It's so needy I can never get enough kamas to buy anything other than the very basic things.
  7. G&G officially open!
  8. We're working on it now, you can check the OF forum for the free tiles or PM me if you are able to help
  9. Bump Got them
  10. Sauriasis the Flaky 750kk Sauruman the Destructive 1mk
  12. Your presence will be missed! #6 Got me feeling like this
  13. A couple of us are looking to open it at 15:00 DUT Saturday. Any help is appreciated!
  14. Have you noticed any change since maint? People were still reporting the problems on the forum last I checked. However I've had log in problems since yesterday so I can't check my DT's.
  15. Moved to Echo @DarwinianTheEnu
  16. Hey Stryder! I've had the same problem for weeks now. It started after the 2.42 update. I'm not sure if it is server wide or only affecting certain people. The only response we've gotten is basically: "We are aware of the bug, and we are busy on fixing it." and "I will keep you updated as soon as I hear something." http://forum.dofus.com/en/4-problems-solutions/329895-seemyool-breeding-issue (^ this link is about both seemyool and DT's in the public paddocks) You can breed without any problems in private paddocks. Though I would recommend posting on that thread as well so they are aware it is still a big problem for people.
  17. Right, if the map sucks just fight the smallest mob on the map to change the start positions
  18. Also those monsters constantly flapping their stupid wings... Any way to turn that off? I can turn it off for the fights ofc, but not running around @_@
  19. It is quest exp so yeah it can go to guild or mounts
  20. Moved to Echo
  21. Hey Nox! You were that mysterious Eca in SE for quite some time, right? Welcome back, and hope to see you in game!
  22. Bump Can't find it anywhere ._. bought*
  23. @Scour Thank you.
  24. Bought for 11mk