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  1. Also those monsters constantly flapping their stupid wings... Any way to turn that off? I can turn it off for the fights ofc, but not running around @_@
  2. How 2 lose posting rights *how 2 get lock too
  3. It is quest exp so yeah it can go to guild or mounts
  4. Moved to Echo
  5. Hey Nox! You were that mysterious Eca in SE for quite some time, right? Welcome back, and hope to see you in game!
  6. Bump Can't find it anywhere ._. bought*
  7. @Scour Thank you.
  8. Bought for 11mk
  9. Doesn't need to be leveled, 8mk Edit *negotiable of course, didn't see any for sale anywhere
  10. 35mk ~
  11. You get that clock made yet
  12. Wait, so all of your characters are naked? Say it ain't so...
  13. I have a friend who has had this problem as well, for a while though. I'll ask him for more details or if he found a fix for it. For now he's been doing what Goatee posted.
  14. Welcome back! Youb always collecting old players like Pokémon...
  15. Hey guys, short notice but just thought I'd mention we're working on opening Kralove at the moment.
  16. Updated title, looking for another chamo
  17. I'd say pure strength until 199, and then strength/power at 200. I'm not sure what budget you're working with, but something like this should be okay. 199 https://www.dofusplanner.com/gZGjl/ 200 https://www.dofusplanner.com/qZN32/
  18. When I click 'equip a full set' it keeps loading like this and nothing else will display. Not sure if it's just me? For now I've just been searching the set I need
  19. Poor Plat just wanted to share a screenshot. This is why we can't have nice things!
  20. we get it, you vape
  21. I could be wrong, but I think he was complimenting Platinum for being like the old days... Lots of people online, all different people, all talking and playing together. Meaning it was a lot more fun. But, if Youb wants to continue his nostalgia I can split his comments into a new thread. 😉
  22. The Spooky Skeleton Society needs to see this.
  23. I'm not lazy, I'm just stupid! Me dying infinite times to an end game dimension/sufokia dungeon doesn't make me lazy. Honesty I would not care if the dungeons were easier, and I didn't receive any achievements or mats from them. I just want to DO them. Now, there are a handful of dungeons that I have labeled off as 'untouchable'. It's not that us ungodlike players want all the points and mats, I think we just want to see the new content (new bosses) that is released. Like mentioned before, I do think they will release a whole new level of end game bosses. Like what happened to F2 and F3. Suddenly everyone could do F2 bosses, but still only some people could do F3. I hope it can work out for everyone then that way. I hope that more of us can do these dimension and sufokia dungeons, because they have been around for a long time now. In the meantime, they can keep working on releasing more challenging things. Like Auron said, some of us still have a long ways to catch up.
  24. I wish class change wasn't necessary for achievements. I understand achievements should be difficult, but there is no way I can possibly spend that amount of kamas on it. First, for the class change, and then second for the specific gear and items that you need for that particular dungeon. But oh wait, you'll need an entirely different setup for the next dungeon. I wish the end game achievements could still be difficult, but open up more possibilities for other classes.