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Everything posted by Sunbathe

  1. @Tibalt For a start I would recommend watching some Youtube videos of Elios. I watched a few dungeons that used Elio tactics and got a better grip of how to use it for bosses. Some of the tactics are easily repeatable.
  2. Cross-server trading is forbidden on Imps, but feel free to give away or sell things.
  3. Welcome, and looking forward to seeing more content from you! 😀
  4. Would highly recommend doing business with Caps! Incredibly nice person from what I've seen doing business with him.
  5. No, they are homophobic and shameful. Can't you read?
  6. I have mimi'ed my kwismas shields onto things, yes
  7. Selling a few turqs for 9mkea. PM Sunbathe
  8. All sold at 9.5 ea ~
  9. Not a bad gift thingy from the haven bag considering it's 6000 ogrines
  10. Srambad [-34,-40] 97 uses
  11. Liann's commissions have been closed for a while, but you could also request some art in that subforum. Good luck. :-)
  12. Rude
  13. So many possibilities. My love shack!
  14. When you tele to your haven bag, but your friend is inside wearing undies on his head while sniffing undies...
  15. Are you able to visit the island on Beta? I wasn't on for long but the piwi kept teleporting me places
  16. worst mod after me
  17. Patrick said it first
  18. Freedomestic (Timeless) is not online. Guild Jiyuu, alliance [OneLV] neat
  19. Did they scrap the idea for prestige levels?
  20. @Matt5150 moved your post here so you can get some better help for it ~
  21. When I click anything in game whether it's in inventory or markets nothing shows up for it... I've cleared cache multiple times/removed themes. Is anyone else getting this? *Edit* After a fresh re-install and changing back to the original theme, it's fine. Looks like I can't play with other themes atm
  22. Of course you can, just not a bunch of times within one day Great art as always!