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  1. omg chubby eni
  2. Did someone say free color change?
  3. I really don't know, I don't like the sun and I'm not tan..
  4. They announced that it would not be possible for a period of time when the servers opened... not sure when they'll open it.
  5. /r/iamverysmart
  6. Which quest? Touch of madness or squirrel hunting? Are the chars high enough level? Do you have all of the required items for touch of madness? Could you show which stage you are stuck on? So many questions!
  7. I don't play touch, but omg hi Deli
  8. Welcome back! Are you geared? If so I'd try out some achievements, if you do a bunch the exp and mats will start to add up. Also get some idols, you can wear them to increase your exp and drops, but it will make the fight more difficult. If you play 1-2 accounts try out treasure hunts! It's a good way to earn some extra exp / kamas if you don't want to fight or do a dungeon. Eni and Enu are super helpful for the higher content that you want to get into. Especially Eni, it was changed a bit ago and seems to hit more / heal more. Can't go wrong with Eni.
  9. Welcome back!
  10. /w Eggplant :D *edit, wow was I just really lucky or??? There was no queue for ily, got on instantly
  11. Seems like most players got onto whatever server they could. So everyone is split up. I believe most want to stick with Ilya in the end though. Been in queue for Ilya for an hour now, not a good time to play there it seems!
  12. Yes that's what I'm wondering. Seems like lots of people made it on Fraktal so I was curious if they'll stay or change
  13. Many have commented that they want to stick with the original server, Ilyzaelle. After all of the buzz from today, will you wait out the storm? Or will you move to Fraktal, Dramak, or any other server they create? I thought I'd get a poll going because many are concerned with where the EN community will go. Though, I understand it will be hard to decide until some of the dust settles.