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  1. Oh god, you're all encouraging him. What kind of fucked up thing will he request next!? ;-)
  2. So I'm trying to understand this a little, does this mean all characters can access many of the same spells? (Not including the 4-5 basic spells you start with) I've never really played Wakfu so I don't know if it is of similar style. It sounds complicated in writing, but honestly I've tried explaining Dofus to friends before, and even the most basic things can sound complicated. I haven't fully lost hope yet.
  3. do it thx for the tips xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxx
  4. If I complete all of the Brakmarian alignment quests, then unlearn and complete the Bonta quests will they count as separate quests? Would like to do this for the Quester achievement, but wanted to make sure they will both count first.
  5. Bob's Burgers all day every day
  6. ty all fixed
  7. I couldn't find any recent info on this, has anyone found a solution for this error? inb4 someone tells me to use PC
  8. on mac I have to re-add the computer every time there is a software update, and that is annoying enough.. can't imagine every time you log in D:
  9. Buying: Almond and Turquoise (M) - 1 Plum and Ginger (F) - 1 Plum and Ivory (M) - 2 Emerald and Turquoise (F) 1 (M) 1 Plum and Emerald (F) 1 Offering 250kk each for lvl 1 and statless pure DT's. Thanks!
  10. SUNBATHE FOR MOD 2017!
  11. Would you mind sharing what idols you used? (nvm got it with these)
  12. Where is the 'butterfly plant' on this page? Not sure what it is.
  13. Oh I really like your style. Especially that Sadida/Iop one! Hope to see more from you!