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  1. Cross-server trading is forbidden on Imps, but feel free to give away or sell things.
  2. Welcome, and looking forward to seeing more content from you! 😀
  3. Y?

    1. Sunbathe


      Please PM me instead of posting on my profile to get a faster response ^_^

    2. Youbutsu
    3. Rob
  4. Would highly recommend doing business with Caps! Incredibly nice person from what I've seen doing business with him.
  5. No, they are homophobic and shameful. Can't you read?
  6. I have mimi'ed my kwismas shields onto things, yes
  7. All sold at 9.5 ea ~
  8. There is a post in Rushu marketplace under the category dofus n trophies there is a guy posting high level there is a category for that isn't it?

    1. Sunbathe


      Yes, it's been moved 

    2. Youbutsu


      It's a good thing you write her here and tell her about these problems droogy ^_^. Good job! For faster answers, please pm her instead.

  9. Not a bad gift thingy from the haven bag considering it's 6000 ogrines
  10. Selling a few turqs for 9mkea. PM Sunbathe
  11. Srambad [-34,-40] 97 uses
  12. Liann's commissions have been closed for a while, but you could also request some art in that subforum. Good luck. :-)
  13. Rude