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  1. CY@

    I'm always around. You just cannot see me! :D
  2. CY@

    I'm seriously annoyed that Kiba is getting credit for the bunny pics.
  3. We've moved over to Discord.
  4. For fuck's sake. Stop being so goddamn obtuse. Do not post Nazi/racist/sexist/bigoted memes. Do not make those sorts of jokes. They aren't funny and they aren't acceptable. Regardless of what you think, these types of things actually *do* impact marginalized people negatively, so we don't really care if you think we are being overly sensitive. Maybe dig deep down and see if you can find some decency and empathy for the people you apparently desperately need to offend. If you can't help yourself because your Hitler meme is just SO LULZ, save those shitty posts for Reddit. They will be deleted here and there will be consequences (yes, scary internet consequences). This is not open to debate. Therefore, this thread is locked.
  5. Awwww look at how cute these guys are! So fluffy.
  6. Pretty sure Kyek ate it.
  7. In the future, please PM one of us instead of making a post.
  8. I love confessions. Timeless has been banned.
  9. TEAM BLUE!!!!
  10. This whole situation is really freaking me out about our situation across the pond. People here are going, "Trump will never get enough votes." Now I can just show them #Brexit and walk away.
  11. Queen Bitch to the rescue? Also, I added some stuff to the bar for comments, like a handy little spoiler tag
  12. I think I fixed the paragraph stupidness. Yup. It's just next line now.
  13. Confirmed that member Alpha-Claws is Ogivol and has thus been banned.
  14. Cool, guys. Locked.
  15. Stop with the Nazi imagery and references. I can't even believe I have to say that.