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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. I've decided to offer up my crafting and maging services. I have the following level 200 professions: Tailor/Magus Jeweler/Magus Shoemaker/Magus Smith/Magus Carver/Magus Hunter Farmer Alchemist Miner Lumberjack Prices: Crafts are 20kk. Regular maging (fixing stats within the normal range of the item and elemental damage on weapons): 40kk Exo and over maging: Negotiated depending on item. Mass gathering is negotiable based on what you need. Other info: All mages and crafts are done in Brak. I don't provide runes but I may have elemental maging potions in my stock to sell at a discount if you're having me mage. I don't sign items I craft or mage. Shoot me a pm in game on Harlyquinn
  2. Looking to get about 5.2 mill for it. PM Cookie or Harlyquinn in game if interested.
  3. Ooooooh. I'm going to enjoy this! Mol tov is finally useful. :D
  4. Aww. Still might consider them for another nub then. Thanks :D
  5. I...I like the str requirement on SC. Gives me incentive to actually level the str stuff on my feca. Do you know if the 2 mp boots would work well with say...an ogivol set? >.> Everything is looking good so far. Kind of excited for that axe, especially since aggravating daggers are getting that change.
  6. This...so so much. Even before this was mentioned, I had taken to using my spells more, simply because with the changes to some of my classes, the spells had better secondary effects, than just a weapon swing. I'm pretty sure that when I did Kolosso the other night, I rarely used a weapon. Of course it was my first time all alone and I felt safer from a range. :unsure: I think the thing that is really bugging me when reading these replies are the ones saying that enis will have nothing to do after one weapon swing and heals. They do have attack spells last I checked. Forbidden is far better than natural attack when it comes to damage, so it really shouldn't be a problem. They won't be dealing out thousands of damage a turn, but it's wrong to say that they can't do anything once they are done healing. With this update, it's all going to come down to everyone relearning how to play certain characters. I guess, playing them properly, in Ankamas eyes. Like the devblog said, if you already use a combination of spells/weapon, these changes shouldn't affect you much. I say, bring it on!
  7. Yeah, that was one of my concerns with it. I quite enjoy dodging tons of stuff. I've also tossed around the idea of getting him the +pushback damage trophy. I kind of like how he's turned out given the last update.
  8. I haven't noticed it much with the new +mp spell. :unsure: I've debating getting the mp trophy, but waiting on prices to go down.
  9. Pretty much. I have all those other weapons for actual damage when I'm alone or just on two. I'm too broke to afford an exo mage.
  10. Getting ready for the weapon nerf a bit early... Living items are ogivol stuff
  11. I...I kinda like this. It'll change how I play a couple of my characters, but this isn't the first time I've had to adjust those two enis, pretty sure it isn't the last. After the eca change, I started to use my spells more often, and the weapon was only for when I needed neutral damage. This new change actually has me thinking that I could easily just switch to a weapon purely for stats. I like the condensed weapon skill and no crit fails. I think my only complaint is that natural attack is icky and I'll have to use it more often. The new thing with axes seem interesting. I can't wait until beta to see exactly how effective it may be. We all knew that a weapon nerf was coming. :/
  12. I would put money on the end of April. They tend to do all the super big releases right after the convention. That way they have something to hype up at the convention itself. Just something I've noticed over the years.
  13. Glad to see it isn't just me..
  14. I had a feeling that the weapon "nerf" would be a cast limit situation. It seems to fit right in with what they are doing with all the spells. They want you to diversify how you play your character, instead of casting weapon skill (and any class buffs) then turning around to beat the crap out of something with your weapon. It also explains the huge push towards hybrid gear we've been seeing. I'm a bit curious/scared to see how they plan on redefining support vs damage roles, especially when it comes to enis. I'm hoping that there is some sort of trade off, where if you choose to heal in a turn, you lose your ability to cc, or your damage gets reduced. That would solve a lot of the problems with enis. They can heal and dish out tons of damage, take one or the other away and things should be ok. *crosses fingers*