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  1. What happened to the "leveling past 200 concept" ?
  2. http://www.dofus-touch.com/en/forum/16-logbook/243-modifications-brought-50-update "There is no longer a minimum necessary Prospecting value needed to loot a particular item or resource. The loot rate, however, is kept."
  3. conditional drops and rarity.
  4. wtf 10000 € ? oO
  5. Its the map. (details, stuff, bad programming...) Get a faster system, happens when games advance...
  6. you waited more than one hour? wow! :o
  7. never trust anyone!!!! :D :D :D
  8. nope, they don't have the same damage.
  9. this started with 1 chest / team :D RIOT !!!! Hahahaha I still got four Enu-accounts spare (lvl 160~165) called Dirty-Chest, Clean-Chest, Hot-Chest, Wet-Chest all leveled by DP Souls :D
  10. Fine. You're ultra pro, i see.
  11. Tried logging in from a notebook, another PC ...or a VM ? ;) (just to ensure its nothing with your computer)
  12. Well, if you take idols for this then there should be reversed idols with -loot -xp that are making fights easier. problem solved without much struggle :D (haven't they stated already that they are not going to do this?) EDIT: Also, keep in mind: Things would become easier if they had implemented their idea of level 200+ (better spells) already ;)
  13. I can read "single-accounter" and "multi-accounter" quite often here in this thread. It would be interesing to know how this works together in relation with difficulty... No clue if this totally offtopc but i hardly see a 8 man single-account team finish any endgame content... So the whole game is build unter the assumption of people logging more than one a time ^^ (not talking about the struggle of getting members for a group) Should be possible with 4 man, using Teamspeak... i suppose... If its possible to restrict PVP to just one account it should be possible to restrict regular fights as well... and let this have own achievements ;)
  14. you should go into politics, Goat :D
  15. try this without Iop's jump.