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  1. You can apply one posion / turn or how does it work?
  2. you can still use Enu's chest, Poisoned Arrow
  3. Oh, they're russian?
  4. well, you was calling it a "huge leap forward" and i simply disagree to this. (there is no such thing like a "mono account server". you can still multi) No matter what, i have to admit i don't know a way to prevent this. (vmware, vpn, etc.) But i agree this game whould be much better if noone would be able to multi.
  5. ah? there is no way to multi on this "so called mono server" ?
  6. One one of my accounts just got the Mimisymbic and not the Colour Change Potion, maybe because the code-site was very heavy under load und stopped loading. Im unable to enter the key again, it says "its used". Still no potion, though :(
  7. Can someone explain me how Devouring Arrow is supposed to work? Its showing 3 damage parts but just does damage for one. Stacks up to three times but i doesnt seem to get it stacked ?!? Thanks :)
  8. ah, cool - thanks
  9. Hey guys, anyone able to explain me the usage of the new "Pre-Sentient" potion? How does it work? Does it "use-up" ? How many time can i use it? Thanks :)
  10. I'm sry but i doubt its Ankamas fault...
  11. Maybe the reason to do this is "bot prevention" ?
  12. very useful, thanks
  13. how are armored DT obtained now? :O
  14. Just curiuos, is Godfather Fortunes still there?
  15. very late change :D