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  1. I really love the personality of each character coming out in the drawings. <3
  2. I'm selling a 1 room/chest kanig cottage at [-4,-56]. It's unlocked if you'd like to take a look. Currently up for sale but if you have an offer you want to make post or message me here.
  3. [-12,-1] Srambad, 127 uses.
  4. Thanks Sunbathe, take care of him for me! cries Updated first post. Butcher house is still up! Plenty of space to raise a family and lie to your children about the blood stains. Or not if they're awful and you want to give them nightmares.
  5. I am indeed selling this house. It's at [-4,-56] in Stonetusk. So yeah, let us (Sia) know.
  6. Two (three) wonderful houses for sale! They're both up for sale right now and in the books. Sold! The first is an enormous Butcher's house at [-30,31], in Brakmar. 5 chests, 4 rooms and it has professions tables for butcher and hunter. It's one map left and one up from a zaapi. It's up for 30mil. Sold! The second is a lovely three story Tainela farmhouse with 2 chests, right on the Gobball dungeon map! Ahhh, nostalgia or whatever. It comes with this adorably sleepy tofu. (He yawns and everything! Sorry, I can't make gifs. :( ) As much as I hate to say goodbye, he needs to go to a good home! It's up for 10mil, the door is unlocked if you would like to go take a look. If you have questions send me a message here on imps. Thanks for reading!
  7. Enurado Portal [-68,-52] 106 uses
  8. Hellooo! I'm looking to trade for the last few arches I need! I'm not interested in buying or selling. Edit: Got the last of my arches! Thanks!
  9. Hello! I'm looking to buy a water maged Elven Shovel and I'm willing to pay 3mil for one! I'd like the chance and the PP to be relatively high or perfect (e.g. 55+ and 25+ respectively). As for the other stats they just need to be in range. You can leave me a message with stats here or pm me in game on Spock or Alegretta. I'm on quite often. Thanks! ^_^
  10. Fogger vs Sadida Posting for Llama.
  11. Aww, I know what you were saying Pereb. ;) And I think your eni looks great. I love that shade of blue you chose for the shirt/mounts base! :D
  12. <3 <3 <3 Your eni is gorgeous! :lol: Also, I wouldn't colour another persons character. xD I'm flattered but it doesn't always work out.
  13. Why thank you! I appreciate the compliments. ^^ I quite enjoy colouring characters. x) However, I really love how they look now so I don't think they will change in the near future. I'm not the only one! There are some splendidly coloured characters in this thread such as your panda. :(
  14. Thank you! :( Recently re-coloured my sadida. Quite like how it came out myself. <3