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  1. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    This is a great news. We been waiting for something like this for awhile after release of Wakfu. This is still in WIP so nothing will like what they have now. Remember when they had First Wakfu beta out everything looked so dwarfy and cute. Anywho, I'm looking forward to this. Ya all need to stop whining and appreciate. It's going to be a great game by the looks of it so far.
  2. Who is still playing On Remington

    Hi, Is there anyone from Dofus playing on Remi! I'm kinda stuck with my level 200 sadi. I need help with Moon runs and SB runs. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks
  3. Ayyy broo. I just started on Remi with bunch o friends! If you can leech us on the UB. IT would be much appreciated! need moon and SB mostly :3 Thanks a lot! Add me on skype Lonyrojoni2

    1. Matt5150


      Hey mate!

      Right now I'm not subbed nor I've heroes, so I can connect just 1 or 2 chars at time. I think I wont be so useful, sorry.

  4. Demon-Eniripsa

    aamg bobaur :3 I'm comin backkkk. I probably gon move to yo server :D
  5. Demon-Eniripsa

    Does anyone remember this guy from Rushu like back In 2008-10. Does any one have contact of him? He was a good friend of mine. One day he just disappeared without word. It would be much appreciated if you could get a hold of him for me. Thank you everyone
  6. Dofus 3.0 in 3D

    I don't know how much 3D dofus I would like or even play But Dofus definitely need AI update something like wakfu. I think it will attract a lot more players ;)
  7. Most iconic players

    I would like to do my own MOST Iconic players at my time I enjoyed playing with thought were pretty cool :D ! Alrightyyy We will go by classes and 2 names tops. I'm old school so I will not include anything new Feca - XxRamboPlxX, Luciferz Iop - JPSJPS, Tasuja Eni - There were quiet a few Enis actually I will make this a lil longer Samba, Xnbtx, Cloudy- ( Personal Fav, was an amazing person and a great friend ) and Bumblebee Enu - TwoFingers, I don't know any other :C Collatrealsense maybe? Osa - Quarezma Eca- Youbutsu, Maltese-Killer Sacrier - This is a hard one but Devilx and MMT Sadida - NIBAS, Blackkrakronos :o I could never spells his name correctly (sorry) Panda - Jetondachi, TheButler Cra - Erifu, INVESTIGOTH lol xD cant spell! Xelor - Antiz , Dark-Gambit Sram - SOVIET
  8. Most iconic players

    This is an amazing post. It indeed does bring a lot of good memories :D! I'm still around! hahaaa playing wakfu :P
  9. Leave your price and IGN here I will contact you ! Thank you
  10. Selling Golden Hispanic Shield

    idk how much it worth's usally so i will go with 5mk :o is it better then hispanic shield?
  11. Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Really nice :) Here is mines. Not fully runed yet on gears, only weapons. and Iop :o
  12. Selling +15 tutu, and +36% Crimson

    Crimson sold tutu still there :D so, I changed tutu's price to 30mk my merch is at -1, 1. If you are lucky enough might be able to grab it before someone else gets it :D gl!
  13. Leave your offers here with your IGN, I will contact you thank you
  14. Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Better verson of my cra :D I like this a lot more :)