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  1. Sidekicks make the XP drop. :( Unless you absolutely hate the idea to level up and gear a 4th character, I'd avoid using one permanently.
  2. Contact Ankama support saying you want to transfer your account to international, and hope for the best.
  3. I'm searching for a Crit Nidas ring with at least the following stats: 1/0 Critical Hit 241/250 Vitality 36/40 Intelligence 46/50 Wisdom 7/10 Dodge 11/12 Fire Damage 10/10% Earth Resistance 5/10 Heals 1/1 Summons 0/5 MP Reduction Let me know your price via PM on Imps.
  4. I haven't posted in here for a while. Here are a few that I watched recently: WATCH THIS OR... JUST DO IT! Chihayafuru 2 The sequel of Chihayafuru that I absolutely adored and that you all need to watch. One of the new character is icky so far. Hopefully she'll change for the better. Space Brothers Excellent series. Love the characters and the humor. Check it out, maybe. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou First 13 episodes (last season) weren't so bad. Hopefully it'll continue in the same way for this season. Maoyu Spice and Wolf? :3 Kotoura-San I'm not sure I'll continue watching this show. The heroine is annoying as hell, and the story not-so-interesting. It did make me cry and laugh, but it is still a miss so far.
  5. There isn't much good weapons that steal until Hail. Maybe Staff of the Prophets could work.
  6. Buying all your Magic Grass Snake Tooth @ 2kk ea. PM me or IG.
  7. So, you want a hammer or any <5 AP weapon is fine?
  8. How much would a near perfect AP Notwithstand Ring cost nowadays?
  9. You can always create BATch file that runs X DofusMod.exe.
  10. Can't you simply run the script as Admin?
  11. Depends of the time of the day. Usually no more than 20 mins tho.
  12. You can change the size of the windows in this file. Just remove the commentary tags (<!-- -->) and set a value. {Program Files}\Dofus2\app\META-INF\AIR\application.xml
  13. I used Super Network Tunnel to bypass my school proxy. I'm sure there's a free alternative somewhere, but this works if you can't find it. http://www.networktunnel.net/
  14. I need 2 sets of 1-101 Chance and *maybe* 3 sets of Vit. 3.5~5mk a set PM me on Imps if you want to haggle and shizzle.
  15. I remember you from Imps. Welcome back.