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  1. I did Crackler Dungeon and Ancestral Treechnid Duo and First with a sidekick earlier this week with my Agi/Int Huppermage, level 132 and 139 respectively at the time. In both cases the sidekick (Rex) didn't really do much to decide the outcome of the fight. So it is a formidable class in solo fights. Will be interesting to see how these changes will play out.
  2. One does just fine. You are better off combining it with some other class to make up for the shortfalls. At least below lvl 100 they are very powerful. Mine is Int/agi, which I suppose is a mean combination for draining AP. Cha/str would be the choice for MP drain. Anyway, levelling this class solo is actually quite neat, as it can take on quite mean opponents. Currently churning my way through the dungeon quests and 'stuck' at Larva, as I will need to find time to recruit a second player or sub another character (or did they change it to no longer require two players?).
  3. Ya, I just went back there and noticed that also. :lol: Thank you
  4. Is it possible that the mission "Devotion to Krosmic Balance" broken is? It doesn't appear to be possible to get acknowledgement for reading the temple book. :O
  5. To level many professions, you should get yourself Miner and Lumberjack to 100. Miner is easy enough, LJ is a bit more tedious. But with these two covered, you can easily get any smithing prof levelled. Shoemaker and Tailor are a bit more of a challenge, as you will need to drop a lot of resources or buy them.
  6. Was too tired to make a screenshot but I levelled professions yesterday until I cried ... (in case somebody wonders, as I have all these profs 100 on Shika already, this is on Zato, levelling my newbs.) Wand Carver lvl 91-100 Dagger Smith lvl 60-96 (ran out of Bauxite) Shovel Smith lvl 60-74 (ran out of Cherry) Sword Smith lvl 60-88 (ran out of time and will to live) Tailor lvl 12-26 :D (could not motivate myself to prepare and hunt more piwis) I was hoping for more but the new rune crushing system is such a pain because you can't get any runes out of your crafts anymore and selling to NPC has to be done one at a time. I hope that genius who thought about the change in obtaining runes will come up with a change to levelling magus and selling to NPC. :s Anyway, while I did not manage to get through all the resources that I had gathered for this day, I made some good progress towards world domination.
  7. If I remember correctly, you have to beat the Royal Ping, i.e., do the dungeon, to complete the quest.
  8. Just don't worry about it. Like somebody mentioned, if there was, they would not tell. The moment everybody knows, it would no longer work.
  9. I had such a case last year or the year before, don't remember. In my case it is due to moving around a lot. Support did help me and sorted the issue.
  10. To Ankama the 'Verified by VISA' is a means to prevent fraudsters from using that CC. Each fraudulent CC payment that Ankama need to refund will cost them money in penalties to the respective payment portal they are using. Ten years ago, when I was living and working in London, Paypal charged for such refunds 1 GBP each. So you can imagine that this will become very expensive for Amakna because it will add up relatively quickly with the small payments. If there are a lot of these fraudulent payments, payment portals will also prevent companies from using their services, i.e., Ankama will no longer be able to use their service. Hence they need to insist on as many security measures as possible that make the life of these fraudsters difficult. It is very inconvenient, I agree, but they have no choice.
  11. To be honest, I don't know why anybody with a CC would not have the 'Verified by' security check enabled. Bad enough that it is not supported by all online stores but it at least cuts down on some risk of CC fraud.
  12. I like this change also. How often did I think about subbing for three months only to get the Scara. Now we get all gifts for an annual sub. :) One thing I wondered, though. If you buy ogrines and sub with ogrines, will you no longer get the gifts at the time you sub? Otherwise it'd appear as though you can rake in the gifts twice with the 70€ pack.
  13. I have 18, 15, 15, 10. The 18 I used have setup for - lightning - butts - water This was usually sufficient. When I bought the 15 on an adjacent map, I moved the dragobutts out of the 18 and into the 15. The other 15 I used for - slapper - patter The 10 has water troughs in it but I hardly used it for anything else but dropping off captured mounts. Mangers I initially used in the 15 but then outsourced this to the public paddocks. Too expensive to make and there is not much pressure on getting energy up fast.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I am glad about the Authenticator change. Significantly reduces inconvenience when doing our daily quests.
  15. I crushed a Treechelmet yesterday at 12x% and did not get an AP rune. :( I did, however, get a RA Vit from some other items that had less than 20 Vit, if I remember correctly.