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  1. ^this. Volibear does very well versus GP as well, and people love playing GP up top.
  2. You clearly have no idea about 'pro WoW players' if you think it takes 75 hours to get from 70-85 as a 'pro player'.
  3. TSM getting the early lead, but CLG pulling it back with constant team fights and great plays from both teams throughout, M5 just stomped every game in IEM Kiev excluding 1 where TSM studied their playstyle and realised to swap from the enemy red to their own red and catch people. Meh.
  4. They were pretty boring in all honesty... the matches are always one sided. Especially games 2 and 3, game 2 snowballed right from the get go with the 2 kills before laning phase begun, and game 3 Darien just raped TRM by invading TSM red jungle all the time, stealing double golbems, red and even going as deep as wraiths. So boring watching these snowball games from FB/if you deny the jungle there's very little chance of coming back.
  5. Vlad's pretty popular in NA, haven't seen him so much in EU.
  6. Xerath is a very good AP mid, probably one of the strongest, wouldn't really catch anyone off guard. I'm waiting for him to pull his AP Janna shit like he did at Gamescon, inc AP Sona. But on regards to TRM doing shit top, he played fairly well in the skrims I watched of him on Teemo. 'Enemy team picked Irelia' 'OK ILL TEEMO GUYS LOL'.
  7. TSM got stomped in 90% of their skrims. Mostly due to oddone and regi playing like shit.
  8. 2 top doesn't make much sense, you're giving up dragon control so youre team should always be getting dragon if they have 2 top D:
  9. I don't think the Shen change's will do anything for him in a tournament game, seems pretty meh still. Double WotA meta is just too strong with AoE ultimates.
  10. FML

    Mod Aether has said all I needed to say, topic locked~ O.<
  11. As a semi-hardcore raider, I wish these changes they're doing now were implemented into Cata from the get go. The amount of times our raid set-up has had to be tweaked because certain classes don't have an interrupt, stun, movement speed increase or good AoE is stupid. But now with the new talent system I can be a prot warrior with bladestorm for more AoE :D! Raiding in MoP looks promising with all of these changes.
  12. All changes avaialble at mmochampion, some of the changes to classes like Warlock are amazing, other's like warrior at the moment are lack-luster, pity they didn't add all these awesome talent tree changes in Cata. Oh well, I'm not too fussed, can't wait to be a female Panda Monk named Rirry :>. So who's looking forward to it? :D
  13. If I can't participate in the tournament then I'd be more than happy to cast.
  14. It isn't just making level 1 account's for fairness, it's also people playing with runes/mastiers for 1k+ games and basically knowing how much damage is sufficient for a kill, tower dive etc. Moving from runes -> no runes allows for sloppy gameplay.
  15. A tournament sounds cool, I'm sure my team could participate depending on times/server side. (Have some members who would qq if we had to make level 1 accounts on NA. lol)