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  1. My signature art is by Liann - Idk if she is still active.
  2. You know what? I'm glad!
  3. You're welcome to poke me in game on Kyff. (: You can probably tag along to some stuff and pick up some levels.
  4. Lol no I am far too poor on Rushu to go anywhere near a camo fish. :P
  5. I recently got a few cheapie ones out of the sellroom and am sticking them together in a paddock to see what happens because I love stupid looking mounts, apparently. The low number of breedings on the fish does makethings difficult. D:
  6. Nice job. :3 Now make 10 more!
  7. I love your little sketches. <3
  8. omg wow.
  9. omg i want one.
  10. Cuff Cuff Cuff! <3 The panda and eni picture you did for me is still the cutest, ok. <3
  11. Hi, welcome back to the game!
  12. There we are, the set planner is done. Now no one needs to request a 1.29 set planner ever again: they can just read the few posts above.
  13. They say April, but I am assuming it's coming in 2020. And yeah, most of my stuff is on Rosal because I ran off there from Shika. Elemental Drain is good fun in any case. ^^ Thanks for the help!
  14. Nononon, I'm like level 36 at the moment, just fiddling around on Rushu. I'm not going to be leveling particularly fast unless someone donates leechingz. I'm just too broke (and lazy) to get server transfers, so my stuff is all on other servers.
  15. I thought it was just gladiator bworker set and inky cape for everyone????