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  1. Wish this cape give +300 element random. Now with cloudy it's way better for Cha/Agi characters.
  2. Dam that cape is unrealo. is it possible to do it alone? like the turq/crimson quest etc.
  3. i stop playing this game untill this aids gets a vaccin.
  4. Iphone SE is really small lol. But dam this looks like fun! Dofus without multi-accounting. i think this game will be big!
  5. I cant handle 2 &(*(*& classes... Sadi and osa is to much. Xel is also (*&*&( but they atleast require some skill.
  6. Osa nerf.
  7. Seen some osa's at beta. What an aids class. Every 2 turns 700 selfheal? and a fatass tofu that pushes enemie 16 range away.
  8. I gave up after CB lol.
  9. i wish you could make the "main" bar wider. so all spells/items would fit in.
  10. To bad this game is made by a terrible company. Cant fix it? Delete it. pfff Game had so much potential.
  11. what a sedkent
  12. what a hidious petmount.