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  1. Hey Chris any chance you can paste the code here? I can't access the link you posted. Thanks buddy.
  2. Hey guys, I wonder if someone can fix the loging part of this code to work with the actual version, I tried to fix it but it won't log in. Sorry for the necro post, but I didn't want to open a new topic for this :P. Any help is welcomed. Thanks. OscarLey.
  3. Welcome back Ice ;-) .
  4. Any help is welcomed we need: It's open ty all.
  5. Hey guys we are trying to open kralove rigth now if someone is interested and wants to participate, any help is welcomed. Thanks.
  6. Heya, I'm interested in opening it this saturday, can provide 10 characters to step in. You can contact me /w oscarley.
  7. Herro Osi, welcome back!, come to visit us at Rushu you're welcomed to Alpha alliance, you'll find some beta players there. It's very nice to hear from you again. :D
  8. Now down to 284,999 k per 10, quite lame, blame Ankama for not bringing new players to the game, I won't be surprised if they go as low as half the actual price in few weeks. I wish we could do something else with mounts, like trading them for other coins and stuff, scrolls are getting useless.
  9. I don't think we ever met in game but, I wish you the best irl.
  10. Ankama changed the way to get a dofus, to give every one (hardcore, casual players, multiaccounters and solo players) an option to get those precious eggs, but, how can casual and solo players acomplish a quest line like this? Even many multiaccounters will find this quite impossible. Why not keep both options to obtain dofuses, dropable and questable? I never understand Ankama logics. While it happens is time to undust my old turq drop team to get the last ones I need.
  11. Interesting change, much better than the actual way to gather nuggets. I would like they finally increase the amount you can buy/sell in markets to 1k, cause it's a pain to buy/sell thousand of some items for a single craft, this would go accordingly with the massive amounts of some items stored in banks/chests.