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  1. Seems kinda slow and vulnerable to removal or control. Surgical Extraction for instance would absolutely wreck it.
  2. Psh, getting hit is for people without illusion magic and chaincast stuns. Also the aura whisper makes me feel like predator.
  3. No armor, no weapons, all points into magicka. Archers can one shot me and mages can two shot me, but I'm having the time of my life. Level 35 now and combat is always over in seconds, one way or another.
  4. You're looking at a culture filtered through an anonymous medium. Of course they are dicks, it's the nature of the internet. If you wanted to apply this in a broader, real-life sense I'd probably disagree. But then again I live in the southeastern US; the old southern hospitality stereotype is dying a very slow death here.
  5. Zelazney is probably my favorite author. Love hearing others enjoy his work.
  6. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates
  7. Silly scifi is the best. Aside from true accidents how else do you think the future is made? Someone sitting down and trying to make something, previously unreal, real. Alright here's a thought problem for you, SPN. Let's say your brain cells are being removed one by one. At what point do you stop being you? The point I'm trying to make is that we're a sum of our parts. What you think of as an immutable presence behind your eyes, somehow dwelling in your very atoms is really just the output of an incredibly complex series of electrical interactions between cells which are themselves not so simple machines following basic rules of chemistry and physics. Should the cells be arranged in an identical fashion, then the self arising from the copy is identical. We're parts; bits fall off, mechanisms die and are replaced, irreparable damage is incurred and worked around. The true miracle of consciousness isn't the inviolate self, it's the amount of change the system can handle before the illusion breaks down.
  8. Pfft. I have pretty dim views of "self" anyway. Do you know anyone with brain damage whose personality completely changed after? On a perfectly mechanical level we are nowhere near a contiguous march of consciousness as most people find it comfortable to believe. But that's the beauty of the mechanism behind our sense of self; whatever you are is you. So a perfect copy of me would be me in every way right down to that little feeling that says it's me unless you want to bring in a spiritual aspect. And if you do you might as well start another thread cause that'll probably get messy. :lol:
  9. To be clear this isnt talking about injecting foreign knowledge into your brain, despite that article's throw away Keanu joke. This is about the rats learning and storing in artificial memory. You'd still have to learn concepts, this would just give you much better retrieval of what you know. Only a shortcut for purely itemized information, hence maps and tech specs in my soldier example. On the otherhand children growing up in an educational system with perfect recall would probably be more intelligent not less because teachers couldn't be lazy with memory based tests and would have to use applied problems for there to be any point at all.
  10. Bad precedent that. Beside most of the important stuff in soldiering is conditioning and muscle memory no? Would be most useful for languages, maps, and technical stats which wouldn't need to be shut off.
  11. No doubt. But there's a not so subtle line between being a gray hat and being an asshat. See also: DDoS injury to insult.
  12. Tiny dicks? *ohgodtemptsfate* Seriously though... taking down a humor site full of content is the opposite of "lulz."
  13. Word. And of course one has to mention Firefly. Not super cliffhangery but there was so much groundwork laid for adventures that would have come later.
  14. Pronounce it Charge. Also Masqueraider is pronounced Zobal oddly enough...
  15. Ah so it was really more a matter of your friend going too fast, not a missing turn signal. Was just curious.