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  1. Half the items in the game are underpowered. Powercreep man,can't stop it. But gotta relive those glory days man. Nostalgia fuzzies for everyone.
  2. It's still weird as hell. Before the supposed fix my Xelor didn't have the [RUS] in it's name, but after the 'fix' it does, despite the fact unless Character Pages are still broken no one except my xelor has that name, on any server.
  3. As much as I'd love to erase my past nicknaming mistake. Bad idea is bad and totally prone to abuse. Ankama is good at that.
  4. It's rather amusing to see how bad these scammers are. Not to be that guy and all, but anyone who falls for these scams deserves it. Nothing like a little adversity to serve as a life lesson. One of the many problems with this stupid server merge.
  5. Only after level 200 and only if you rise through the prestige ranks. I'm talking about changing existing spells that suck and are too risky to use/not worth using. Int and Strength have received boosts in the past,the only thing that happened to Agi was several spells were changed(For the worse) and others nerfed.
  6. So agility Iop is going to suck forever? Thanks Ankama :)
  7. I have my own paddock in my own guild. But breeding items are expensive and don't last long,plus my handyman isn't high enough to craft useful one. I used to breed a lot in my previous guild,but when they booted me they stole my breeding items and mounts. There is a fine line between asking for help and relying on others. I have been self sufficient since 2009,but after the profession revamps and stuff my previous money makers aren't cutting it anymore. I only sub with ogrines,because my money goes on rent and my anime collection. Plus I have to keep my characters geared so I can level them,same with professions. All my friends quit when 2.0 was released,and the last 3 guilds I've been in backstabbed me. No one uses recruit chat except to beg for leeching or to sell stuff. Treasure hunting stuff isn't selling anymore,at least not for me. I'm sitting on 35k Roses and various treasure maps. Now let's get back on topic,this is about the Dofus system,not me and my kama situation.
  8. Those solo accounters are either in good helpful guilds or bought their ochres. Probably from buying ogrines. Profession materials no longer sell for squat,my roses of the sands and tourmalines are no longer selling despite how low I go. My "inability to think outside the box" isn't hindering anything. Ankamas decisions are what hinders my goals. Besides, Rushu is a heavily populated server, I wouldn't be the only one hunting those arches. And being lazy has nothing to do with not being able to do Kralove,so stop talking like you know how I play the game.
  9. I'm a solo accounter. Do you really think I have a spare 5mk lying around that I use to make all those soul stones,and hunt all the arches and then magically find a group to do Kralove and soul it? I also HATE pvp with a passion,so it's not like I actually have any kolo tokens.
  10. I am still disgusted by the changes to the soul stone acquisition for the eternal harvest quest. I may as well as give up trying to get my Ochre so I can focus on maxing all the characters and professions so I can finally quit this solo accounter unfriendly game. It's still going to take me several years to achieve my goals tho -_-
  11. I am probably misunderstanding a lot of the things said in the posts,but it seems to me that dofus is becoming increasingly complicated and unfriendly to solo accounters,people whose friends have all quit and people who are currently not associated with a guild/alliance. Coming on 12 years of playing and dofus is starting to resemble dofus less and less with each passing year. I also agree with a couple of the previous posters who say that communication with the playerbase is exceedingly lacking. We pay to play this game,we know what kind of game we wish to play,and even when we give feedback on things that are currently on the test server, none of it is heeded. Now, I don't mean to sound disrespectful,but it would be helpful if the devs would actually listen to us instead of just doing things willy nilly. Also..... Dropped spells? Are you freakin insane? Special spells = Ok. Class Spells = Not in a million years.
  12. Never,EVER,EVER use Unity. Every time a developer uses Unity their games turn to ever loving shit. Not to mention most browsers these days have retracted their support of Unity. It's causing major havoc on Kongregate right now.
  13. Hey all. I'm looking for 12 Amorphid Wings. I'm offering 4kk per wing. You can either leave me a message here or find me in game on Antissa or Stryke if I'm zaap sitting. Bought please close.
  14. That would be nice. I am online right now, but not for long seeing as tho I have things to do shortly. Mmm I guess I could work with that, a pity about the chance tho. And yea, the Osa is Str/Chance.