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  1. Just +15 heals. Class items don't affect base damage/heals of spells.
  2. It means the mp loss from that spell can't be unbewitched. Jeuxonline has all the ouginaks spells at level 6.
  3. It was nerfed, the trasnslation is automatic so it didn't pick the correct name.
  4. Yes, because making casual PvM more annoying is just what the game needs. I would have also liked a reason for the random sadida nerf. I'm guessing feca's nerf is because of the new emerald dofus, and because tackling is annoying in general.
  5. Emerald and Abyssal will have a good synergy. Ochre and Vulbis would too, but their condition is easy to counter. For Kaliptus, at least they should change it so that the stats are maxed and you can't get more than 1 per character, mostly because they can't be destroyed and keep piling up. Now, if I could make a suggestion, it'd be nice if the conditions for Ochre was changed to: If you have 2 or more AP left at the end of your turn, get 1 AP next turn. It gives more control to the player, and you don't just get something from nothing either.
  6. This doesn't sound that bad of a nerf, except for the tofu swapping, that was ridiculous anyway. It could be nice if it was limited to 2-3 times per turn, but that's incompatible with how they manage shared cooldowns. Fossil reducing damage instead of giving HP is great, unless the reduction is too low (like 10% reduction). This is also an indirect nerf to sacrifical healing or whatever it was called in english, but still reasonable. Global cooldown on wyrm's healing also means that it's single target, no more healing 2-3 targets with a single dragon. Punch of the Crakler getting more range is also good, it was hard to use properly because you had to be so close. The spells that will have global cooldown are the ones that only you can use when controlling summons. The no-los of chance enis was interesting, sad to see them becoming less unique. Air lifesteal on the other hand, gives something extra to agi enis. They should give the effect of raising heals over allies to some other secondary healer to give it some edge. Like Foggernauts.
  7. It will be a separate server/game, but the intention of doing this is testing stuff for Dofus, Wakfu or dofus 3. The problem with this approach: 1. Using resources to test random stuff Tot wants instead of focusing on the actual game. Their goal also isn't to make dofus better, but to find a way to merge it into some cross platform game together with wakfu and dofus 3. 2. Can't really test what's intended. Lets say they open this server and it becomes really popular even after the initial fad. That still doesn't mean dofus players will welcome the changes, it just means they created a cool concept that is in essence a different game. 3. Tot is treating the playerbase as test subjects for his personal whims.
  8. Then what did he talk about then? Pokémon? You choose your starter spells and then go on a quest to catch them all and form your ideal party. The only recognizable words he said are "Xelors", "AP" and "Dofus", he couldn't even use an existing spell to use as an example in the 10-stage system.
  9. Well, there's a lot of content that is currently inaccesible to casual players or people who have a bad/average main character class. Level 200 dungeons have always been exlusive. People now say f3 is balanced, but that's mostly because you can buy dimension equipments and everyone got used to playing the "correct" classes and builds. Hardcore players will burn through content in days anyway, appealing just to them is a losing strategy. Some ideas to bring life back to old content (these aren't even original, I've seen them plenty of times): Get rid of monster aggression or make a way to disable it through quests or achievements (better if it doesn't require you to complete the whole area first). Adjustable level, at the very least for dungeons, which will be extra simple when spell levels disappear. Just hard cap stats to what's posible at the desired level (multi characters get a bit of an advantage, but it's not that much, really). Work on the overworld's maps. Some maps are a complete mess that make simple or easy fights potentially take too long, and hard fights to be nearly impossible because starting positions are all over the place even if the shape and size of the map are fine. Do something about methods of transportation. The difference between people in the dominating alliance that can tp to dungeon entrances or key maps and people without access to prisms/imps/wabbit labs is abysmal. How about making them usable for everybody, but the fee is considerably higher out of the alliance, have a 5 minute delay between uses, or something? When designing mobs, they could give a niche to classes or builds that are underused. Like creating a monster that is particularly weak to AP reduction (not necesarily because it's easy to drain to 0, but maybe it has an effect that reduces its damage proportionally to AP lost). Or a monster that deals less dammage to summons than players, or takes very high pushback damage. And make these weaknesses optional, not necesary to deal with the monsters like with krobes. They do this very rarely, and not in a systematic way that encourages diversity.
  10. Not only is the engine outdated, dofus is bloated with impopular or useless features. They even aknowledge this by stating that the new game will be focused in combat, with quick dungeons and mini dungeons. AvA is mostly stale. Treasure hunt never caught on. 1 vs 1 is unbalanced (in part) because the devs try to pretend shields don't exist. Community challenges were only popular as a way to scam people with impossible fights until exploits were addressed. Most of the oldest dungeon still have gimmicky rooms that nobody likes (steping on tiles, moving through a room with holes, mazes). Sets from otomai, ougaa and bworker are too high level compared to their dungeons and underpowered compared to similar level equipments. There are chaffers invading Eltneg woods because someone thought that made sense 7 years ago even though nobody ever agreed. Monster aggression makes content impopular and it's never been addressed properly. Many low level items need rebalancing in terms of crafting after their ingredients changed levels (for example, during the Cania update) or simply because their recipes are awful (blop sets). Idols don't make low level content more challenging and can't be used to test hard/unique mechanics (Nileza autokill, Klime glyphs, Count rotations, Koutoulou swaps, QoT bombs).
  11. I'm surprised at how bad Tot is at communicating anything: Dofus 2 and dofus 3 are diferent games, but it's better to understand them as a single entity. Dofus 2 will not be used for testing dofus 3 ideas, but dofus 2 will go in the direction planned for dofus 3 and maybe they'll take advantage of the server merge to test ideas. Dofus 3 will not replace dofus 2, but it's being created because dofus 2 is obsolete and it needs a revamp similar to dofus 1 -> dofus 2.
  12. If you have the option to atomatically see whoever's turn stats enabled, then you can't access the button, or the other 3 for that matter. You need to disable this option (at least it can be done via right click instead of being forced to do it from the options menu).
  13. I wasn't saying it's your fault, it's on Ankama. The fr version is awful too because it compares old punishments to new attacks and such, which makes no sense: the first punishment "no longer has a stack limit" because sacrier's foot had one and it doesn't apply now, for example. Some spells have changed completely but the AP cost is the same, so they don't comment on it, forcing you to remember what it used to be like.
  14. The changelogs really need to have a better format for class revamps. There is no point in comparing completely new spells to unrelated stuff that happened to be learned at the same level. The sacrier stuff is almost unreadable, but it seems they got nerfed hard. They lose AP by using transposition and atraction. I'm mentally figuring 5000-5500 HP sacriers (like masqueraiders) losing 500 HP for map manipulation at their highest, with the "benefit" of dealing 250 damage and triggering random effects. Or the new class spell, lose 1000 HP to deal 500 damage in AoE, really? Level 120 sacriers leeching at mastogobs reach those numbers and get healed instead. This looks so bad, I'd prefer if they reduced the current sacriers' punishments to 2 AP, gave them a bit more range and left it like that until there's a more reasonable option.
  15. Never mind, this only applies to dofus quests right now, hopefully they'll expand on this idea to make the more interesting quest fights from Frigost, dimensions, etc. repeatable.