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  1. The kama selling ads are still there:
  2. It took him about 10 attempts to figure out the tryde, according to the description. It's also easier in 2.42 than before because of 3 PM instead of 4.
  3. I'm ok with this. Maybe they could still work on having dungeons with the choice between original and nerfed mechanics for the more demanding people.
  4. I think these discussions focus too much on content being "possible" instead of it being "fun". I know a lot of people get off the satisfaction of beating hard content after many tries, but at some point it just becomes frustrating to others. So even if it's possible if you just keep trying or getting slightly better gear, you give up. Even worse, in the case that you succeed it's a one time gratification. You beat the dungeon thinking that you'll never come back now that it's over.
  5. But they can't even display invulnerable state properly right now. All forms of info visualization are bugged: active states, damage preview and position preview show wrong info in some (very common) cases.
  6. Even if the general change is about making mechanics more clear, some dungeons need a change to make them more enjoyable/accesible. At least everyones in the fr forums agrees on vortex and catseye. I'm still hoping for some mechanic or monster nerfs.
  7. Before someone asks, elio's and xelor's changes are that unbewitching is applied before damage in their respective unbewitching spells.
  8. Google translate always does that.
  9. Class hat nerf incoming.
  10. Any confirmation on how the new stats work? If I have -10% resistances from a distance, are those substracted from my normal resistances or are they applied as an increase in final damage? And the damage modifiers, are they final damage? It seems a bit op if they are, since the equivalent in power would be too underwhelming.
  11. Wow, xelors nerfed to the ground without any prior notice. Both in changes to general mechanics and in particular spells.
  12. But the whole Noah's arc theme was already taken by Otomai. He put every species in his arc, it's just that most killed each other and only the most dangerous reached the island to finally settle down. And that's why he asks you for souls instead, since he failed before.
  13. I think inactive is like with deleted characters, that can be recovered via ogrines.
  14. Just +15 heals. Class items don't affect base damage/heals of spells.
  15. It means the mp loss from that spell can't be unbewitched. Jeuxonline has all the ouginaks spells at level 6.