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  1. Duel variant = corruption? On the note of leveling, I've been saving achievements since last december to make it more bearable.
  2. Enis get something like sadidas's earthquake (and either coney gets a makeover or this is a coney variant). Actually, since the beginning I've been wondering if summoning spells variants will summon something different or juts have modified characteristics (range, cost, line of sight).
  3. Not specific, more like I used to be in a dominating alliance and it was easy going anywhere, just to collect resources or cutting some walking in certain quests. I guess a good example could be Nimaltopia, which makes you zaap to Cania fields, move a few maps and talk to an NPC to visit it.
  4. Out of all the items on that list, the only thing I'm concerned about are pets. Most soul eater pets are disproportionately grindy to feed. Especially the ones that are outclassed by something else, which makes them extra pointless. Look a this http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Scarakiri. Does it make sense to run minotot 6 times to get a worse +damage pet? Or running field dungeons hundreds of times for this https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/pets/12982-mouselet?
  5. More methods of transportation or shortcuts. The world keeps getting bigger and sometimes more complicated (compare new Sidimote to the old one). Haven bags make a lot of stuff easier, but mainly for coming back. There are many places that are annoying to get to. I'd like if there were more quests that made moving around easier, like the elevators in merkator's zone (though that may not be the best example because that part of the game was made hard to access on purpose to begin with). They could also open imps carriers and wabbit tunnels to everyone for a price, with the owners of the zones getting free transport.
  6. Yes, it's a bug that came in 2.42 or 2.41: when you equip idols the droprates displayed in bestiary are extremely higher than the real ones.
  7. The new dofus was made to nerf jump + wrath and its poor cousin jump + peccary in 1v1 kolo.
  8. The tryde shows in the wrong position when it's revealed by some spells that do damage and move. Sadida's earthquake bugs it almost every time. When that happens, the sprite is shown in the last place where he was visible before being revealed, even if it was many turns ago.
  9. I tried, but it's not so simple. If I leek the masq linear to proto, he still attracts him and the glyph is left behind. Then he can move somewhere else because I don't have that much MP reduction or knowledge about monster AI to consistently have it where I want to. Doing the whole leek + glyph all between proto's turn means less damage because only the first attack moves it, and I've been dying to the malamoeba trying that way. In short, I thought I had a no brain strategy that only needed the masq to tank proto (easy enough with heals+shields+fossil) and it doesn't work, so my team is not prepared at all.
  10. I think the devs should start experimenting with controllable summons. Examples: Make them controllable during their first turn, which is often the most crucial. Create a general spell for controlling summons as volcasaurus said, just make it so that it doesn't let osamodas use the special spells of tofus/gobballs/wyrmlings. Distribute the ability to control summons to more classes (?) The reason to not allow full control all the time has been stated multiple times and people have noticed it in fights with osas: turns take too long.
  11. It's not the shields, it happened some times even when the masq died. It seems like whatetver proto attacks with in close combat doesn't make the glyph appear, and also the attractio spell hits first and moves later, leaving the glyph behind. Which means that my whole idea won't work, and I'll have to change the initiative order and sort out the first turns again, because only the sadida can hit himself in a practical way.
  12. Hello. I've been trying whale recently, and my strategy for Proto was supposed to be having a Masqueraider close to him so that it can cast reinforcement and put it in the glyph every 2 turns. The problem is that the glyph doesn't appear sometimes when Proto hits him. Is the fight bugged? Is there some mechanism that I don't know about? Is this a visual glitch? (I didn't really think about this option during the fights to test it, so might as well ask now).
  13. The kama selling ads are still there:
  14. It took him about 10 attempts to figure out the tryde, according to the description. It's also easier in 2.42 than before because of 3 PM instead of 4.
  15. I'm ok with this. Maybe they could still work on having dungeons with the choice between original and nerfed mechanics for the more demanding people.