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  1. Good riddance, this game is good again.
  2. I'm half expecting the devs to add more stuff to the kolo store after a while without proper announcement, so that the prices will go back up after people spent on cosmetics.
  3. I think they did it during thursday maintenance. The kwismas NPCs in Amakna gave it away.
  4. For a moment I thought the update gave me 16 million kolossokens by mistake.
  5. I'm pretty sure one of the main objectives of the aggro change is nerfing sufokia repeatable quests. Those bottles take like 5 seconds to grab.
  6. Bots can move around mobs automatically and keep moving to avoid aggro zones (if they're harvesting). Mobs don't care/get bored to fight continuously. Bots don't get frustrated if they die, they just wait for hp to refill and go back. Bots always go in groups and can instantly join each other. This is an anti player measure to sell automatic running for ogrines. A really long and still incomplete list of changes to be implemented before beta ends, got this from JoL (original source discord beta). Most changes are lowering AP costs and cooldowns. Ecas and Elios got a bit of a revamp.
  7. I wish there was a way to let them know how bad this aggresion stuff really is.
  8. Exactly, and we missed out on that because of people complaining about the economy and the price of kolossokens.
  9. It makes you think. This whole thing was planned for last year. It was stated that there wouldn't be any new elemental paths and variants would keep the spirit of the class intact. We were going to get new characteristic scrolls in exchange for kolossokens and also cosmetic stuff (hinted to be skeleton dragoturkey skin). People complained and the whole thing was pushed a year. Now we know that during that year they created a fourth elemental build for all the classes that didn't have one, pushing base spells into variants (directly nerfing the diversity of many classes, the opposite of the promised effect). And we didn't even get the new scrolls.
  10. Aggro timers are clearly bugged. The 60 seconds thing is not implemented correctly. As far as I can tell, the 3 seconds rule is broken too. I think time just stacks every time you pass an aggresive mob until you reach combined 3 seconds. Or something like that. Sacrier rant:
  11. After years of deleting our spellbars for no reason in the beta server, now we have to manually get rid of duplicate variants that can't be used. Ok. The button to see all unclaimed achievements doesn't work, you can only claim them manually from the list for the time being. My experiences with monster aggro is just as bad as expected and fits what other said. I don't know why do we have to wait for an update that gives us preset spell configurations. Some combinations work for PvP and others for PvM, and I want to switch between both in a reasonable way. Testing my classes righ now. Many variants seem designed to be underpowered, probably on purpose so that they can be buffed after feedback.
  12. It was obvious that aggresive monsters were changed to highly aggresive, the whole concept and their motivation is THAT stupid. Connection issues will almost surely make this dumb idea never happen, unless Ankama is in suicide mode. For the record: your character logs in before the login screen fades out and you see the map; this includes the screen freezing at 50% or whatever arbitrary number the current version of the bug displays. If your internet connection fails, your character(s) stays connected serverwise sometimes even for minutes. In some cases, this ocurrs even when closing the window instead of logging out manually. There, now yo can get AFK aggroed when logging in or out, or just having crappy internet.
  13. Some monsters will still aggro regardless of level, like bworks and wabbits. It's reasonable to suspect that "some monsters" are exactly the same as the current aggresive monsters. It would make most of Frigost annoying, as well as merkator zone
  14. I know. Also RIP daily sufokia quests. And probably resting between dungeon rooms. And reading whatever text they put in quests if the NPC is in an aggro zone. And having lag with multiple accounts if the mob is near the map border.
  15. Now people will afk inside their haven bags and the game will look even emptier. Or maybe not, bots will be free to roam everywhere, since they don't mind moving like crazy without staying in the same place for 3 seconds.