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  1. Well if anyone wants to join stormtroopers in Remington feel free to /w me Roesmeister ill send you a invite. :)
  2. Yeah sporks the she devil was her name. 20.000 kamas for the picture. Haha still love it. even with the mid/low level water bwak set :P Not sure if I'm really back but enjoying wakfu atm so maybe I am. :D
  3. I'm trying to contact both Twit and Sommanker on wakfu but I get no response. So if anyone want to try to contact me for a guild invite that would be great. :D
  4. So I used to play Dofus years ago I quit in 2007 I think... and I'm now trying to play Wakfu. Anyone still active here that I know or remembers me and who now plays Wakfu? Remington server. I play a sac atm Roesmeister is his name hit me up!
  5. So yeah I used to play dofus years ago quit before the 2.0 update, and played wakfu Beta. But I just started playing again I thought lets see of my Imps village account is still active. And it is. So yeah anyone wanne play. I'm on Remington sac lvl 15 I think now lol. Figuring out how to lvl him. I don't think it was like it used to be on dofus all in HP right. Anyway hit me up Roesmeister! Hope I enjoy it :D
  6. 8/10 cool but to cute
  7. ME atm saving for a mastralis and than 131 for that cake shovel there :blink: and maby a solomonk for those crits ^^
  8. My set at the moment :mellow:
  9. 8/10 Its nice.
  10. 0/10 for not having one. :wub: edit: damn you was before me... ehr 7/10 for its ok...
  11. My dot is right on top of my house ^^ sow, hey if you are ever in the netherlands and in utrecht you know where I live. :o Only a 20 minute walk from central station.
  12. I'm in there 2. first from the netherlands! ow yeah B)
  13. Ok me like a real model :P me and my gf Voodoo-lijn in game :angry: I got minions to scratch my chin ofcours B) . I'm to drunk to do it myselff. me whan I had dreads some time ago :) and was drunk as hell. who made that pic of me!! :angry: I know it's bigg wel srry don't like resising and well if you don't like big pics don't read this tread (or mods remove my pics).
  14. Slime love or hate
  15. +1 :D