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  1. Loving the dancing! Tried to watch the youtube vid again at work today (still there now :( ) but mike didnt set it up to allow people to view it on mobiles :(
  2. As soon as you got 19ap and 9mp on your sram it was all over, especially with your double locking nem and us not being able to free it :/ Also those heals from the eca were stupidly good :(
  3. After using a nub fogger in solo pvm for a while i personally believe that on smaller maps two of the turrets could be more of a hinderance than a help. Simply because of being grouped together and the AI of the attack turret you will probably find it damaging your own team more and more as it levels up to rank 3. Also with the tact turret pushing/pulling everyone in linear and diagnal it could prove to be a right pain on a small map. On a big map where people can spread out, then i think the turrets kinda come into their own and allow the team to be much more versitile and controling. Also, i agree with Ala, that some of the spells, esp int and cha, have short, unboostable diagnal range which often proves to be difficult to use simply because of the positioning and monsters never doing what you want them to xD That said, they have certain spells which are triggered off your team mates damage. Trident is a good example of this, and if you are rocking with a str iop or eca then the added damage can go a long way. The same goes for the -damage fire spell. As for replacing an eni, i'd probably say no, except for certain circumstances like fighting kolosso. This is mainly because the turret will require the target to be within 6 range (at rank 3) so it can heal them, and if the enemy is also within that range it will heal them as well. The special spell is very nice but requires you to cast your healing spell as well. If we needed a heal bot i would probably take an eni, or if pushed an osa as their healing is alot more versitile and doesnt keep you and your team stuck to a certain part of the map for heals... That said, if you were able to rely on the turrets special spell once a turn to keep whoever is in trouble alive then a fogger could be a good option simply because of its other atributes and damage spells.
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if i could get some clarification on limits and powers to make sure i am understanding things correctly... So... As i see it the current limits on exoing stats are 404 vit, 100 int/str/cha/agi, 66 wis, 33pp, 2 extra crits? So in theory (if you were amazingly lucky) you could get a CB hat to 404 vit, 100 cha/int/agi, 66 wis and 5 crits? I havent got a clue about other rune powers and i my works internet wont let me open the links to more information in this thread :/ I take it the max amount you can overmage also depends on the max amount the item has naturally? So if maging something with 10 int you would be able to get it to 30, but if maging something with 50 int you can get it to 100? Is there a -SIMPLE- sum i could use to try and calculate what the max is on certain items? Ive been trying to look into maging more but ive never really been able to understand how it works and what the limits are... Sorry if this is all one confusing wall of text, as i am confusing myself by trying to work it all out and ask for help at the same time. Thanks
  5. Wasnt having a go at you, was just confirming the truth xD Got some of the starter info here but things are getting a lot more in depth in the other one
  6. Epic, Iku, epic! xD I look forward to having mine done :) Hope all these goes well for you as it all looks so good!
  7. Ya the other thread has pretty much made mine redundant xD
  8. i believe lifesavers heals are based on the targets max HP, rather than the foggers stats, so in theory it should be able to heal as normal. As far as im aware the only turret that takes the foggers stats is the harpooner attack turret.
  9. I to agree that the idea of 1000 tokens is way to much, but i also kinda agree with what Izmar said about "1 spell point per hour is to much". But with this we are going from one extreme to the other as such. I dont know if shika can be used as a generic senario, but as a level 200 with between 1300 and 1600 rating you can usually register for kolo when you login, then you can go off hunting, specing fights etc for a couple of hours before you finally get a match. The main problem is that you wait for an hour or so for the 6th member to refuse the fight, then you wait another 45mins and it repeats. Recently ive only managed about 2 or 3 actual fights a day.. And when its 6 lvl 195-200's the fights can take a large amount of time on top of that. If there was a way, somehow, of getting a maximum of 5 spell scrolls a week i'd settle for that, or even 1 a day/1 every 2 days, as there is a sense of progress and development and it allows everyone trying to get spell points to do so at lesuire through whatever enjoyable means they devise, and not through months/years of endless pain and frustration that kolo will inevitably bring. I suppose the other major factor in all this is server size and diversity. I just hope that they do their "count" of spell scrolls by server and not as a whole otherwise it is going to show skewed figures and, because of the frenchies deadication and OP farming of all things needed, we will probably be stuck with it at 1000 per scroll.
  10. Thats good to know Ala! Unfortunately my fogger lvling has suffered lately so im still at lvl 49 :/ Have you managed to use your fogger much in team fights? I can see them having a potential as a support/cc class, though harpooner could prove difficult to use on the account of how it targets its "victims" as such.
  11. Hrm pretty interesting there Ala! Taking your point about turrets further, what happens in fogger vs fogger pvp? Might sound stupid but does the enemies cast kill your turret and visa versa? And does the global cooldown affect both sides? I presume the only way you can get 2 lvl 3 turrets is if you cast one turret and i cast another turret then we lvl them both? Or would me casting 2 turrets and us buffing them both work as well? What state does amubush put the turrets in? As it does damage from each of the 3 fogger elements, so i presume it puts it into whichever ele damage is done last? I've also done a test using periscope on a turret. It put it in the water state but the +range buff seemed to have no effect. I presume the turrets spells have a fixed range so buffs and debuffs wont affect them... Can you confirm this?
  12. Hrm, i'd have thought the turrets HP would have come out the same for both setups as well lol. have you managed to test the class special spell much yet? It seems pretty nice with a couple of turns duration. Havent tested it with using salt armour on the turret yet though
  13. To be honest i havent had that problem at all really. It happens with 1 or 2 dopples but the rest all you really have to do is pass a turn and the dopple will run back towards the turret... As long as you keep your distance yourself. Often easily do most of the dopples without losing any HP... Especially the sac and masq
  14. Even with a lower rating it can take hours to actually start a fight with all the people declining the fight when it is ready to start... Though once you get above 1400 rating on shika its like... "Ive just wasted 1.5 hours waiting for a kolo match for it to be cancelled". While i was never a fan of farming cracklers to get spell points it was a lot fairer than this new system... This will probably bring out a flood of new OP lvl 60 kolo fighting teams to farm kolo tokens in order to make millons from selling over priced spell scrolls to people :/
  15. Easy in the sense that once you get an attack turret to evolution state III it is dealing between 57 & 63 damage per hit on poutch (in prespic set and wis items). Then add in 2 anchor hits for between 34 & 38 dmg each you're looking at 120 damage, from 6 range, per turn to one target from turn 4 onwards, though you will still get extra damage in on turns 2-4. It probably has more to do with the dopples not having enough health to survive 6 turns... But with other classes i always found it pretty much impossible to do a full round of dopples with only an adv set (though it has been a while since i started a new chara)