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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. I like the subtle accent
  2. you go Glen Coco!
  3. You kinda played that sram :o lol, Props for the forest temple remix. This was my first time seeing a new sadi in 1v1 and I'm pretty impressed, that treebeard looking dude is killer
  4. I agree, I think the change here sort of makes sense, ankama saw the trend in using spells to just all out blitz monsters and while that is effective, I doubt that is the technique Ankama has in mind when they create any content. I kind of like the bribe change because it heightens its ability to be used like you said, as a preventative, defensive measure rather than a slightly OP set up to kill something huge and dangerous in a turn.
  5. those little treafast booties are too damn adorable
  6. This is the set I have planned for my eni at 200, and I think it's fairly standard. http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/302759-bear-cub/2.html ofc change the voyager for a vulbis ideally
  7. Here's the set I'm using on my enu... its not amazing or anything but it gets the job done for pretty cheap, and it'll last until danathor basically http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/302759-rakkus/1.html
  8. I'm actually shocked that the sadi changes are happening so soon :o
  9. Dude runescape is tricky. The pointing, clicking and waiting really gets intense sometimes... sometimes you have to point, click click and then wait
  10. I think it mostly depends on your preference, I use 10ap on my enu but I've got AP buffs so its a bit more manageable. If you decide to go for the AP weapon though, I'd recommend a zoth warrior axe, I don't really think the elemental stats on the axel or the splitting shovel are better than 300 vit. Your vit is pretty low for your level, so if I were you I'd prioritize that over 10/11 AP. Here's a set that I'd use on my enu at that level. The xenomorph set might be a little tricky to come by, but you can really fill those slots with whatever cha pieces you like. http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/302759-rakkus/1.html I don't know what budget you're working with, but on solar this set would cost about 6mk which isn't too bad
  11. Int/str osa isn't really worth it imo, especially for PvM duos, I'd stick with full int. As for the second if you're strictly concerned with duos I'd make a rogue or sram, as they can provide both large damage and map manip, but additionally they're both able to survive reasonably well.
  12. Those are some hefty requirements, this set will require you to level up to 151, but that's pretty easy from 143, and it will do for 10/6 and if you're willing to spend a bit of your cash on an AP solo or some other AP exo you can be 11/6 with 1/2 on dagger and con, downside is your vit is a bit low, but that's semi ok because youre a sram and if you play well you don't always need a huge amount of vit. With this set you can sell your MP gelano, or keep it and switch out the ice dags, maybe to the Rahm Bow which is pretty nice.
  13. I've thought about using a set like this when my panda reaches 200, people kind of hate on the antyklime set but I think its decent if you don't go for 1/2 crits... the only problem with this set is its total lack of resists in earth and fire, but you're a panda right? :( And the damage is nice at least, add an ochre and exos for 11/6, still 5 range not too shabby
  14. Xelorium [-59,11] 92 uses, ~22 hours left current modifier: Mummifying Solitude
  15. In my opinion paying for something to switch dofus tabs is kind of a waste. Like others have suggested, just use autohotkey. Unless you're totally opposed to using a keyboard while you play dofus, you can map your characters screens by their name to specific keys or sets of keys and it makes moving a team a breeze because you can progress down a line of keys with one hand changing your active screen and just click the same spot over and over with your other, and once you learn which key is which character it makes fights run very smoothly as well. If you're totally dead set on spending go for it, it's probably better in some ways, but if your only pursuit is dofus window switching you can do it for free easily.