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  1. What's up guys. i just started playing again a couple weeks ago, I'm a level 30ish Ouginak really just looking for a couple lower leveled people/guild to do things with. I know there probably aren't many new people on Imps, but figured I'd give it a shot. Message me /w Crayon
  2. Hey Imps, Not sure if anyone I used to know is active on these forums or still plays this game. Been playing on and off since beta, consistently played from 07-10 and last played back around 2012/2013. My old ign was XxCrayonxX and also had a brief stint on Zato with a cra named Seamen, but my account appears to have been banned. I can only assume for letting other people play on my account if they still ban people for that. Anyways, looks like the game is almost completely different from what I remember. I'm going to make a new account and jump on here shortly. I'll update with my new IGN when I do if anyone wants to play with a noob. Best, Crayon EDIT: I've created an Ouginak (Used to train off these guys all the time, love that they've become a class) IGN: Crayon
  3. Welcome to imps :) I just came back and it's quite the good time!
  4. Just a random win I have from a while ago As you can tell I was quite excited with the win.. Ecas Luck was so overpowered Wearing my favorite hat of all time in this pic... I wore that Farles Hat to death Lost most of my good old ones on my old computer.. had these on photobucket
  5. What's up all, I'm back. I've been around for an extremely long time. Right now everything I have is on my char I made a while ago on zato, I might transfer him over to my primary stomping grounds or I might bring crayon back from the dead on Rushu. Feel free to hit me up my Zato user name is /w Seamen and my Rushu character is /w XxCrayonxX
  6. Hey there I have also been playing since the times of beta but I am rarely around anymore. A couple months ago I started from scratch on zato to try and get that same old feel you were talking about and I had it. I made it from nothing to about 130 pretty much just solo grinding and talking in /g to a nice small and friendly guild I found on the server. I did end up dropping off again and I'm not really active anymore but the old time feel is still there for sure and it brings back some nostalgia.
  7. I have some old screen shots somewhere... I just need to hunt them down <_<
  8. Hey all I just came back after being away for many months, and my friends have all left :( If anybody is looking for someone to play with hit me up on /w Seamen ! I'm also looking for a fun decently active guild!
  9. I like the looks of the trailer and I loved the books so I'm hoping it turns out great... but I just have this feeling that it won't turn out as good as I'm hoping :unsure:
  10. eXme is certainly a rushu legend, although not in the best way
  11. Your IRL age: 24 Time Zone: Eastern Language(s):English What are you looking for in a guild? Fun and enjoyable people to play this fine game with Character (Name/Lvl/Class) : Seamen / 101 / Cra Profession(s) and their levels : Lumberjack 27 Level of activity on this character : Very active Briefly describe the extent of your experience with Dofus : I've been playing since the dinosaurs were here in 2005 during the beta mode with some breaks here and there, I played on rushu from then until a couple months ago when I joined zato Are you P2P? yes Alt info Alts, if applicable (Names/Lvls/Classes/Elements/Profs, etc) : n/a Do you have any Alts in other guilds and if so, which guilds? n/a Do you want your add your Alts to VA? If so, which ones? n/a Please list your old char names if you have had any name changes: n/a Why do you want to join VA? I wanted to join this fine establishment because from the member I have met in game and the members that I see on this forum it seems like a good fit for me. They're extremely friendly and seem like the type of people I want to play with! Have you had any previous issues or confrontations with any of our existing members? No I cannot say that I have History Name of previous guild(s), if applicable: Empire, Lost Odyssey Reasons why you left your old guild(s), if applicable : Both guilds died.. Empire died while I was on a break from the game and Lost Odyssey died after being alive for a short time Have you read and do you understand the guild guidelines as outlined on this Forum? Indeed so
  12. I can't log into the game or anything.. getting the incorrect information message :( Edit: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/9825-intrusion-problem-password-resets
  13. Hello I am a level 97 int cra looking for some friendly and talkative people to play with. I've been leveling at a pretty rapid pace of 1-2 levels per day by soloing blops, kanis, pandas, fungis, gob dungeon, basically anything trying to not stay bored. I will most likely be over level 100 in a day or too and it would be great to have some company! Message me at /w Seamen :) Thanks
  14. oranges are apples, and