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  1. My god, 7 years. So much has changed, but I recently got the Dofus bug again so I might as well come back. Hey y'all. c:
  2. z5wywXd0vN0
  3. Anyone got the link for it? I'm a bit too tired at the moment to look.
  4. The test server is still up? O.o
  5. David Guetta - The World is Mine
  6. Hmm, may I please have a +25 or more cawwot dofus and an emerald dofus, whatever the stats? More wisdom is fun, but my vit seriously sucks something furious. :3
  7. Hans Zimmer - This land
  8. New and future equips of wheeee. Fear the shovels. :P (thanks dej-en and dugdigger for the shoes and musical shovel, respectively)
  9. I can feel you all around me - Flyleaf
  10. Kaze no Klonoa 2: Sekai Ga Nozonda Wasuremono - Ark I
  11. then again being compared
  12. Yes, holy shit, it be me. Run before I eat your kitten.
  13. New equips on shika, thanks to Lux/ed/rom/Con/delta for helping me get everything. :D