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  1. not sure if right section. hi i'm cemetary from solar
  2. Doing dungeon runs? Boring. Even more boring? Watching other people do them. Try to be creative.
  3. Looks pretty good, main thing I would suggest is getting proper trophies for each char. Other then that, naice.
  4. Need 69 members all level 69.
  5. That's weird...cause everything sold.
  6. Move on with my life? haha i don't know what you mean by that.
  7. The name of merch is Anigav, he is directly in the middle near the mining cart wearing a dora. Updated first post with picture of all that's left.
  8. Sorry, had to do a few things. I'm back at 0,1 .
  9. Int. Though 1/2 splinter set up can be fun.
  10. Quitting so I set up shop at 0,1. Some good items there, feel free to check it out. Lots of equips and eggs. edit: If you see something you want and don't like the price, pm me on here and we can negotiate. Bob-marley is switching servers to buy turq/crim/eme on tuesday, if something goes wrong with that I will add them to merch.
  11. -Go to market -Click on sell -Click your meat -Check the average price -Pick a price and put it up
  12. This. I'm pretty sure everyone has this problem, well at least I know that I do when I shouldn't. You should turn off windows aero and see what happens. Dofus just lags for some reason after a while so upgrading won't help you there but I still recommend that you upgrade anyways cause a 7900 gs is pretty bad (it only has 256mb gddr3 RAM which isn't a lot and it's old. A 550 ti / 7770 would be nice upgrades.
  13. I know, it came out wrong. I suggested it because well....Macs are macs.. So yeah, I know having a mac has nothing to do with his amount of ram, but since he has only 2gb he might as well sell the mac and get a big boy computer that has more than 2gb of ram. :)
  14. I can't see it either, got the same thing as proxy.