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  1. Nah, it was a whole thread. Had a bunch of pics of things like the characteristics screen and pics of attacks. ("Making these numbers bigger helps make these other numbers bigger.") And so on. Thanks for your time though! It's always a sad when stuff is lost on the internet. );
  2. Howdy all... it's been... oh, almost two decades since I've been here... one quick question. I see some massive changes happened here some 6 years ago. Is there a place to look at the old content from pre-2011? Looking for a humorous post from circa 2008. (you old farts might remember it, i think it was called "dofus for dummies"... Talked a lot about the goal of Dofus was to biggify the numbers. "Unfortunately, because of all the math, there are many, many places with numbers you need to biggify." XD
  3. rookie