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  1. Alright. I`m in dofus touch if anyone wanna play. Guild: Snow, alliance HUE
  2. I have to think about starting pc again youb :P but nostalgia is poking my back. What lvls are you guys atm? Edit: Heia sverige hehehe
  3. Well, long time since I was here.... But for those who remember me, i`m on dofus touch with a lvl72 feca, (again). If anyone wanna catch up, my really creative ign is "Myway" Lol!
  4. Happy xmas and new year from an old dofus player!
  5. Hi all :lol: Long time since i`ve been around. Ellabella, I agree with you completely! Pfff, i`m a teacher as well and beeing a teacher here in Norway is really hard. This isn`t a joke guys: 40-50% of all teachers with a teaching degree quit as teachers in 3-5 years (here in Norway). Google it up, you might find something in english on the subject. If I could choose again, I would be something different, but I can`t do anything now couse of all the loans (house, car, education etc). I miss dofus guys, though I can`t play. Mac, I can`t believe you are still playing dude! :P Nice to see you around :P
  6. cra sadi same sadi lol
  7. Damn duff :P I envy you with all the diving you are doing :) Cool pics :o
  8. The old ones sounds best :D I would love a jacko pastorious bass, if anyone know what i`m talking about :D
  9. kasslabarack, I always thought you were a girl!!!! :D I googled Ryan Martinie DiWa. I really like the bass he`s playing on, a warwick jazz bass if I'm not wrong.. :D or is it a thumb bass?.. I cannot quite see the resemblance him <-> me though :P
  10. Just had a concert near Oslo at Kjellern Rock festival. Me on bass;
  11. Love the hat kafka ;=P Damn, I thought you were living in Norway sagadaw :D
  12. Yupp sagadaw, i`m norwegian :D Better that than all those swedes like youb and amne :D hehehe At least we got the oil xD
  13. I`ll make some pr lol; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodesian_Ridgeback Yeah, they grow fast couse they are big dogs, not the biggest ones though, I give mine 3 meals a day, i`ll check later how much he gets... Edit; I spend about 600 NOK a month on food, that`s about 90$ or about 80€. His toys lasts max 3 days lol. Edit 2: "Whole dolphins, I would imagine." ROFL :D
  14. Thanks :P Lol yeah, he`s around 30 kg atm, and he`s still a puppy! only 8 months old ;)
  15. ROFL quiv ;) How do you polish him? Haha. I thought i`ll post some pics of me :P Click the link for bigger pic, there are comments beneath each pic. And, of course;