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  1. wow nice shirei
  2. holy cow swatch :P
  3. wow niceee munity
  4. flaming is not a noob. leave him alone.
  5. me >_>
  6. ^_^
  7. hey i just crafted my dora bora. and i would like to ideally add 5 - 10 str. my friend picasso said to use ra fo runes on it for str. and there is a 95% succes rate of adding 5 - 10 str. should i risk it? thanks :P
  8. 21 mil kamas or just using tsearch ?
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    • Ayy-lmao

      aight, so i did Peb'Houlud last year and it took the mick to actually kill him, but figure out mp rape and pushing him to the bottom worked out. So i come back to kill him again and now he has jump, so err whats the tactic to fighting a guy that mp rapes everyone in an aoe and gaining 50% res?? don't understand how this guy is now harder than most of f3 bounties.
      · 1 reply
    • Brutt-os1  »  bobeur

      bobeur since u dont play much could i arnak ur pano frm iop/eni/huntdown for my new eni iop elio also for panda i think about make bruce pano if u have some items i could lend h
      · 2 replies