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  1. What I Want Number of New Accts: 0 Goal: Duo that can grind xp to 200 and then safely farm dungeons. Based on what I have what are my options, I would be willing to transfer one of my 180s to the other account. I'm leaning towards sram being a part of my pve duo but I'm not sure if I'm skilled/rich enough to pull that off.
  2. Beginner poor noob friendly duo for unlocking all of the frig dungeons. Enu/Cra or Iop/Elio?
  3. I wanted it to be my own little house :D
  4. 9mk offered please and thank you. Liffa - Rushu
  5. Do people sell powerleveling services? I've always been terrible at it solo and hardly find any groups to leech in. I just want to get my 164 xelor to 199 after all these years and would love to know how much it might cost me.
  6. Purchased everything I needed plus a crimson please close thank you ^_^
  7. Special request can someone build me 2 sets for int/agi iop. One set for level 160 and a second for level 180 both designed for kolo so they must be high health with good res. The budget is around 80mk and I have 0 dofus aside from cawwot. If you're on rushu and I use your set I would be happy to tip.
  8. No the point is a 150 character for wings and Kolo. But thank you.
  9. I recently got lucky with a scratch off and decided I was going to waste all of it on Ogrines because fuck it why not. What I have is a level 154 character that is fully scrolled already. I have not pvp'd with any seriousness in over 6 years and so I don't think I'm ready for stuff like Elio's. My question for you all is if you were given an unlimited budget excluding vulbis with the sole intention of Rank 10 what class would you play and what kind of sets would you have. I personally don't like running away to win so if you know of any super OP 150 sac sets those would be ideal ^_^
  10. Hello in all my years I've never made it to 200 but thanks to the beta I was finally able to see that level 200 screen for the first time. If anyone has any unused gear just sitting in their inventory that they would be willing to let me use to experience 200 pvp would be greatly appreciated. I'm not asking for your perfect ap inky I would love the unmaged items collecting dust ^_^ Names Liffa and I will play any class that can wear what I have
  11. You sir are a friend
  12. Idols. There are so many options and when I ask in game for setup ideas everyone just gives me numbers like 306. Apparently that is enough for others but I am clueless on what idols are doable with only Eni/Iop
  13. Class: 1) Iop 2) EniBuild: Strength IntKamas/time available: 20mk for both sets.Current team: 150 str iop, 109 int eni.Lvl range: Looking for a set no higher than level 160 for both.PvM oriented Extra comments: I don't care if its bad for Kolo my only desire is a set that I can keep and use to level up to 199/200 before replacing.
  14. 182 Str/Agi Xelor Budget - no dofi(?) or exo mages other than mp gelano. Need a set designed for Kolo ^_^