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Everything posted by Youbutsu

  1. God, I need to start doing that too. Without enu army though! Such a thrill, grats! 😊
  2. I've been comparing markets and merchants for about a month now and so far I've only found one exo'ed nomarrow hat. Way crappier stats and I happen to know it sold for 24mk. I have my Nomarrow's Helmet at sale in merchant for 28mk but am willing to negotiate. The Nomarrow's Ring is 4.5 million which is fair if you compare to markets. Mine got good stats and got overmaged vit. A good stat ring is 4 million, however I'm willing to negotiate on this as well. These are my last items and the signatures alone are worth the kamas I'm asking. True, alternative facts.
  3. Hat 21. Ring 3.5.
  4. Making my own topic soon. Good luck man and thanks for your contrubutions to the community. You did well, so do the same irl 😊!
  5. Hat 24. Ring 3.5.
  6. You guys are posting under Rushu.
  7. Under the edge (our guild), Void and International. Theres more but these 3 holds a majority of us.
  8. I am, and so are many other english-speaking people. I'm not the kind of player who plays every single day, but I'm in contact with 50ish who are 😊. Most join our guild, UtE, to move on later on. International is 100+ i.e. This is at Henual with mostly really old time players from 2005-2007. Bochi, you know me 😆. Thanks Rob!
  9. Lies and slander. Hat 26mk in merchant. Ring 4mk. Still negotiable if you pm me. Don't try and come afterwards.
  10. The only problem as I see it is what will follow. A majority of the people saying nay and those who lead the achievementboard are longtime and loyal players since between 2005 and 2009 (not easy to check but possible for the curious - creationdates at OF). Dofus already lost most of them. Those who are left- will they stay or will they leave? Would they reccomend dofus to others? Dont think so. Personaly I dont mind as I no longer play on 2.XX but I'm pretty sure this will cause Ankama more damage then good, which is sad since it ruins the communities rather then markets. We've seen it happen before and people are already quitting again. I hope this works out for you.
  11. Pls. You can solo anything as it is right now.
  12. They are and have been for a very long time 😮?
  13. Still got em'.
  14. 13x cra with 5 nubs 😊
  15. Oscarley is still here as well. Leading Love at Echo server (2.XX server).
  16. Norge! 1.29 Henual - Ling-Ling 😆!
  17. UNDER THE EDGE History In 2008 Twofingers (first level 200 enutrof) created an academy-guild for Blank and Critical Failure, named Under The Edge which he lead under his alt Reqonsuita. His supreme leadership and helpful hand lead to a lot of new members for both our guilds. During his leadership he singlehandedly helped 100's of players evolve to become bigger players at Rushu. Some playing still today. I'll go ahead and say that Twofingers was, without a doubt, the best leader Rushu ever encountered. Jumpermina was one of these players, and this guild is his creation. Who we are In our guild you'll find many names you'll recognize from Imps Village. Me, Jumper, Kikn, Pantaleo, Hendzors, Topinator, Veldin, Bobeur to mention a few. If you feel you're starting to get tired of the constant changes on Echo and want to try out something new old - you are welcomed to join us. Here's a very stabile server with good economy, nostalgia, friendly and (semi)mature atmosphere in a mixed community. French, english, spanish or even swedish works! What it's like You can be a solo player and play with others, or you can do it the old fashioned style and run with 8 characters. You have unlimited chests on enus, your sacrier with it's crazy buffs is nearly unbeatable in pvm, your xelor will take down any monster to 0 ap, your eniripsa heals like a god, you can do "ratting" with your sadida or be an overpowered osa/eca/sram/feca. Every class is what it was like when it was at it's prime but the most amazing aspect is the music! Apart from this, you can actually drop items and resources. Start with adventurer set, then gobball, then prespic, then jelly and finally build up your character in a chanting bora to inky veil with a dropped turq and crimson. You'll need this when you start hunting perceptors (which is a welcoming thing here). Why we want you Many of our members are on breaks, but just as me - they will eventually return. We are cool with that as we play dofus as a game and understand that life can be busy. Others joined another guild called "International" - which is a very solid, friendly and strong english speaking guild. Why am I inviting you then? Because we want to get to know you. We don't mind if you move on to another guild and use us as you start out. The main thing is we'll get to know this community and actually have fun together. There are no updates, no revamps, no nerfs. No changes at all actually. This makes Henual the opposite to what Echo is today. I can make this topic 100 times longer so I'll sum it up: If you want to try this out - you are welcomed to join our guild either to stay or to make acquaintances until you decide to try another guild. We wouldn't mind more company either way. Pm me here and I'll get in touch with you. Most of us had our nicknames taken on Henual, so it can be a bit tricky to find us.
  18. Thesus, you seem very cool. Thousands of people are looking up to your valuable posts. Good job man.
  19. You don't know me, and that's okay. I don't got an e-penis, just for the record. I'm swedish and barely got one irl, come on man. I respect a lot of your members. Just to mention one, I'll say Vikin whom I corrected (if you read what he writes in guildchat). Same goes for the "past record" posts below yours. Correction is not showing e-penis. Platinum is the best pvm (and pvp?) guild out there right now, no doubt. Your leader know I think so as well. Since you guys are all about achievements, maybe take this up as a challenge and beat our record? Is it really such big of a deal? I can remove my posts and let you keep gloating if you want? We had a post about this but it got lost in the archives. I really don't care. Just figured I'd correct the people thinking this was a dofus record. It IS a nice achievement. Don't get so upset.
  20. No, I quit 2.0. Don't do this to me. Keep your thoughts to your self and come back 1.29.
  21. And even when playing, people actually did so together. It wasn't unusual for us to do ghosts, sphincter, tot, ougaa or dp with 8 different guildees. At one time we had to kick all alts from guild to fit actual players. It's very similar to how the 1.29 servers are right now actually. Shouldn't be making commercial like this, but not everyone is aware that Henual is open for everyone. Windows 1.29 Mac 1.29 Linux 1.29
  22. I'd have to edit some and I'm extremely lazy. I was the one who took the initiative to this event and there are a few chats and maps in the videos that shouldn't be shared. If this post reach more then 20 likes (without the help from Sunbathe or Kikn) I'll upload an extremely heavy gallery (found my dofus archive ^_^) and 10 various videos from 2006-2009 in the proper gallery! :-)
  23. You realize that this isn't anything new, right? You've had people writing this since 2005. Introduction of Pandala: - "Omg, why do they make it so easy to level?" - All the higher level players. Moving Dragon Pig from his lair to a dungeon: - "Omg, why do they make it so easy to fight Dragon Pig?" - All the higher level players who had turqs. Introduction of Otomai: - "Omg, why do they let people reset? Everyone will become wis and leech" - All the higher level players. Introduction of Tot Island: - "Omg, why do they make it so easy to level and drop crimson dofus?" - All the higher level players who dropped their crimsons from the cania minotoror. Introduction of Frigost: - "Omg, why do they make it so easy to level and why do they add such op equips?" - All the higher level players who had op equips. Introduction of Dimensions: - "Omg, why do they add such op equips?" - All the higher level players who had op equips. They've been nerfing and buffing since creation. People are leaving Dofus and Ankama are trying to adapt to get more players. They had a winning concept where people actually would recommend the game to other people, but it got lost some 10 years ago or so. Don't think they'll stop with this. Either you dig the situation or you don't. I know, I've been complaining about this quite lovely game for 12 years.
  24. 86 individuals (I have a few 20 or so videos from the event)