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Everything posted by Youbutsu

  1. Can't get in. Can you?

  2. @Rob I'm still tragic I guess, yeah. Hi.
  3. Welcome to Henual guys :-)!
  4. Y?

    1. Sunbathe


      Please PM me instead of posting on my profile to get a faster response ^_^

    2. Youbutsu


      i pm u ltr k?

    3. Rob




  5. can u pls tell me who u r deep down in ur soul ^_^

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    2. Rob


      I bet he's just been grinding 508 snowfoux though.

    3. Youbutsu


      He abuses bugs. Should tell bob to report.

    4. Rob



      We're all waiting for you

  6. I bank my arches, but this one I was selling. 2mk at Henual is like 20 on Rushu. Had 2 sorts of souls on eni and didn't want to mix them up. You know, like opening the wrong souls 😅. Sorted them out and put half on main. This makes it even worse, doesn't it 🤔? Rob, why would you ask me that?
  7. So happy to catch this soul. 2 million kamas in market which is a lot at henual ^_^... Well yeah. FML :-)
  8. May you burn by Lichens hand.
  9. I wont lie and say we're all awesome and stuff like that because me and one more isn't. I can name several people from each guild that got my respect for being both awesome people and awesome players. This alliance will belong and it would be a shame to miss out on. Of course you can join Blank as well, but to do that - you have to already know us and what we stand for. Unless you impress any active sic 😘. Viva INT!
  10. Is it still a scam if he willingly gave the item back? If you look at my screenshot you see how I log on, do an exchange with Malt, contact Rising and exchange him. It was nothing more to the story. Is this what impsvillage.com is like now a days? A fucking gossip-corner where a bunch of 20+ year old gamers contribute with nothing else but gossip about other players in a game? You can call people whatever you feel like and get a warning after having gotten 50 warnings earlier, but you can't make a mistake out of anger - resolve it and move on? Do you seriously think there was nothing more to the story then this screenshot? Malt has been an active member at this community for 10 years. Also one of the best players for at least 7 (which he proved pretty well in Goult that a majority of you are too new to know about). The guys in Platinum didn't just invite a random guy when they invited Malt. They invited someone they knew and were friends with. Everyone who plays at Rushu knows this. That changed, and to think it was nothing more then their story - well Good Game on you. What's the point in helping each others if giving each others shit gets more attention? What was the use of me losing 4 million kamas? Imps is really becoming a nice forum ^_^! Toxic community spreading, waw hhhh fk menz. Gary gave the hat back w/o any hesitation (easy when you don't disrespect each others, no?) I paid 4 million kamas to the poor and innocent victim. Oh, I also booted Malt from our guild for the "trouble" he caused. Well yeah, I've said my piece. I'll just sit back and wait for my warning. You know, I just wrote "fuck" several times so I guess that should be more then enough for me to risk a ban ^_^. Haha, I wish you much joy with the new generation players~. Peace. Edit: I won't contribute any further to this gossip.
  11. Äsch, det är en bra snubbe som blev lite frustrerad :-). Shit happens mate~. The fuck are all of you Swedes? I spoke english with Rising, is he Swede too?
  12. Rising-Madness got his hat back (Malt is still a good guy in my eyes) and 4 million for the trouble. As for Gary, well - his part isn't told here. Doesn't really matter either as everything is resolved. At least in my eyes. Sorry it had to go this way, but glad Rising got everything back and no one got hurt :-).
  13. Representing Blank here. First off, Rising-Madness - I will personally pay you 8 million kamas. 4 million to compensate for the hat and 4 million to compensate for this whole shit - drama. I will talk to Gary about this and have him pay me back. Not interested in any explanations since he was given more then one opportunity to do so by you guys in Platinum. Gary will pay me back eventually. Thanks Platinum, we've talked before and we respect your players too. Really sad to see this. I've known Gary for over 10 years. I think Devilix invited him to Blank in 2007 the first time, and ever since that he's been a come- and go kind of member. Still, Blank is pretty damn close knit and we all know him really well. More then most of you could realize. I love the guy even if he sometimes pulls some pretty messed up stunts. He knows that and our mutual friends in guild knows that too. Blanks response will be: 1. Compensate the loss. 2. Make Malt aware that we aren't ok with this. 3. Not letting him represent our guild or alliance anymore. Damnit. This is sad.
  14. We are :-)
  15. Meh, too lazy to quote all of you. Kikn. Go away. Alukard and Simon, I was in interference. That's where I became driven to compete for highest level etc. -SOVIET- was great that way. He kept pushing us to realize how easy it was once we got the hang of it. After that, I went together with some friends and revived Gobball Hunters which eventually became Blank. Just as Jump says, 1.29 is another option for you. We play at Henual and got the community feeling. He made a guild that is working out quite nicely. The possibility to actually drop stuff give me such a thrill. You can drop equipment and dofuses here! You have to work harder to get somewhere on this server, which isn't a big problem for players that used to play back then. The majority of players on both Henual and Eratz play because of nostalgia which means the avg player on 1.29 are older then on 2.0. You wont find people heiling, looking up people irl to make fun of them, or 20 people forming swastikas here. Shingun, thanks for the massive compliment man! You're both a great guy and a great player. I agree with you a bit but not completely. Rushu is childish and half of the community is toxic. Avoid -1.0 as there are no ingame-moderators who takes action anymore. I think? At least haven't heard or seen any in many years. There is, just as Sommanker says, still many nice folks at our community. Check out the alliance Integrity i.e. It contains several guilds you'll recognize as a veteran. In these guilds are people that got respect for others and who can act like a decent human being even in a game. I don't say all, but I dare say many. I'm sure you'll find your way around. Have fun man~
  16. Rocks Den! I remember you, and I think you might remember me as well. It's a completely different game from what you used to play. It got more content then you can imagine, so it isn't possible to become "game over" anymore. Everything has changed, and so has a majority of the classes - if not all. Can't really catch up from a post at a forum, haha! As for Equinox, you and Reda can have so much fun together the few hours every month he logs on :-)! Most of our older guilds are goners. We've gotten older and boring. We're still here, but not actively recruiting so the inside communities are a bit more quiet then you get from the newer ones.
  17. But Rushu will be foreigners too. How did so many people not understand that? Is this real life!?!?
  18. Under The Edge at Henual is an amazing guild. Top support, friendly atmosphere and experienced players. Oh, and Pantaleo the level 200 iop with 17 ap etc. Many names from this forum. Pm Jumpermina! Got Void too but only gotten to know 3 players from that guild so far.
  19. Yeah they don't understand how awesome we are. Their loss.
  20. The fuck you doing at eratz? Come Henual guys.
  21. Started in august 2005 and playing on both. Right now I spend a lot of time at 1.29. I like the atmosphere and community going on mixed with shitload of nostalgia. Players know players, you have a very mixed community but can still play with people who doesn't understand a word of what you write. Another plus side - ages of the players. Most of the players at these servers are playing because of the nostalgia, which mean they've been playing a while. So far I haven't met a single player below the age of 20 (that I know of). People are just friendly and having fun together contra 2.0 where a majority are assholes and wouldn't go near you unless it was to scam you or kill you. Just as mentioned - 2.40 got way more to offer gamewise and of course there's awesome people here too - but they are harder to find. At 1.29 you're stuck with the same equips, classes, monsters and known bugs. Don't expect it to be anything else but what it is. At 2.40 you get an update every week or so.
  22. Wow, you guys are nub haha! How did you not know about that? OF used to be flooded with that problem.
  23. Yitzme ftw. Them rules says a lot about who you are. Good luck (not that you need it). Awesome people.