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  1. So yeah. Dopamine level 100%. Addicted again fk. Seriously though, amazing people. Just the kind of people I enjoy hanging around with. Join me, le Bobeur and our friend Choum att jellies ^_____^
  2. Join us on Henual (1.29) Aaronizer!
  3. The right one, Pm Kikn and he'll give you 10mk to start of.
  4. just keep trying. It works after a while. I think. Not like I've tried, pft...
  5. Ok, so I know Kiknub and Jumpnub are here but are there any other people I know playing? Anyone from the old days perhaps? Is there anyone who can convince me to try this out even? I know 1.29 better then I know 2.whateverversionwe'reinrightnow.
  6. what up

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    2. hosshulk


      We are good! We have a cute little girl that keeps us on our toes for sure! I got out of the active duty military and we moved back home. I do the reserves thing but I landed a good job and Becca is a teacher now. Glad to hear you are doing well brotha. I actually logged in yesterday when I found dofus on steam but no one was online so I just kinda gave up on it. Becca, Josh, and me have been checking out the dofus touch thing though

    3. Youbutsu


      How old is she? I think just about everyone you actively used to play with are gone apart from INU who recently came back. I haven't heard from you since 09-10 I think? We've gotten old :-)))). I know a few old-time players who do dofus touch. Terak and Juvel i.e (if you remember them from GH?). You know they released the old version too?

      Haha, I forgot you and Josh are irl friends =). You have to give them my regards! God, the three of you could have so much stuff to do together ingame now a days. It's like a completely different game with a touch of nostalgia. You leaving for the military was the reason you quit in the first place, no? I think you and Derrick (Xx-Silence-xX the osa) went to the army the same time. What is your daughters name and have you introduced her to her creator, dofus yet?

    4. hosshulk


      Her name is Kaelyn and she's a little over a year and a half old, but she gets tons a bad habits from her cousin who just turned 3. So no video games for her yet haha. Uhhh na I played for some time even after I joined the military back in 07 and quit several times between then and '10, but yea the last time I played was around '10 or possibly '11. Becca played for a bit longer after that until maybe around '13 but yea I see there are new Dofuses and what not. Some of the stuff looked interesting, but with no one being around anymore I know I would get bored fast. Most of our chars are ransacked and we aren't in any guilds anymore so it would be too much effort just to check out the new content lol. When I looked at when Dofus came out it really did blow my mind how long the game has been around because we started originally in '06 I believe....which is nuts! Trying not to think I'm getting tooo old but I did turn 30 last year. Who knows maybe we will try out this dofus 3.0 thing when it comes out, but you guys are really what made the game fun.

  7. Ancestral set is what you need. I don't care about your element. If you're intel - you're doing it wrong.
  8. Suckerset, ougaahammer, inky veil, kimbosandals, hat (kimbo wig, solomonk or batouta) and belt (hint 2 range) of primary element. Before that - just wear whatever. Prespic set until bora and mastra perhaps? Ap mage everything but amu and eme/ginger mount. 7-8mp and still not enough ap to counter xelors or chance cras. That's dofuplanner for you. Have fun with your creativity. *Triggered by the age insult omg* Seriously though. Just ask... It was way easier back then even if the game was harder. Not that much to chose between. Prespic set. Dora bora (that otomai chance bora thing for enus) and mastra with other wisfillers depending on element. Mooset or soft oak. Pink Claw and that ap/mp/range wand. Xyo for damage. Custom with harry(hairy?) boots, xenature, sives/ice and solomonk. Agility classes were always neglected with wis. All sets with mp gelanos. Up to 180-190ish this is what you should use. Pm build, class and level. Np, I'm a top planner.
  9. Don't ruin 1.29 as well. Do people really need guides? Can't use your imagination and creativity? Just buy a few 100 million kamas and try setcombinations out you lazy bums.
  10. 586 mk left. 180mk for everything. I'll keep selling resources while waiting for an answer here. Most of it is useful for professions and will sell in markets, but it takes time I don't have.
  11. Vladimir Millo is the name of the NPC.
  12. Still over 600mk worth of resources. From gobball spit to klime shit. I will sell all of it for 200mk, but you need to have a decent reputation here at imps to do this trade, unless you chose to trust me and exchange the kamas first. Once I've traded you 300mk worth of resources, you pay me 100mk. Then we finalize the deal. Keep in mind it will take a day to complete this trade.
  13. 60 mk and I sell you one x)...
  14. plum/eme chamo plz
  15. S> ochres 60mk. About time. Grats people!