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  1. Range, mp and ap is included in this set. I have enough kamas for anything. I'm not looking for a complete overhaul and don't mind another exo or two to modify this set depending on situation. 12/6/6 as I have right now, with similar damage output is what I'm looking for. I've got the combinations I have listed in the commentbox at dofusplanner (and more). Can't figure out how to keep 12/6/6 with similar damage without using this axe. 12/5/6 is possible with inky/karm which gives me over 20% res in all. 11/6/6 and I can use pretty much any weapon I'd like. Catseye axe when I want to look good with shield and still do damage :D! Iots wand is a favourite with 1700+ damage and 900+ steal. But man, with 12 ap it would be so much nicer. Doubt it's possible though. Unless you're geniuses (which I know many of you are).
  2. https://www.dofusplanner.com/B7zml/ How do I get 12/6/6 without the axe? Not that I mind but at least one more option would be nice. If possible. Left some comments at DP (I am aware), but want more inputs.
  3. No, those are for you and your rival to share x)... I'll get online later.
  4. Spit reserved to Jihad-gotscammed. Scratch that. Got warnings about him. Still got the spit. Klepto, I'm updating the list soon with close to a billion worth of resources. I would like to wait until then and see which offers I get. With that amount, your 20% extra discount would mean 200.000.000 kama loss. I think you understand.
  5. Gobbal slobber 1, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 2, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 3, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 4, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 5, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 6, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 7, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 8, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 9, 250 kamas. Gobbal slobber 10, 250 kamas. (will update)
  6. How do you go about to sell 105.250 gobspit or 16.624 golden larva eggs? It's a shitload of work to sell them and I've had enough after selling about 500.000 resources the past weeks. I'll sell this for at least 25% of market price. Some as low as 50%. You can buy and resell, I don't care at all, but I want them gone. Tell me which resource you'd like and I'll give you a nice discount. I'll update this topic with more resources soon. Cheers
  7. I know Tot asked us to stop demotivating Ankama. I know he also 'offered' more communication but what I see makes no sense at all. Where in these posts does it show that they're listening to us? To me it's more like this: We tell you what we're doing and we call this communication. We say we're going to listen to you but 1. We're already working on our ideas and 2. If you don't agree, you're demotivating us. We're known for lack of communication when it comes to anglophone (?) community but since we notice that people are dropping our product, we change the concept of the product. No, we will not learn to listen. ................................................. Yes. Listen. Your focus is off. You need to adress the problem with the customers. You need us. Your staff is at place to satisfy us. We're not here to satisfy you except for our money in your pockets. Im at over 4000 euro in your pockets by now and you have always treated me like crap. We're the leftovers of a dying community trying to help you, but you're not exactly known to be the easiest company to approach. And to be honest, you even show it in these posts. Come on man, how can you not see what your customers in all communities are saying? JoL says it too. Calm down with your updates overall. Read and learn what your customers has been saying for (when was 1.29 when people started dropping like flies?) a good while. Read and look at your history with us. The fault is not the original game. The problem is >how< you keep changing everything. Look at the original concept versus now. How much originality is left? And you just keep doing it. Learn. This is the last response from me. Because I AM demotivating. I'll leave you alone with the customers who'll hopefully appreciate your own, personal ideas. Thank you for providing me with an okay product these 11 years. Without your customers, Echt, Kaoly, Wish, Tso, Shashel, Blueballs and co, who built this community, I would had quit 10 years ago. Good luck Ankama 🤘!
  8. Just hold on with further updates and work on a solution to fix the issue with new players? The people who are epic level with epic items can wait while you work on making dofus and your other games more appealing to newer players. Make it easier to understand dofus for newcomers. If I were to get a question from a new player, it would be hard to answer. Haven't been a new player since 11 years back and you've changed just about everything. Why would I know where a level 20 sadida should level solo, make kamas or find friends? I can give him 10 million kamas, leech him and tell him what to do at 120 but thats not helping. Most of us has been 199-200 for several years so you've put your self in a really tough position. Stop stressing and focus on keeping dofus alive. Each update people quit and you get fewer players. Keep new players playing and replace us once you got the ball rolling. We're done anyway. Boost pvm drops and nerf achievement drops (new players need kamas). Make it harder to level, not easier and don't change mechanics as often as you do. If its hard for us to keep up, imagine a new player. You need to think this through seriously.
  9. If a company isn't satisfied with a product, chances are that the customer won't be satisfied either *rolleyes*. I don't know, but Ankamas advertisment, to me, is the wierdest and worst strategy of any product I've purchased. It's like buying a broken Volvo straight from the factory (hey, I'm swedish) and having to return it twice a year for 'fixes'. Seriously Ankama. Don't write stuff like this. It's already enough with all your changes in mechanics and 'balancing' to show you aren't satisfied with your own product. What do you expect after 10+ years of this? Of course you won't get new customers. You're killing this game by your selfs, deliberately. We're still here, but you never learn to listen to us. Good luck with the new game. You'll need it (unfortunatelly). Had a lot of respect for this company some 10 years ago but man, this is so stupid 😂. Treat your employees better so they don't quit. The oldtimers within Ankama are your biggest asset because they know how to fix your problem just as good as many of the players. I can't believe they actually wrote this, lmao. I shouldn't even be posting. God damnit. I better quit again.
  10. Dissappointed about the music as well. What the hell? It was almost good.
  11. If you started between 2005 and 2007, most people who played back then will know you. Dofus was a bit different 10 years ago. Not the least the community. Much more close knit. It's okay Rob. I will remember you in 10 years as well. Much love ❤❤❤❤
  12. Take a look att alpha alliance, close alliance, misfits, thanatos and modra. Pretty sure you'll recognize a bunch of still active names. Of course I remember you ☺. Glad to see you man!
  13. I've been good this year Santa! Better then any other year.