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  1. I would very much like to see the completed Ochre, Abyssal etc. quests on your lev60 Ougi's quest log. Sapeuh's videos of his low level uber Elio stomping in 1v1 Kolo are basically watching him masturbate for 10 mins. The generous achievement EXP, additional character EXP multipliers and the halving of exp from 199-200 suggests more than anything that Ankama wants its player base to breakneck to 200 as soon as possible. There we go, now we're at the root of it.
  2. Smells like an Intel Osa in the making.
  3. How about the strategic +2AP and placement (Through Lifting Word).
  4. Does +Power carry across to Osa Summons/Rogue Bombs?
  5. I get the impression this is Ankama's definition of being 'double-edged'...
  6. 1v1 Kolo is balanced to match you against classes/players you've roughly got a 50% chance against, so you can't go wrong (Unless you're legitimately terrible) and should really just opt for something you think you'll enjoy. Cra's are also still viable post the Explosive Arrow change.
  7. I'm assuming some of you were as surprised as I was yesterday to log in and find your character's name had changed. Turns out some people incorrectly got name precedence during the server merge which Ankama has now (Partially) fixed, with intentions to fix the remaining issues on Tuesday's maint. I personally lost one of my character's names and got another back, so swings and roundabouts...
  8. Does tailoring not pay the bills anymore...?
  9. A How-To-Elio-in-Group-PvM, or even some tips/tricks would be appreciated...
  10. So all the poll was for is a smaller dartboard?
  11. 1.29 was peak crybaby drama.
  12. #TeamDroupik
  13. Drop a reply here.
  14. I preferred it when I didn't know what it said. :(
  15. More Englished please?