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  1. 'Slightly bigger Rushu'
  2. What're the recommended/standard setups for endgame PvE Srams?
  3. I have some Chinese friends who can hook you up with those kinds of scripts.
  4. It was to infer 1.29 is being looked upon with rose colored glasses, I was tempted to draw frames for the glasses but... didn't. Now, if i wanted to show a map bug I think I would've had little skulls on random squares (Bloody dead squares). :wub:
  5. God damn the game was so perfectly refined back in 1.29, with no bugs or memory issues. I'm sure if they'd frozen development and never had released any new content from that point forward I'd still be giving them money to enjoy playing.
  6. Who cares if it's missing almost all of its +Damages, it has 7 overmaged Int!
  7. Hopefully not too much like previous revamps.
  8. Hopefully not, as it'll mean I'll never see this thread topic again.
  9. No no, AprilWine wants crafting taken back and kept to its roots, before the co-operative window and ability to repeat/bulk process recipes. The good old days.
  10. I too dislike this [patch number] update because it devalues my +50% Crim Masq Xelor +20 Turq Professions and/or the changes make it easier for other players to reach the same character level dungeon profession level that I spent so much time on getting to.
  11. tfw traps can't crit. :(
  12. Presumably for the same price as a +11? :P
  13. As opposed to those cookie-cutter totally original and inventive Crit-Res QoT set users.
  14. This Idol update sounds suspiciously like it'll implement the Idol system found in Bastion into dungeons in Dofus, as having the ability to activate difficulty modifiers in Dungeons (E.G Increased enemy MP, damage or elemental in-vulnerabilities) for increased rewards would certainly 'encourage players to take risks. renew your gameplay and your understanding of dungeons'.
  15. Welcome to level 1-200 1v1 PvP.