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  1. Hello, i stopped to play dofus before the shields att, now i feel a little lost, 'cause have a new runes (like % spell damge, ranged resistance and etc) If anyone have a new pic with the att weights of the runes will help me a lot :) And about the exo ranged dammage in the set, thats sounds good? ps1: sorry for my english, my natural language is portuguese. ps2: idk if this is the right place for this question.
  2. i dont have abyssal yet, and the dolmanax too, 'cause the server just have 5 months old. This is a really powerfull set, i would like to use the catseye axe, or another ranged weapon with a massive damage, but with that conditions i think is impossible x.x Anyway, thanks for the support, i will think about that :)
  3. Class: CraBuild: Omni 12/6Kamas/time available: 30mkCurrent team: Cra (monoacc server)Lvl range: 200 PvM Extra comments: Hello, im looking for a good gear 12/6 omni, i build this http://dofp.la/NgVgo/. Its hard to keep 12/6 without lose something, if anyone have suggestions, please, tell me to raise this gear :)
  4. If you aren't cra, i will sing a song for you. Run to the hills, run for your lives!!!