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  1. Heya, ill buy around 10-20x male&female mounts Repro, male dont must be that. Im interesting only in one of type mounts, which one i want is: 1 Emerald and Turquoise Dragoturkey 1 Plum and Turquoise Dragoturkey 1 Plum and Ebony Dragoturkey OR 1 Plum and Indigo Dragoturkey 1 Emerald and Ivory Dragoturkey 1 Plum and Ivory Dragoturkey 1 Emerald and Indigo Dragoturkey PM me in game, IGN: Pink-Lynx *buying only that amount of DTs, no /ea.
  2. Class: FoggerBuild: str/cha/intKamas/time available: ~100-120mkCurrent team: no teamLvl range: 200Extra comments: something awesome!PvP or PvM oriented: both, PVP mostly Please help me ^^, cant find good idea for it
  3. Heyho. I buying fertile mounts. No golden, almost, ginger [pure]. If u selling for good price [cheap<3] Pm me here or in game. Nick: Eraliry
  4. Heya, its me again :3 I never had main account, main char... I changed it always what make me mad. Well... I made new account which one will be my main and starting from "almost" 0. Lookin for help with achivs, all dungs - 1-50 for sure, frigo dungs etc ^_^ And for sure lookin for ppls for play together - no more solo mode. Nick: Eraliry PM me in game or here ^_^
  5. heya, wait until tengu pieces :3 +other items
  6. Hello, Selling Karm with Gobbalux mimi (brakmarian gobball) for 15mk! Cant go lower. Please pm me in game IGN: Pink-Lynx
  7. i tried play by sram but so hard for me... how this traps working x.x what build for sram the best?
  8. Too much cra on game... It was my first class with 200lv well enjoy it :D
  9. Heya, I want to change class, but rlly dont know which one pick. Im sadi atm cha/int, but rlly a lot of another class can beat me in kolo 1v1 in ~2turns. I want to have class which one is good for play pvm=achivs hunt and perfect for pvp. Around 100mk to spend at the start for set. Please help me choose and which one build is the best and if u know which items use for sure, cheers! Edit: 100-150mk for set atm-will be better!
  10. Alrdy up to 200lv in second day of play by this char ^^, still lookin for help with frigost! :3
  11. Heya, i think we shoulnd play together when i think about the past :D
  12. Heyho, like in title need help with some achivs, coz its boring to play solo all the time. I'm sadi, 200lvl soon. Alrdy got 34 ACHIVS! :D Just made this char today. What i need: all.. + frigo dungs for acces to tengu or all if u got free time or u r bored. So... I dont have someone to play with him, well ill be happy if u help me a bit, or just to do something together ;3 IGN: Pinky-Lynx Enjoy!