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  1. Found all, thanks
  2. Hi buying atcham map frags for 900kk/ea pm Giorbo in game, see ya
  3. Well i just bought it for 5m so, i think it's a fair price, 20m is a bit overpriced imo.
  4. Found it for 5m thanks bois, should i close the thread now? If so, how? XD
  5. Yeah don't just base on the market price, it has been 20m for around a week since i 1st checked, i don't think it sold. Btw i'm actually offering a different price now. I'll offer 5m or just tell me your price
  6. Uhm i've seen around 5 so it's a bit less, i'm trying to get it for this price, if i won't i'll offer more ^^ (atm a bit poor actually)
  7. Hi, buying aspen sap, offering 5m or tell me your price. Available from 3 to 8 pm CET. Pm Giorbo in-game. See ya