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  1. That's quite a huge change for Sacrier too
  2. I'm not sure how to feel about this change, hoping to be able to try out the beta soon
  3. The spell variants and spell points removal is something I've been looking forward to since I first read about it, even though I wasn't playing anymore... but to be honest, as soon as I read about the Sacrier Re-Revamp that's all I've been thinking about. I want to know more!
  4. I see, I'm really struggling to find something I like At this point I've tried a few classes up to about lvl 70-90 (Iop, Osa, Elio) but still haven't found something that I feel actually fits me, currently playing a lvl 97 Rogue which I'm not liking that much as far as playstyle goes, finding it a bit frustrating I'd want to classchange instead of starting over this time, especially because this last time on the Rogue I actually did progress with quests too rather than only leveling to try the class, but because it has a cost both in Ogrines and in Kamas to change the set I'd like to be quite sure about the choice I'm currently thorn between Agi or Str Xelor and Cha or Str Panda, most of the time I duo with a friend that plays either Elio or Foggernaut Someone save me from my own undicededness D:
  5. Are xelors still a thing PvM wise? Reading about it I find all kind of opinions ranging from "It absolutely sucks" to "It's quite good if you learn it"
  6. Oh, I actually read the post of a mod on the French forums that said that the recipes were changed today, and some were indeed changed (blop, kwak), but not the Scurvion that was listed Maybe there'll be a second wave of changes tomorrow? Not sure, mods haven't replied
  7. Seems like they haven't changed all the recipes that were listed afterall :/ Was hoping to be able to make the Scurvion Set
  8. I'm currently on Dramak as I couldn't manage to login on Ilyzaelle earlier, I'll probably switch there once they make the free transfer available if that's where the bulk of the english community is going to be, if you want ot add me my ign name is: Pwr Although I'm jumping through various alts as I'm not managing to choose which class to keep lol
  9. Thank you all!
  10. I thought about it, but to be honest...I just don't like the visuals ^^"
  11. Hi everyone, Have been out of the loop for a while, returning to play on the mono account server and was wondering what class would be good to start over with Basically what I'm looking for is: Being able to solo exp/farm without relying too much on others A class that is usefull/requested in dungeons, so that I don't have a hard time when searching for a group At least decent damage dealing Not summon dependant Not too much bonus AP/MP dependant (as it will be hard to obtain on a completely fresh server) Could anyone give me some ideas? I'm currently leaning towards Str, Str/Int or Int Iop and Int Feca, but it might be just because it's what I'm familiar with or nostalgia Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated! Can't wait to start playing again
  12. Hi Everyone, As many other people in these days, I've decided to come back to Dofus after I read about the release of the mono-account server I have been playing since 1.XX (I believe that was a decade ago or so) and decided to quit a few years ago Can't wait to play again, and will probably be bothering you with questions as I'm completely out of the loop :P