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  1. Guild is not full and we're still recruiting!
  2. Still looking.
  3. Looking to buy it for 5mkish. Pm me at /w anago or post here. Thanks.
  4. Thanks man for the kind words!
  5. Hey all! Cloud is back and we're looking to welcome active members into our family. We're a level 200 guild originally from Rushu, and we're pvp/pvm friendly. We may be nerding out on gear, strategy, quests and achieves, or just in general. Many of us are veterans of this game and irl – in uni or already working; we like to hang out and chill. Our goal: We're going to make Cloud an active guild in the Echo community. We're aiming to create a friendly and enjoyable guild experience for those that are interested. Who YOU are: • friendly, helpful and drama-free • you get along with people • independent but also enjoys playing with others • you geek out over in game or irl stuff too • you meet all our requirements to join (below) Basic rules: Blatantly putting it... don't be a dick. I'm not saying everyone needs to hold hands and be friends with each other. We will do what it takes to maintain a good environment because this is our home. What to expect: We're currently a small group of friends working on recruiting members. We go on perc hunts, dungeon runs, and help each other out when we're available. How to join: Basic requirements are listed below: 1. Must be older than 21 (There's no way for us to know, but we're counting on your honesty) 2. lvl +180 3. Must join with a main, or an alt that's equally active If you're interested in joining, feel free to send me message here on IV or Ankama mail (type "/whois anago" and right click to select "click to send Ankama message") From there, I will contact you and ask some questions just so I can get to know you better. We're still a work in progress, so we will be working little by little to improve our guild. Hope to hear back from you soon!