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  1. 51??? :D How in the heavens u got that lvl so quickly?
  2. So, this is getting out of hand already. Basically, I created char on Ilyzialle - can't log in (all subscriber gifts and set is there) got to lvl 30ish as well. Then I go to Fraktal, because, I want to play, gettint char on 30 again(with set) , and BAAAM, impossible to acess. Okay, i'm like. - Lets try one last time on the newest of all. Got to 50, full set everything and what do I get now???
  3. Wtf is this, I have manged to log myself in Ilyzaelle, i have char there, with all Incarnam achievments and items, I really dont want to re-do that all on those other servers. But it's impossible to get in during daytime..
  4. I was working night shift tonight - didn't go to sleep. Now I'm home and still can't sleep :D Fokeen dofus
  5. Hey, yes, I'm playing on Shadow or also known as Ombre. Got 13x 4 man team, if you want to do something, just PM Qcee