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  1. Hey it sux, I am missing the freaking Atanip hat for 5 years cause the way it was given to plp was by luck once again, #fkyourito #ankamatrashbins #killergimmethehaturichdouche </3
  2. Dear Santa, I was a flamer this years as usual, i never accept losing just to keep getting better, BUT i am a good guy. I am here to ask politely the hat which last year wasn't inside the christmass present, u brought me the cape, the shield, the wand, but the hat is maybe missing between the NUTS, so please donate me an atanip hat for this :) :) About me i just tried something for you cause u gotta lose weight, I brought u a Kokonut, i took the water and mixed it with the flesh making u a very healthy Kokonut Milk with less Fat and more Proteins. Here's a straw to help you ENJOY YOUR MILK SANTA. Happy new Year to every1 :) Noobs.
  3. Leave a comment about those trashacans, about plp who multi and plp which are in the sama alliance with me :) Dofus 2k17 rip