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  1. Sorry Zincer, I wanted them too. Maybe next time you will get lucky bro <3 Thank you Rob again <3
  2. @Sommanker The last 3 are for Krosmega or something, but the others are for Dofus. You can use all the codes on Dofus' website though. And yea @Rob I forgot that code doesn't work anymore xD
  3. Hello everyone, Here are multiple Dofus Gift Codes that everyone can use until the 26 of December. KWISMASMAGA2017 TouchKwismas2017 WAKWISMAS2017 KROSMASTERGIFTS BOUFBOBOWL Ougikna Merry Christmas Everyone! ^^
  4. Thank you so much! My in game user is Killer-Spirituel (sent you a message too). Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. I like pinenuts, so enjoy your milk, Santa!
  6. Hello I am selling 4 Exos. Both AP Bearb Wedding Ring For 20m Each, Jammy Jack Ring For 15m, and the Ringing For 17m PM in game @Killer-Spirituel or on Discord @KillerSpirituel
  7. KAJA Captain : Killer-Spirituel, Sacrieur, 200 Ilovebowlina, Eliotrope, 200 Carebear103, Enutrof, 200 Soft, Iop, 200
  8. Alright then 4% Int Res cloak for 35m, 3% Agi Res Cloak for 25m, Jammy Ring 18m, Ringaling 27m, Both AP Bearb Wedding Rings 20m Each. There :)
  9. PM me ingame or discord for negotiations cuz if I put a price nobody will be interested or want to buy it. I can put some prices if you guys REALLY want to, to show you the REAL prices
  10. Ugliest Character Alive Killer-Spirituell
  11. First Registered Team : The-Epiphany, Osamodas, Level 200 Rukai, Ecaflip, Level 200 Girlz-Weakness, Iop, Level 200 Killer-Spirituel, Sacrier, Level 200