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  1. Class: Cra Build: Int/AgiKamas/time available: 15mk Current team: EnuLvl range: 161Extra comments: i want a set for cra for mainly PvM, i wanted to get atleast 11/6 or 10/6
  2. so i dont know wich bi-elements should i put on my eca and cra, cra i would put int/x ,my team consists on Iop, eni, enu,panda
  3. Class: craBuild: Int/agi and int/chaKamas/time available: 7mk , i have mp Gelano if needed Current team: iop/eni/enu/panda/EcaLvl range: 142Extra comments: 11-12 pa/6 PmPvM oriented i want 2 sets 1 int/agi and 1 int/cha for me to choose wich element i will go
  4. What element should i build cra and Eca?
  5. What I Have Acct1: str iop Acct2: int eni What I Want : i want more 4 classes to make a 6 man team only for PvM , i dont want either elio,rogue or zobal