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  1. Hi, I have a question :x how exactly does shock work? last time I played, it doesnt say anything on how it attracts to the cell etc. I tried testing it but sadly, most of it were fails.
  2. ~OPEN~ Hi! I'm Jess, or well, I'm sure more people knew me as "Liann". I used to have this art thread from a few years ago that I considered a success. Sadly, I had to end it without even notifying people because of school. I'm terribly sorry. The past months have been hell to me. I couldn't get a time for dofus or drawing (thus, I have no art for those months e.e) because all my plates took longer than I wanted to. Anyway, I'm more free (with only two subjects this term cos it's summer. woohoo!) these coming months and I would enjoy to make art for you people again. I chose to make a fresh start because to be honest, I kind of want to forget the other account lol. Sorry for the unanswered pms and inquiries. -Liann and NORMALS Fully Rendered ( 7mk ) CHIBIS Coloured : 5mk Sketch : 1mk TEAMS Duo (+more) in Normal Fully Rendered ( 15mk ) (+5mk per additional character) Duo (+more) in Chibi Coloured (10mk) (+4mk per character) Simple (No shading, lighting etc.) (8mk) (+2mk per character) Sketch (3mk) (+500kk per character) I only take three requests per opening I do not draw mounts (I suck at it lol) I do not draw heavy armor and insane bonta/brak wings (Still learning wings sorry OTL) Background settings are negotiable. I draw pets I don't do whole bodies for normals I am active in game during 5 am to 12nn (GMT +8, SE Asia Time. 6 Hours ahead of the most of Europe, 12 hours on the most of the Americas.) - - - Thank you~ <3