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  1. Hi all, I am stuck in the 83rd Bonta Alignment quest where it says "Look for Lars Tord in Gisgoul"... Couldn't find anywhere. Does any of you know a guide for these quests? I could find some for Brakmar ones but not for Bonta ones :7 Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, first of all I wanna say that I didn't record this dungeon run so basically I will try to explain the situation as best as I can. I entered the dungeon to do Shadow (Tight) and in the boss fight the symmetry-mechanic, that you need to invuln the boss, was completely not working. Three major things happened: 1) I was removing mp from the monsters in the first two turns and guess what, I was actually damaging the Shadow ( I don't know why but he was randomly vuln the first two turns) 2) I actually DID the symmetry twice (one was like 5-6 squares away from the orb so I thought maybe it doesn't work that far away so I did it a second time when it was very close to the orb) and neither worked. 3) At this point I was ready to give up so I just locked the boss down and was healing and waiting for them to align in some way that it would work... I achieved symmetry for the 3rd time and this time things went completely out of control. This time he actually became vuln, so I damaged him with my first and second char. When the turn came to my 3rd char he became invuln again at the SAME TURN. So I just passed with rest of the chars hopeless without trying symmetry again... and at the beginning of the next turn there was NO symmetry but he was vuln again... and this happened AGAIN the turn after. Two turns in a row he became vuln with no symmetry and I was able to finish him off in those two turns. What I want to know is there another mechanic that I don't know of which may answer some of the things happened during this run... the fight took over 30 minutes and it was very frustrating and random. Thanks for your time.
  3. When I was trying I noticed the same thing, I honestly had no idea why but if you think about it you need to attract it to a glyph every other turn. So it won't make you lose, you can do it next turn.
  4. How does that work? When he has over 100% resistance how can you damage him?
  5. Hello everyone, before I wanted to try Count Razof's Camp I looked around the internet, wikipedia, youtube for a guide for this dungeon but they were either very shallow or in French, so after beating the dungeon I wanted to write a quick and useful guide for this dungeon. Monsters Buckshot: Summons a puppy which will apply -100 mp if it reaches you, the puppy has around 1k health so it is best to kill the Buckshot without killing the puppy. Crambo: Two notable things about this monster; it summons a lantern with 2.4k which buffs 200% power and 4 range to allies around it, and has a spell called First Blood which hits really hard (1k twice) but I think it only does that if Crambo has the highest initiative in the team and starts first, if there is another Crambo it doesn't cast that... only the first one. (not sure). Draftwit: Has a really long range spell which deals 300-400, removes 2-3 ap and summons a 1200 hp bottle on cast. When killed (or 1 turn later) the bottle explodes and deals 300-400 more dmg. I seriously hate this monster, kill this one first. Hunderp: (only in dungeon) Very melee monster, if far away will try to attract you 2 cells and pass. If close will deal 200-400 dmg in aoe. Nemroz: I suppose it puts traps, also creates a green glyph around you. I have no idea what the glyph really does, it didn't cause me a huge problem. (not really a priority) Boss Lots of people say bring an osa or you will leave the match after 35 turns... but its really doable (I didn't use any summoning classes). You have a pink pet summoned to you in the beginning of the fight, if the boss reaches melee range, it will hunt it down and it will give you bad penalties like -2 ap, -20% res. I just pushed the boss away every single turn, not a very bid deal (also useful if you want the Freedom achievement). Boss has around 120-140% res for each element, and an element is reduced by 10% if boss kills a summon (I thought the boss had a special spell for "eating" the summons but its just any form of killing really, so avoid using tanky pets like Pandawasta, or lower its health yourself). The element which will be reduced, is the element the boss is last got hit with (IMPORTANT: most probably the last hitter will be one of your summons, that also changes the element. A chafer will hit str for example) The res reduction stays for 5 turns, so I swarmed the boss with chafers/arachnees etc. for 2-3 turns in a row, and got it's str res to 20%. While my strength characters were damaging the boss, others kept on summoning stuff so that as the reduced resistances fade, new ones are applied. Could be useful to lock the boss with an agi char, easier to gather the summons around and also keep your pink summon safe.
  6. Thanks a lot :)
  7. Hello everyone, Right now I am completing the Crimson Dofus questline for two of my characters at the same time. In order to continue in the questline I need the Totankama's Cursed Mask which drops from Mummy Nova after you complete the Legendary Treasure Hunt My question is can I complete 1 tablet and do the treasure hunt once, and then join the boss fight with both of my chars and get 2 masks? Or will I have to farm 20 000 rose of the sand twice? Thanks in advanced
  8. For example Celestial Bearbarian, you try to position yourself each turn so portals are basically useless. Portals only really work when u have a stable place for monsters and your group.
  9. Well it sucks that I am farming achis on my Cra :D
  10. Hi everyone, right now my team consists of; Cra (200) Panda (200) Iop (200) Elio (200) Eni (198) I am happy with my team, and I am really excited to try out all the dungeons once my eni is level 200 as well. But I am scared Eliotrope won't fit in with the rest... the portals are awesome and can help me deal great amounts of damage but considering very different dungeon strategies, would elios be useless in certain dungeons? I am kind of nervous for that. Maybe I can xp a rogue on Elio's account... give the agi set? But I feel like Rogues are even more situational.
  11. I think it is still an option, I feel like Explosive Arrow is still a very solid spell. I think Cra is the best overall PvM class; you are ranged, you got nice aoe, nice single target, nice ap/mp rapes. pretty versatile class... I say stay with cra.
  12. Hi ReaperSurm, thanks for the awesome reply. I was thinking of what you said "being omni isn't that good in PvM" I was maybe thinking about making my feca full int / healing bow or maybe only int/cha to gain some more damage. In what situations is Truce useful? I don't like to admit but I have never ever used Truce or felt like it would be useful to cast it on a certain moment. I am also considering going more lock/tanky build, where my omni would make more work because 2 ap glyph that hits 1k+ is awesome if monsters can't run away. Or maybe just Feca isn't for me, do you think "omni is bad for PvE" is correct for all classes? Would a omni cra or eca lack "usefulness" in PvM if they are omni? At the end of the day... should I be a tanky/lock Feca or a bow using ranged Feca? I feel like this class is more fitting to be a tanky close range. Also overall... are tanks useful in end game? Most of the fights/idols/compositions roam around a mp rape enu and ranged dmg... where does becoming a tank and going multiple against multiple end game monsters become valuable?
  13. Hi everyone, I am a level 200 omni feca; 11-6-6, 400 each stat + 400 power, 30% all resses. I know Feca's are usually viewed as great PvPers... but I feel very week in PvE content. I feel happy when I can hit over 1k damage in a turn, where my Iop can easily do 2-3k. Well you might say "you have shields" "you have glyphs"; first of all Rampart reduces the damage by 100-200 on a spell that deals 1k (not that helpful in an end-game dungeon). You can never do that double glyph + teleport in AoE ap/mp rape 1k dmg combo... because all the monsters move out and I cannot stay in the glyphs and tank 4 x lvl 200 monsters. (Maybe I need more Lock?) Overall I feel weak as a character compared to my gear, I feel like if I was a Cra with the same gear I would make much more work (dmg, ap/mp red. etc.) Do any of you guys have any tips for me? I know I am missing something because there are many Feca's who are doing all the end-game dungeons, achievements etc. Thanks in advanced for your time :) Replication of my set on dofus planner: https://www.dofusplanner.com/Wzs2u/edit/
  14. I am stuck, I am in the part where you are supposed to "Ahon" but he says he is in anger and he needs "spice from the Queen" does that mean I need to run the dungeon? Thanks.