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  1. i was wondering if an osa would work well with this team. Perhaps Fog/osa/iop or fog/osa/sac do you think these could work well? or perhaps as you said fog/iop/sac......... trying to decide between these 3 compositions builds...
  2. Im rolling a new fogger for the first time from scratch. He will be part of a 3man kolo team. 1- what 3 man fogger teams are effective/good synergy (starting from lvl 50 upwards, dont give advice for only endgame 200 please , but can include it as an endgame goal) 2- what build is recommended for the fogger for kolo within a team. Playstyle, method would be appreciated. kindest regards!
  3. bump. Any other ideas? i wouldnt consider a pushback build probably until 150-200 due to the gear and trophy requirements. As im starting from lvl 50 on a brand new dofus game/server i think its not as viable to begin with. But thanks for the reply. Anyone else?
  4. Hey everyone, old dofus player here. My "golden age" was probably back in 2014. Ive been on/off since 2009. Anyways! to the point. Ive since came back and started playing on Dofus Touch, as some of you may know, this version is an older version of dofus. Set before the Elio, (they dont intend to bring elio or hupper to touch) and when count harebourg was the last thing to beat. I wanted some help with making a kolo team. My plan is to roll a team of 3 and start kolo from lvl 50 and just keep it going basically. I have a 165 wis/str feca as a main , but i want to make this side project, and i guess feca will join when they are of the same level. Ok SO!! some nice 3 man combinations and maybe why you reccomend them would be great, feel free to take into account that it will start from a low lvl. i REALLY would like somehow this to revolve around the Foggernaught class, ive always wanted one, and i think they are pretty decent in kolo? so if we can try integrate this class into the team that would be great. (some in mind were fogg,osa,enu or fogg,osa,sac thoughts on these also would be great) THANK YOU in advance for time and patience in reading this jibberish, awaiting some intriguing and well thought-out replies! hehe