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  1. Hello man


    Im trying to use your site, on dofusgo, but it appears to be offline!

    How can I solve this?


    Thank you in advance

    Raphael Souza

    1. Mavvo


      Fixed the day after, sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. So, I went in a pandala hunt . I was coming from 22, -39, and the clue was to the right. I found it (first image on the post, description is wrong, true map is 23,-39 ID 12071), but the clue was wrong. Idk if it is a dofus bug, or a dofusgo clue wrong. Also, the right "Tool" was on the next right map (24, -39 ID: 12583) but I have no idea of what it is, it was a lucky guess. On that same hunt, I found a broom working at 24, -41 (ID: 12585) but I couldnt find it. Second and third images of the post refer to "Maçã Recheada" in pt - "https://dofusgo.com/app/clues/420507" but doesnt have any images to it. I can only confirm the last one, but it is most likely it works for both. http://imgur.com/a/urKPV
  3. I hope this helps! http://imgur.com/a/gvAZe My dofus is in portuguese, so the third image is marked as Stone Totem Pole, which would be a literal translation from "Coluna de Pedra". In dofusgo, the translation is marked as Tall stone totem pole.