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  1. zzzzzz, waiting for dofus 3 like...
  2. Hey liann, you still offer requests for your art ;x ?
  3. where can i find liann?
  4. kyffles who made that amazing art? can i have one too ;-; ?
  5. when will the new update come live?
  6. to compensate the overmaged shields
  7. sure, you are all the same. douchbags <<<<. just like wakfu, feeling suprior to others for being unbalanced. ankama doesnt know to balance anyway, with your poor excuse from 1.29 hurr durr. keep enjoying ur throne till you eventually get thrown away
  8. still news about dofus 3? :( im hyped af
  9. because people like him know that class is utterly broken, so they enjoy it to irritate people and dont admit its really unbalanced. noobs fr
  10. finaly trash sadida gets nerfs hopefully
  11. when is next beta coming?
  12. now change the punishment designs
  13. just another scrub who wants to stomp middle classes and is scared af to lose.... dofus is already a unbalanced game, now every middle class can join the fun and reward. now its all based on skill how a game should be. more unique and deverse. instead of the elio+Feca+eca combo of the elitist.
  14. im new to wakfu and i search for a guild to join in but they always offline/unactive. is there a guild i can join that is active? :o, pvm, helping/ pvp ect. ^^
  15. i hope this topic will still hold place here...... anyway. we had a wakfu serie about yugo. what about a dofus serie about the dofus universe where all classes fight each other in the kolosium and have their own back-story?. kinda like an OVA in animes. i always imagation how many other classes will fight in animation. would give much attention for people who played/play the ankama games (pssst, nerodas, imps can u give this a headup to ur ankama members) *wink*
  16. omg you guys made my day, freaking savages