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  1. Would stuff like this apply to bags of x needed in lots of professions? For 50 fisherman, Kittenfish are useless because we need cherries to craft them into something, which go for like 350k each and are dropped by the one dungeon boss or by high-level mobs
  2. Nothing like creating a character on one server then having them tell me it's too full and to try a different server... I'd rather not make 5 different chars everytime one server gets full
  3. I don't play Dofus but I come back to it for a bit every now and then. Might join this new server because it seems fun. IDK what class I'll do... Maybe an Enu, would like to join a guild/group though. As someone who isn't too familiar with new dofus, what should I do when I start the new character? Any quests/achievements/dailies you suggest I get started on?
  4. I figured to post here, but why does my game lag? It seems to lag more than 2.0 ever did. Anyone have any advice
  5. I am a 187 panda, what gear should I use and how long should I use it? Whats a good path of gear from 187 to 199? Str panda, fully scrolled
  6. I just downloaded it on Mac since I won't be on PC till later, so when I joined a server it didn't show any names. Which are you on, b/c I'll join any. And my chat it scrolled all the way to the top, whereas new messages are all the way scrolled down. Every time a new one appears, it scrolls up into nothing. Sorry if I don't make sense, I just found that 1.29 was up 15min ago so I'm hyped lol
  7. Why does my chat scroll up everytime a new message appears? Also, any guilds I can join?
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      aight, so i did Peb'Houlud last year and it took the mick to actually kill him, but figure out mp rape and pushing him to the bottom worked out. So i come back to kill him again and now he has jump, so err whats the tactic to fighting a guy that mp rapes everyone in an aoe and gaining 50% res?? don't understand how this guy is now harder than most of f3 bounties.
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    • Brutt-os1  »  bobeur

      bobeur since u dont play much could i arnak ur pano frm iop/eni/huntdown for my new eni iop elio also for panda i think about make bruce pano if u have some items i could lend h
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